Midwest Whitetail Weekly

Midwest Whitetail Weekly

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Midwest Whitetail is a weekly series that we produce all year long, as close to live as possible. Follow these incredible stories as we find the bucks we will hunt, attempt to pattern them and then ultimately pursue them. Learn lots of updates on strategy and buck behavior.

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Midwest Whitetail Weekly
  • 10-19-20: The Turkey Foot 10 Falls During October Cold Front | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 1

    S4.E22. When it comes to targeting big mature bucks, October cold fronts can be a deer hunter’s best friend. This was certainly the case for Mike Reed, who's plan came together on a 5 1/2-year-old he calls the “Turkey Foot 10.”

    0:05 We briefly recap some of the moments that led up to Reed and Tu...

  • 10-12-20: Bucks Are On the Move | Early Season Encounters | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 2

    S4.E21. On this week's episode, we kick things off by catching up with Jared Mills in Iowa. Next, Grant Noble had an awesome encounter on his permission farm. Then, Mills sees multiple good bucks on the river farm. Finally, we join Mike Reed who gives us an update on his season and what bucks he'...

  • 10-5-20: An Iowa Velvet Buck in October? | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 3

    S4.E20. On this week's episode, we join Josh Sparks for the hunt of a lifetime. It's opening day in Iowa, and an early October cold front pushes through. So does a full-velvet buck.

    0:10 We kick things off by reflecting on all of the work that Josh Sparks conducted during the pre-season.

    5:00 S...

  • 9-28-20: Opening Week Storylines | Big Iowa Buck Double | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 4

    S4.E20. On this week's show, we start off by catching up with Jared. He covers what he's been up to during the month of September and sets the stage for his season. Next, we join Collins Marine and Kaleb Greiner as they double up in Iowa on two great bucks with youth hunters. Then, Josh Sparks up...

  • 9-21-20: 39 Buck Harvests Over 17 Years On Bill Winke's Farm | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 5

    S4.E19. On this week's episode, we start off by going back to Bill Winke's farm for a complete look at the past 17 years. Winke dives into some of his favorite memories, builds on how he pieced together the farm, and closes the chapter on one of the greatest hunting stories of all time.

    1:45 We ...

  • 9-14-20: Bill Winke Sells His Farm | A New Era Begins | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 6

    S4.E18. On this week's show, we join Bill Winke as he discusses why he sold his farm. It's arguably one of the best in the country. He covers how he put it together, what improvements he made, and talks about what his plans are for this fall. Onward.

    0:15 Winke intros the show and talks high-lev...

  • 9-7-20: Big Velvet Buck in the Bluegrass | Early Season Deer | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 7

    S4.E17. On this week's episode, we head to the Bluegrass State for the first hunt of the season. Jared Mills, on his earliest ever whitetail hunt, fills his first tag of the year on a great buck nearly in full velvet. Also in Kentucky, team member Josh Honeycutt lays out his plans for the season ...

  • 8-31-20: Best Velvet Bucks | Setting Stages for the Opener | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 8

    S4.E15. On this week's episode of Midwest Whitetail, we kick off our season with the best action from the summer and set the stage for the upcoming fall. Things are looking up.

    0:50 Bill Winke welcomes everyone to the first episode of the 2020 hunting season. He intros a highlight video to get e...

  • 5-25-20: Using Screens to Improve Your Best Stands | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 9

    On this week's show, we first join Josh Sparks on a hunt for a Big 8 he tagged back in 2016. Then, he and Kaleb Greiner discuss how they plan to use Frigid Forage Plot Screen to make their best stand even better. Next, Mike Reed gives us an update on what progress he has made on the home farm and...

  • 5-18-20: Big Bucks By Permission, Poor Man Plot Success | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 10

    S4.E13. On this week's episode, we start off with Bill Winke, who shows the success from one of the poor man plots he planted last season. He covers the steps he took to make it and offers tips for making one of your own. Then, we join Josh Sparks who lays out the plans for a food plot that he an...

  • 5-11-20: Breaking Down the Hunt, Josh’s Best Lesson | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 11

    S4.E12. On this week's episode, we start off by joining multiple members of the team as they fill their turkey tags. Then, Bill Winke breaks down the hunt for a massive buck he harvested in 2016 that he called "Lefty." Finally, we join Josh Sparks who discusses the best lesson he's learned throug...

  • 5-4-20: How Bill Winke Found His Best Treestand Location | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 12

    S4.E11. On this week's episode, we start off with Josh Sparks and a successful turkey hunt in the snow. From there, Bill Winke introduces the best treestand location on his farm. Dating back to 2009, he covers how this stand site has evolved. Next, we join Mike Reed who shares a big update with t...

  • 4-27-20: The Coolest Thing I’ve Learned About Whitetails | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 13

    S4.E10. On this week's episode, we join Bill Winke, who dives into the coolest things he's learned about white-tailed deer and their behaviors. We look back on the stories of two great bucks, the "The G4 Buck" and "Loppy." Winke tagged both monarchs back in 2012, each with their own unique set of...

  • 4-20-20: The Hang-and-Hunt Method | Are Older Bucks Easier? | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 14

    S4.E9. On this week's episode, we start by joining Mike Reed as he walks his and Jared's river bottom farm. While out, Mike walks by the tree he tagged "Gronk" out of. It was the oldest deer on the farm back in 2017. Mike attributes the hunt's success to using the hang-and-hunt tactic, something ...

  • 4-13-20: October Cold-Front Hunts | Kubota RTV X1100C Review | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 15

    S4.E8. On this week's episode, we start by focusing on the early season. We take a look at certain conditions that make for great hunting. Then, Josh Sparks highlights the hunt for a big 10-pointer from last October. He touches on lessons learned. Next, we join Louie Clouse, on a very similar pur...

  • 4-6-20: Deadly Big-Buck Setup | The Open-Gate Treestand | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 16

    S4.E7. On this week's episode, we first join Bill Winke as he takes down stands across the farm. He's inspecting them to make sure they're still safe. One of the stands he pulls is among the deadliest on the entire farm. It's know as the "Open Gate." Winke goes into detail on why this stand works...

  • 3-30-20: Jared Mill's Triple-Beam Buck | Self-Filming Tips | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 17

    S4.E6. On this week's episode, we first join Jared Mills who takes us all the way back to 2013 when he self-filmed harvesting one of his best bucks to date. Not only do we get to watch the great hunt again but Mills also dives into how he was able to pull off such a high-quality, self-filmed hunt...

  • 3-23-20: Blood-Trailing Wounded Deer with Tracking Dogs | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 18

    S4.E5. This week, we discuss the efficiency of blood-trailing wounded deer with tracking dogs. Can it work? Pro staff member Mike Alberda introduces his brother, Brian. He uses a blood-trailing dog to find wounded deer in the state of Michigan. He covers how a dog tracks a deer, why someone would...

  • 3-16-20: Breaking Down Two Hunts, Trail Camera Tips | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 19

    S4.E4. On this week's episode, we join Matt Thede in Iowa as he breaks down the three key points. The main one is trail camera tips. He attributes these to the successful harvest of his No. 1 buck this past fall. Next, Bill gives an update on some of the off-season equipment he's been trying, inc...

  • 3-9-20: Off-Beat Tips for November Success, Shed Hunting | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 20

    S4.E3. On this week's episode, we start things off with Bill Winke performing soil tests on the farm. He explains both how he does these tests and why it's important to do them. The goal, of course, is to get the most out of your land. Next, we join Drake Lamb who gives an update on a buck he pre...

  • 3-2-20: Big Shed Antlers, When to Snort-Wheeze | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 21

    S4.E2. On this week's episode, we first join Josh Sparks and Kaleb Greiner as they shed hunt in Iowa. They've picked up some good antlers, including two bucks they know well. Then, we join Jared Mills who discusses why frost seeding can be so productive and how to do it. Finally, Bill covers a hu...

  • 2-24-20: Tips for Calling Whitetails, Bonus Late-Season Hunt | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 22

    S4.E1. On this week's episode, we start by joining Jeff Deets in Illinois on a late-season hunt. Deets tags a great buck he has hunted for several years. Then, we join Bill Winke who shares a lesson about calling bucks using the grunt and snort-wheeze from a successful hunt he had way back in 2009.