Honey Brake Experience

Honey Brake Experience

Honey Brake Experience
  • Holding Late-Season Birds | Waves of Waterfowl in the Skies | Black Cloud

    With duck seasons coming to a close across the country, Realtree's crews heads to East Central Louisiana to hunt ducks at Honey Brake Lodge. There's still plenty of birds in the area after the arctic cold snap, and it shows. Waves of waterfowl work the skies.

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  • Sun Sets on the 2021-22 Duck Season | Until Next Time | Honey Brake

    S3.E10. The final day of the duck season is here, and the guys go out with a pretty big bang! Until next seaso. The Honey Brake Experience is signing off.

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  • The Year of the Pintail Duck | Honey Brake Experience

    S3.E9. It's the year of the pintail duck at Honey Brake. More of these are moving through southern Louisiana than ever before. Let's dive in and see how incredible this experience really is!

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  • Post-Rut Double | Louisiana Buck Hunting | Honey Brake

    S3.E7. Tyler Jordan and Colton Jordan team up to hunt the tail end of the deer and duck season at Honey Brake Lodge. Tyler was lucky enough to tag a farm legend nicknamed "King" the night before. After game planning over trail cam pictures, the brothers decided on their locations for the evening....

  • Tyler Jordan Hunts the King | Honey Brake Experience

    S3.E6. Tyler Jordan and his brother Colton head to Honey Brake for a late-season duck and buck Hunt. Tyler is hunting a buck that was targeted last year called The King. Hopefully the cold snap gets the giant whitetail on his feet.

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  • New Year and New Gear | Time to Hunt | Honey Brake

    S3.E4. It's a new year and the guys are excited about all the new gear and new clients arriving daily at Honey Brake. Let's go.

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  • Christmas at Honey Brake | Honey Brake

    S3.E3. It's Christmas at Honey Brake and the crew gets in one last hunt before the break. The guys from Prairie Wildlife Experience are in and looking forward to getting after some waterfowl.

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  • Pausing on Ducks | Deer on Go | Honey Brake

    S3.E2. The guys take a break from duck hunting to host a deer hunt for the Realtree Road Trips Crew. Austin Riley, Riley Green, and Tyler Jordan hunt big deer.

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  • The Boys are Back in Town | Low Waters | Honey Brake

    S3.E1. The Guides are back in town preparing for another season at HB. Despite the lack of water, they are stoked for the opening day of the season.

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  • The Duck Guides of Honey Brake | Team Honey Bunch | Honey Brake

    S2.E6. Meet the duck guides of the Honey Brake lodge. These guys pour their heart and soul into duck hunting, and it shows. The Honey Brake crew works like a well-oiled machine when it comes to killing ducks and giving the clients the best possible experience.

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  • Meet the Dogs of Honey Brake | Training Great Duck Dogs | Honey Break

    S2.E5. Meet the dogs of Honey Brake. These athletes are a big part of what makes the Honey Brake Experience. These animals are stars.

    0:45 The guys intro the episode, and talk about how important the dogs are to the business.

    5:00 We see some of the dogs work in action on the water.

    8:00 The H...

  • Honey Brake Holiday Fun | Duck Hunting with Family and Friends | Honey Brake

    S2.E4. The Honey Brake crew has some down time, and gets to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. With Bart cooking in the duck blind, and plenty of ducks flying overhead, this episode is one you don't want to miss.

    0:45 It's Christmas week, and we're spreading some holiday cheer.

    1:30 Ba...

  • Tyler Jordan's Louisiana Giant | A Buck of a Lifetime | Honey Brake

    S2.E3. Stomper makes the hit list after having a split hoof, and Tyler Jordan kills his biggest buck ever. Don't miss this incredible deer hunt.

    0:05 In true Honey Brake fashion, we kick things off with a duck hunt.

    1:00 Then, for a game of ping pong.

    2:00 Riley Green is in the treestand, and ...

  • A Well-Earned Buck | Hunting Big Louisiana Whitetails | Honey Brake

    S2.E2. Tyler Jordan and the Realtree Road Trips crew rolls into Honey Brake for a duck and buck combo hunt. Fortunately, a monster buck shows up. Game on.

    0:15 The Honey Brake guides are getting some work done for duck season. But someone is deer hunting, too.

    2:00 We meet a guy who loves the o...

  • Pre-Season Waterfowl Prep | Opening Week of Duck Season | Honey Brake

    S2.E1. Season 2 of Honey Brake is underway. The entire crew rolls back into camp, and we're ready for it. Season prep is in full force. When clients show up, they'll have everything ready to get it done here at HB.

    0:30 We take a look at Honey Brake, and get an update on what's been happening.


  • Honey Brake: A Season to Remember

    S1.E10. As the season comes to a close, the Honey Brake guides look back at one of their most successful seasons to date. A lot of ducks fell. A lot of fun was had. And a lot of memories were made.

  • The Studio: Behind the Confluence Group Lens

    S1.E9. A look behind the lens of the Confluence Group. It takes a team of talented photographers and editors to create world-class images seen across social media, print and video, but it starts with the studio. While Honey Brake is known as a first-class hunting destination, it also servers as t...

  • Ducks and Bucks: Riley Green and Tyler Jordan Hunt At Honey Brake

    S1.E8. This week, country music artist Riley Green and Realtree's Tyler Jordan are on a mission for ducks and bucks at Honey Brake. Green pokes fun whiling singing in camp. "I wish my guide, Drew, put me in a better stand. And I wish every duck had a band," he sung. The verses kept going somethin...

  • Three Generations: The Confluence Group Family Goes Duck Hunting

    S1.E7. It's all about Family, Friends, and the Outdoors during the Confluence Group weekend at Honey Brake. David Cahill brings his sons and father to hunt ducks, but this weekend is about so much more.

  • Honey Brake Cribs: 20,000 Acres, 26 Beds, 19 Baths

    S1.E6. Take a look inside the magical Honey Brake Lodge. There's a lot of Realtree, Banded, bedrooms, bathrooms and plenty of cupping ducks. Join us for an all-access tour of your next duck hunt on this 20,000-acre piece of heaven. It has some of the best waterfowl hunting in the flyway.

  • Honey Brake Education: Hunting Ducks and a Redemption Buck

    S1.E5. Honey Brake is all about experiencing the outdoors. What better way than to introduce the youngest generation to the outdoors. Follow along as Carson Roberson hunts ducks and bucks with David Cahill and receives the Honey Brake education.

  • A Honey Brake Christmas

    S1.E4. The Honey Brake crew celebrates Christmas with greenheads and good company. Duck after duck falls from the sky like 2-pound presents from the North Pole. Of course, that brings lots of joy to a bunch of country guys and gals. Follow along as the guides take eager hunters afield to experien...

  • Louisiana Split: Bucks and Ducks

    S1.E3. The Honey Break crew takes advantage of the Louisiana split to get work done! Drew spends a few days whitetail hunting before key partners come in to duck hunt. They crack jokes and shoot ducks like lives depend on it. It's one of the best series of duck hunts ever captured on camera. You ...

  • 26,000 Acres to Manage and No Days Off | Honey Brake

    S1.E2. A behind-the-scenes look at what makes the Honey Brake experience a special duck hunting adventure. All the little details that go into it are mind-blowing. The work here is never over. Once the duck hunting is done, the focus is on training and keeping the dogs in shape.

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