Chasing November

Chasing November

8 Seasons

Chasing November follows a small group of hardcore deer hunters through the entire season. The series focuses on storytelling as the group pursues giant whitetails, but you will also learn the strategies that worked, and those that did not.

Chasing November
  • S1E1: Setting the Stage, EHD Recovery

    Episode 1

    Introducing the Chasing November series: Setting the stage for our teams and Bill looks at EHD aftermath and EHD recovery on his farm.

  • S1E2: Poor Man’s Plot, Kansas Bucks

    Episode 2

    The first steps of the patterning process. Jon and Erik create a Poor Man’s Plot. Matt Tatum patterns Kansas bucks leading to a great early season hunt.

  • S1E3: Patterning Mature Bucks, Food Plot Success

    Episode 3

    Bill gets deeper into the subject of patterning mature bucks leading into the season. Drake Sachsenmaier takes a great buck on a food plot.

  • S1E4: October Cold Fronts, Best Early Season Hunting

    Episode 4

    The best hunting of the entire season often occurs during the passing of October Cold Fronts! We see it every season and the 2015 season was no exception. If you hunt every October Cold Front, you will have a great early season.

  • S1E5: Patterning October Bucks

    Episode 5

    In this episode, we focus on two things: patterning October bucks you are targeting and more about when to find the best October hunting.

  • S1E6: Best October Hunt, Public Land Tracking

    Episode 6

    Luke Nissen takes a great buck during a mid-October cold front and Zach Ferenbaugh goes on a long public land tracking job.

  • S1E7: Killer Micro Plot, Bowhunting Roller-Coaster

    Episode 7

    Two bowhunters go through heart-breaking disappointment while another hunter enjoys the thrill of success hunting a secluded micro plot. Deer season is a roller coaster – welcome aboard.

  • S1E8: 220″ Buck Encounter, Trail Camera Scouting

    Episode 8

    Erik Barber kills a great buck in Wisconsin and Chad Lathrop gets a shot at an absolute giant, world-class 220″ buck. Both are the result of careful trail camera scouting.

  • S1E9: Early Rut Action, Cruising Bucks

    Episode 9

    We feature early rut action with cruising bucks. The No Name 10 narrowly gives me the slip. Scott Prucha shoots a great buck.

  • S1E10: Ohio Bucks, October Bowhunting

    Episode 10

    Drew McClain chases Ohio bucks and takes a giant after learning it is moving in daylight by monitoring his trail camera photos. This strategy pays off big every season.

  • S1E11: Midday Hunting – Sweet November

    Episode 11

    Scott Reinmann and Paul Marshall have perfected midday hunting and have taken a number of great bucks during the early rut. In this episode, you can see why they love midday hunting so much.

  • S1E12: Peak Rut Hunts – Mobile Strategies

    Episode 12

    Peak Rut Hunts: Eric Knochel shoots a cool old gnarly buck and Bill Winke moves a trailer blind into the middle of a picked corn field. Jared Mills keeps looking for his number one buck.

  • S1E13: World Class Buck – A Giant Surprise!

    Episode 13

    Chad Lathrop finally recovers the giant buck he shot in Episode 8. What a roller-coaster of emotions and what an awesome world class buck!

  • S1E14: Best Day to Hunt – November 7th

    Episode 14

    When you schedule your hunting vacation is very important. We have learned over the years that, on average, November 7 is the best day to hunt. Ohio’s Jason Huntsman proves that again.

  • S1E15: Rut Strategy – Doe Concentration Areas

    Episode 15

    Bucks are searching for does very aggressively now, so we focus our rut strategy around the places where does concentrate. Several fast paced hunts with Taylor Byers shooting a trophy.

  • S1E16: Public Land Buck – DIY Bruiser

    Episode 16

    Public Land Buck: Aaron Warbritton is in the right place at the right time as a hot doe in this small secluded patch of public land brings out every buck, including this giant.

  • S1E17: High Wind Hunting Success

    Episode 17

    High Wind Hunting: Windy days produce excellent hunting. Don’t shy away from the bluster. In fact, it is the still days that cause the most problems.

  • S1E18: Overnight Recovery – Tough Decisions

    Episode 18

    Greg Clements and Derik Jones shoot great bucks in this episode and face the tough decision of whether to leave their bucks for an overnight recovery or push them in the dark

  • S1E19: End of the Trail – Calling Bucks

    Episode 19

    A couple of interesting themes arise in this episode: calling bucks and arrows deflecting off a buck’s front leg. Lots of rut hunting action and the guys track down their kills.

  • S1E20: Second Rut Peak – Late November Action

    Episode 20

    Josh Tatum takes a great Kansas buck during the second rut peak in late November. This time frame can be very productive in states with limited gun pressure in November.

  • S1E21: Snort-Wheeze Call, Public Land Buck

    Episode 21

    Mike Reed calls in a great public land buck with a snort-wheeze after his first attempts with the grunt call go ignored. Increasing the intensity of the calling can sometimes produce results.

  • S1E22: Back to Basics, Early Winter Cold Front

    Episode 22

    Mike Reed makes good on a long shot across a Big N Beasty field to fill his bow tag and Luke Nissen waits with muzzleloader in hand for an early winter cold front to push bucks into feeding in daylight.

  • S1E23: Late Season Success

    Episode 23

    Late season hunting can be very consistent and productive if you have attractive food sources. The hunts in this episode show how much difference the right food can make.

  • S1E24: ‘Til the Bitter End

    Episode 24

    Jared Mills shoots his target buck during the very last minutes of the last day of the season. It becomes tense as the clock ticks down. Then we reveal George Brett – after Jared finds him dead the following spring.