Black Cloud Duck Hunting

  • 5 Shots 5 Ducks | Finishing Mallards | Black Cloud

    There is no better place to be than in the timber finishing mallards. Dr. Duck puts them on the water and does some scouting for the weekend.

  • Timber Walkabout | Money Hole | Black Cloud

    A scouting walkabout pays off a Dr. Duck and Billy find a new hole loaded with green.

  • Making New Friends at the Boat Ramp | Scouting New Duck Waters | Black Cloud

    S2.E13. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell meet a new friend at the boat ramp. The group teams up in the timber. Then, an afternoon scouting trip pays off as the pair finds new water and new ducks.

    0:05 They grab a bite to eat, and get some scouting done.

    1:00 Once at the boat ramp, they meet a new fr...

  • Back Down South | Mile Walks Into the Timber | Black Cloud

    S2.E11. Dr. Duck hits the timber, and Billy Campbell goes to work. Scouting and a mile walk both pay off. Green on the ground.

    0:05 Dr. Duck checks the forecast. It's looking pretty good.

    2:10 The crew gasses up and gets ready for an early morning afield.

    5:00 They put out the duck decoys and ...

  • Dry-Field Pacific Honkers | Last-Chance Washington Ducks | Black Cloud

    S2.E10. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell wrap up their father-son duck-cation in Washington. They mow 'em down. Then, the guys switch gears to honkers in a dry field.

    0:15 The day starts, and the ducks begin flying.

    3:15 The action doesn't slow down. It picks up instead.

    8:00 The duck hunt comes to...

  • Chasing Washington Green | Duck Hunting at Eagle Lakes | Black Cloud

    S2.E9. The fun continues in Washington, and the green just keeps falling from the sky. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell continue their father-and-son duck hunt in Washington state with Eagle Lakes Outfitters. Let's go.

    0:15 They spend some time at camp, then hit the water.

    1:30 The ducks are surely ...

  • Fathers and Sons on Duck-Cation | Duck Hunting in Washington State | Black Cloud

    S2.E8. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell head north for their annual duck-cation with Eagle Lakes Outfitting. This has become a yearly tradition. They're hunting with good friend, Mark Pine. This is a great opportunity for the group to have a chance to see loads of green heads pile into the hole.


  • A Return to the Duck Cave | Fishing for Mallards | Black Cloud

    S2.E6. Dr. Duck and Billy return to the duck cave, and hope to strike gold twice. Will they? Let's find out.

    0:05 The crew gets decoys set up and ready for the day's hunt.

    0:45 Ducks start flying, and shells start emptying.

    1:30 They wait for their duck hole to thaw out, and enjoy tasty treats...

  • Racing the Sunset | A Mixed Bag of Ducks at Dusk | Black Cloud

    S1.E5. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the ducks, but will they make it happen before the end of shooting light? Follow along to find out.

    0:05 Dr. Duck and Campbell prep for the morning duck hunt.

    1:15 They put out the decoy spread, and get everything ready for the day.

    2:00 Dr. Duck strateg...

  • Chasing Green in the Duck Cave | Dr. Duck Blasts Dakota Mallards | Black Cloud

    S1.E4. Winter is rolling into South Dakota, and Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the duck cave. Let's go. They break up the mallard party in grand fashion.

    0:10 Campbell and a few others use onX to digitally scout for ducks. They're trying to find them.

    2:00 Dr. Duck eats donuts, Campbell drive...

  • A Different Kind of Green | South Dakota Upland Bird Hunting | Black Cloud

    S3.E3. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell are in South Dakota. It's really warm outside, and so they take a break from the ducks. For now, it's a different kind of green they're after -- pheasants.

    0:05 Campbell fuels up, and gets every last drop out of that hose.

    0:25 They arrive in South Dakota, and...

  • Chasing Dakota Ducks | One Last Hunt, Then South Bound | Black Cloud

    S2.E2. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell finish out their hunting in North Dakota. They find a honey hole, and then cash in. What a hunt.

    0:10 Dr. Duck and Campbell strategize for an upcoming hunt. The former has to fly back home to complete a few days of work, though.

    2:00 The next morning, they sco...

  • 2020 Duck Season Kickoff | Getting That North Dakota Green | Black Cloud

    S2.E1. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell head north for an early start to duck season. Destination? North Dakota. They quickly find the green and get permission to hunt a big cornfield. Let the fun begin.

    0:15 The guys are scouting some spots for the North Dakota duck season. Will they get into some d...

  • Hunting New York Honkers | Early Goose Season in the Northeast | Black Cloud

    S2.E9. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell join Brian Weight with Retay on a goose hunt in New York. It's the perfect opportunity to knock the dust off and have some fun before duck season arrives.

    1:00 The guys set up the decoy spread, and then wait for daylight.

    1:20 The geese start flying, and the f...

  • Dr. Duck's New Ride | Chevy Truck Camping Setup | Black Cloud

    Dr. Duck (Dennis Loosier) and Billy Campbell are ready to ride in style this duck season. Check out their new Chevy Silverado 2500 HD pickup setup for camping on the boat ramps and how they are going to keep their gear locked up. Duck season is right around the corner, and the guys are finally re...

  • Dr. Duck's Pick: Big Frig Cooler Review

    S1.E22. Dr. Duck discusses the importance of having a good cooler when duck hunting, and what he feels is the best option. This is a no-bull Big Frig cooler review.

  • How to Choose the Right Shotgun Choke for Duck Hunting

    S1.E21. Learn how to choose the correct choke for your next duck hunt. Don't go afield over- or under-prepared. Follow along as Dr. Duck talks about how he uses different chokes in different situations.

  • Last Go: A Bonus Bag of Greenheads

    S1.E20. It's bonus days in the timber. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell go on one final duck hunt before packing it up for the offseason. Special thanks to all of the sponsors and everyone who made this season a success.

  • Last Ride: Success Down South with a 6-Man Limit

    S1.E19. Dr. Duck, Billy Campbell and some friends find the ducks during their final road trip of the year. They're on the X, for sure. It's the perfect way to cap off their public-land duck season.

  • Flooded-Timber Duck Hunting, South Dakota Dry-Field Mallards

    S1.E18. Duck season is coming to an end. Meanwhile, Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell continue to struggle. They find a few birds down South before they have to leave for the SHOT Show. This creates an opportunity to look back at never-before-seen footage of a dry-field hunt in South Dakota.

  • Waterfowl Gear: Dr. Duck's Timber Pack

    S1.E17. Dennis covers the features of the Dr. Duck Hunt Locker Weather-Proof Backpack. Buy it at It'll make your next duck hunt much more organized.

  • Walk-In Duck Hunting: We Lost the Boat Motor

    S1.E16. Just when things couldn't get worse, Dr. Duck and Billy wake up to realize there's no boat motor. This is a first, and now they're on foot in search of that green.

  • Scouting for Greenheads in All the Wrong Places

    S1.E11. Hard work always pays off if you’re focused on the journey and not the destination. Uncooperative birds and bad weather can surely test your resolve, though. In this week’s episode, Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell rack up the miles by truck, boat and foot to try and find mallards. Follow alon...

  • Struggle Bus: Warm-Weather Arkansas Duck Hunting

    S1.E10. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell go back to the heart of Arkansas to battle warm weather on public land. The struggles of these public-land pursuits are real and oftentimes difficult to overcome. While the hunt starts off slow, they finally pull off a successful sit toward the end of the week,...