Black Cloud Duck Hunting

Black Cloud Duck Hunting

It's all about the journey, not the destination, and public-land duck hunting is the ultimate challenge. Join Dr. Duck (Dennis Loosier) and Billy Campbell as they chase public waterfowl.

Black Cloud Duck Hunting
  • Trafficking Mallards on Public Land | Black Cloud

    S3.E16. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell canoe into a new area hoping to traffic a few ducks. The guys also take some time to cook some duck and spend time with the family.

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  • Don't Doubt the Scout | Mallards on Public | Black Cloud

    Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell are back on public land duck hunting with family and friends. After a tough scouting mission only finding a few birds the group goes for broke on new water and the Mallards pile in.

  • Mallards in a Sand Storm | Northwestern Duck Hunting | Black Cloud

    S3.13. Unusually high winds in the Northwest create a sand storm, and makes the duck hunting very tough.

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  • Duck Hunting Some Big, Fat Mallards | Riding the Hole | Black Cloud

    S3.E12. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell ride the hole for an unforgettable day on their annual duck-cation in Washington while hunting with Eagles Lakes Ranch. Duck hunting big, fat mallards doesn't get any better in the Northwest, and the guys are more than happy with the outcome.

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  • Hunting Mallards on Leave | Eagles Lakes Washington | Black Cloud

    S3.E11. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell head to Eagle Lakes Ranch in Washington for their annual duck-cation. This year Billy's son, Timo, is on leave from the Army and is able to make the trip to spend some time hunting hungry mallards.

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  • Dr. Duck Podcast | Most Mallards in 18 Years | Black Cloud

    Dr. Duck and Billy discuss the Arkansas Opening Weekend in the timber.

  • Like Father, Like Son | Mallards in the Timber | Black Cloud

    S3.E9. Dr. Duck, his son Dalton, friend Billy Campbell, and the rest of the gang hit the Arkansas timber.

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  • Opening Day Arkansas Ducks on Public Land | The Duck Mother Lode | Black Cloud

    S3.E8. Scouting before the season pays off as Dr. Duck finds the mother lode on public land. Mallards are stacked in like cord wood. Now, they just have to get the hole before someone else. It's a sprint to get there. Here, six states are represented for one of the most epic opening days Dr. Duck...

  • Dry-Field Goose Hunting | Making it Happen, Capt'n | Black Cloud

    S3.E6. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell make adjustments in the dry fields to make it happen on Northern Honkers. This is a dry-field goose hunt you don't want to miss. It's full of action.

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  • Falling for Sandhill Cranes | Hunting the Sand Hills | Black Cloud

    S3.E5. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell take a break from hunting public waterfowl to hunt sandhill cranes with Prairie Bomb Outfitters. They're in the thick of the action.

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  • Dr. Duck Podcast | Duck Season is Here | Black Cloud

    S3.E4. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell sit down to discuss the week No. 1 ups and downs, and what they learned during their first run hunting public ducks up north.

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  • Patterning Waterfowl Shotguns for Duck Season | Pre-Season Prep | Black Cloud

    S3.E3. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell pattern Retay 20-gauge shotguns in preparation for the upcoming season. Opening day can't get here soon enough. It's almost go time.

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  • Dr. Duck's Duck Hunting Gear Guide | Prepping for Duck Season | Black Cloud

    S3.E2. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell are gearing up for duck season. They discuss their must-have gear items for fall. Are you ready?

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  • Duck Season Flashbacks | Getting Ready for Duck Season | Black Cloud

    S2.E1. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell are working their day jobs, but they're also reflecting on duck season. Duck season is a couple months away, but it'll be here soon.

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  • Dr. Duck Explains His Jerk String Rig | Advanced Duck Decoy Tips | Black Cloud

    S2.E21. Dr. Duck walks through how he rigs his decoys. These are great tactics for duck hunters to use.

    0:05 Dr. Duck (Dennis Loosier) and Bill Campbell introduce the jerk string rig concept.

    0:30 They talk about some of the tools they use to deploy this tactic.

    1:00 They complete the discussi...

  • 2020 Duck Season Highlights | Looking Back on the Best and Worst | Black Cloud

    S2.E20. A look back on the Black Cloud 2020 Duck Season. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell had a solid season across the country. It was a great year with ups, downs and plenty of average moments.

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  • Dr. Duck Podcast | Reliving the 2020-21 Duck Season Journey | Black Cloud

    S1.E19. Dennis Loosier and Billy Campbell sit down to relive the season on the Dr. Duck Podcast. They reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly. But altogether, it was a great year.

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  • Respect the Duck Hunt | Hunting with Delta Waterfowl | Black Cloud

    S2.E17. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell enjoy camp with the team from Delta Waterfowl. They have a great duck hunt.

    0:15 The entire crew is at duck camp, and they enjoy some time together before the hunt.

    5:30 After plenty of camaraderie at camp, they head to the water.

    8:15 It gets daylight, and ...

  • Hip Hop History Lesson | Oklahoma Timber Ducks | Black Cloud

    S2.E16. Dr. Duck gives a history lesson on hip hop and duck hunting in the Oklahoma Timber.

    0:15 The crew gears up for the morning hunt. They get the decoy spread ready for action.

    2:00 They have a discussion on hip hop music, of which Dr. Duck is an expert.

    2:30 Greenheads are flapping their ...

  • A Solo Hunt on Public Waters | Finishing Off Pressured Mallards | Black Cloud

    S2.E15. There is no better place to be than in the timber finishing off some pressured mallards. Dr. Duck puts them on the water and does some scouting for the weekend hunt.

    0:15 They're back on the public waters, and hoping to have a solid outing.

    0:30 The crew throws out the decoys and gets r...

  • An Eventful Timber Walkabout | Hunting the Waterfowl Money Hole | Black Cloud

    S2.E14. A scouting walkabout trip pays off. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find a new hole loaded with green.

    0:15 They walk and scout a new piece of water.

    3:00 They return under the cover of darkness and prepare for the hunt. They get ready, and then wait for sunrise.

    4:45 The ducks start flyin...

  • Making New Friends at the Boat Ramp | Scouting New Duck Waters | Black Cloud

    S2.E13. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell meet a new friend at the boat ramp. The group teams up in the timber. Then, an afternoon scouting trip pays off as the pair finds new water and new ducks.

    0:05 They grab a bite to eat, and get some scouting done.

    1:00 Once at the boat ramp, they meet a new fr...

  • Back Down South | Mile Walks Into the Timber | Black Cloud

    S2.E11. Dr. Duck hits the timber, and Billy Campbell goes to work. Scouting and a mile walk both pay off. Green on the ground.

    0:05 Dr. Duck checks the forecast. It's looking pretty good.

    2:10 The crew gasses up and gets ready for an early morning afield.

    5:00 They put out the duck decoys and ...

  • Dry-Field Pacific Honkers | Last-Chance Washington Ducks | Black Cloud

    S2.E10. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell wrap up their father-son duck-cation in Washington. They mow 'em down. Then, the guys switch gears to honkers in a dry field.

    0:15 The day starts, and the ducks begin flying.

    3:15 The action doesn't slow down. It picks up instead.

    8:00 The duck hunt comes to...