Spring Thunder

Spring Thunder

7 Seasons

From the swamps of Florida, to the hills of Tennessee, join Team Realtree as they get after longbeards across the country.

Spring Thunder
  • Late-Season Gobbling Madness | Tagging Out in Georgia | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 65

    S3.E65. The Spring Thunder crew bands together for an epic late-season, last-minute Georgia turkey hunt before Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head northward for the remainder of the season.

    0:10 As daylight approaches, they strike several birds on the limb. They come up with a game plan and ge...

  • The 2020 Spring Turkey Season Is Finally Here | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 2

    S3.E1. Realtree's Phillip Culpepper prepares for turkey season. He'll start down South chasing Osceloas. But first, Culpepper gets his mind and equipment ready. Also, the birds are starting to gobble in Alabama, so he conducts a little pre-season scouting. Follow along as the season unfolds.


  • Practical Jokes and Python Pranks | Florida Bound | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 3

    S3.E2. Realtree's Phillip Culpepper is headed south to to hunt public land Osceola turkeys in Florida. But first, he pulls a little prank on Producer Luke Mitchell, who is not excited about snakes.

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  • Scouting Public-Land Turkeys in Florida | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 4

    S3.E3. Phillip Culpepper and Luke Mitchell conduct some last-minute, pre-season scouting before the opening day of turkey season in South Florida. It's Osceola country, and they're hoping to fill a tag in the coming days. However, as with most public-land adventures, other hunters are out in full...

  • Florida Panther Tracks | Opening Day of Turkey Season | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 5

    S3.E4. Phillip Culpepper teams up with Casey Hojara for opening day of the South Florida turkey season. Panther, turkey, and boot tracks are everywhere. Still, the group is hopeful they'll fill a tag as they attempt to stay out of the mud on public land. Will they achieve that goal?

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  • Tyler Jordan Heads Southward to Osceola Country | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 6

    S3.E5. Realtree's Tyler Jordan and Producer Bryan Brown head southward to Florida for the opening week of the southern zone turkey season.

    Episode Breakdown:

    1:50: Tyler's upcoming wedding plans are made and he is free to start chasing turkeys.

    3:20: Tyler gets a teaser trail camera photo from...

  • Public-Land Turkey Hunts | ATV Stuck in the Mud | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 7

    S3.E6. It's day No. 2 of a public-land turkey hunt, and they run into all kinds of trouble. Can you say, "pouring salt on an open wound?"

    Episode Breakdown:

    0:55: While heading to a spot, Phillip Culpepper decides to just "gun it" across a mud pit. It doesn't go too great. Turkey hunting on pub...

  • 3 Gobblers, 6 Steps | Hunting with the Bone Collectors | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 8

    S3.E7. It's been a wild, unpredictable ride in South Florida. Realtree's Phillip Culpepper and the Spring Thunder crew spent the opening week of Florida's South Zone turkey season on public land. They didn't hear a gobble. Finally, the guys head to new ground and attempt to change their luck with...

  • Braves Player Austin Riley Goes Osceola Turkey Hunting | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 9

    S3.E8. Atlanta Braves Third Baseman Austin Riley joins the Spring Thunder crew in Florida. Riley takes a break from spring training to chase turkeys and take in the Osceola action in the Florida sun. Also, Realtree friend and owner of Rugged Cross Blinds, Chris Seaton knocks down a gobbler with ...

  • MLB Baseball Player Austin Riley Tags First Turkey | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 10

    S3.E9. Atlanta Braves' third baseman, Austin Riley, gets a rare day off from MLB spring training. He opts to spend it with Team Realtree in Osceola country. Riley and Tyler Jordan hunt in Florida's South Zone in hopes of crossing paths with a long-legged swamp bird. After a slow morning, they fin...

  • Georgia Youth Turkey Hunt Prep Work | 30-30 Ministries | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 11

    S3.E10. The Realtree Spring Thunder crew is scouting ahead of the Georgia youth turkey hunting weekend. The crew is hunting with 30-30 Ministries. It's going to be a fun event.

    0:50: Both Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb confirm that they do not have the coronavirus. That's great news, because i...

  • Georgia Youth Season Success | Midday Turkey Hunting | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 12

    S3.E11. The Georgia youth season is finally here. Realtree's Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb team up with 30-30 Ministries to kick things off. They didn't roost a bird, but they return to the same area the next morning and the woods come alive with gobbling. Finally, they find a midday loafer lo...

  • Gobbler at 15 Steps | Georgia Youth Season Turkey Hunt | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 13

    S3.E12. Phillip Culpepper calls in another gobbler for a young hunter during Georgia's youth turkey season. Around 4 p.m. on opening afternoon, the crew finds one that's overly enthusiastic and willing to work. It comes in screaming. John Fox is trying to get his first turkey and it doesn't take ...

  • Best of Realtree Spring Thunder Week 1 | Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting Action

    Episode 14

    S3.E13. Week No. 1 was great. Phillip Culpepper, Tyler Jordan and all of their friends had great hunts. It was a week full of funny jokes, great pranks, challenging mishaps and tagged turkeys.

    1:50: Phillip Culpepper kicks off the season and heads to Florida to hunt Osceola turkeys. While there,...

  • Longbeard Gobbling Frenzy | Turkeys Across the Water | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 15

    S3.E14. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb keep the heat on them during the last day of the Georgia youth season. It's an epic, gobble-crazed morning. Youth hunter Jonathan Fox gets an opportunity on a heavyweight strutter just minutes after daylight. Does he capitalize? We extend a huge thanks to ...

  • Father-Son Turkey Hunting | MLB Pitcher Ben McDonald | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 16

    S3.E15. Phillip Culpepper meets up with good friend and retired MLB player Ben McDonald in Mississippi. Both are avid outdoorsmen and love hunting. Naturally, they try and get Ben his first turkey. With recent college cancellations and online learning due to the COVID-19 virus, McDonald's son, Ja...

  • Stubborn Turkeys Won't Gobble | Bass Fishing Instead | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 17

    S3.E16. After a slow morning of turkey hunting, Ben McDonald decides to wet a line and put a few bass and catfish in the boat for supper. McDonald, Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head afield for a little surf and turf action.

    1:30: The turkeys are tight-lipped and not cooperating with the Spri...

  • Turkey at 4 Steps | Gobbler About Attacks Ben McDonald | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 18

    S3.E17. It's playoff time in Mississippi. Ben McDonald is on a quest to experience his first “classic" turkey hunt. He wants to call one down the gun barrel while turkey hunting with his buddy Phillip Culpepper. That's exactly what they try to do. McDonald can barely hold it together when a big, ...

  • Tyler Jordan Scouts Alabama Turkeys | Birds Gobbling | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 19

    S3.E18. Tyler Jordan and Bryan Brown head over to leased land in Alabama in search of a turkey for his brother, Colton. The property is near the Chattahoochee River, and they plan to find birds for opening day. As luck would have it, they hear two birds gobbling off the roost in the exact same sp...

  • Alabama Opening-Day Double | Longbeards At 10 Steps | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 20

    S3.E19. Tyler Jordan is joined by his little brother, Colton, on opening day of the Alabama turkey season. The day before, during a scouting trip, Tyler located a few gobblers that were roosted. Now, it's opening morning, and they slip into the area before daylight. Shortly afterward, birds start...

  • Gobbler Coming in Hot | Bird Down in Mississippi | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 21

    S3.E20. Mississippi has been on fire for the Spring Thunder crew. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb have seen numerous beaks get busted. They've also made new friends. Their most recent success found them scheduling a lunchtime date with a big-bearded gobby. Their new friend, Truvy Argrave, is wit...

  • Georgia Turkey Season Opening Day | Big Hen At 7 Yards | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 22

    S3.E21. In the first of three videos, the Spring Thunder crew heads home for opening day of the Georgia turkey season and a special hunt. Long-time Team Realtree member, avid turkey hunter, and country music singer, Daryle Singletary, passed away in 2018. His two young boys have his passion for t...

  • Afternoon Turkey Hunting | Larry "The Cable Guy" Calls | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 23

    S3.E22. The Spring Thunder crew is on a quest to get Jonah and Mercer Singletary their first turkeys. The gobbling is sparse, but the laughs are plentiful. Jonah and Mercer experience firsthand that even though the hunting can be tough, a good time can still be had.

    0:15: They recap the hunt so ...

  • Gobbler Struts Into Range | Colton Jordan Turkey Hunt | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 24

    S3.E23. Realtree's Bill Jordan takes his son, Colton, on an afternoon hunt at Realtree Farms in Georgia. They make a move after spotting a gobbler in a green field. They work the bird, and it struts right into range. He tags his second turkey of the season and Bill couldn't be more excited. Needl...