Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt

4 Seasons

Tips from Midwest Whitetail's Bill Winke, Realtree farm manager Roger Culpepper, and more. Your questions. Their answers. Get the most out of your hunting land.

Pay Dirt
  • Trapping Furbearers | How to Manage Predators on Your Property | Pay Dirt

    Episode 1

    S2.E1. Realtree farm manager Roger Culpepper and trapper Earl Thompson discuss the when, where, why and how of predator control. If you aren't implementing this practice on your property, start now.

  • How to Hunt Racoons with Coon Dogs | Pay Dirt

    Episode 2

    S2.E3. Ever wanted to know what it takes to hunt coons with dogs? Roger Culpepper tags along with coon hunter Michael Phillips to learn the ins and outs of this long-held tradition. Don't miss this crazy, fast-paced action. It gets wild.

  • Prescribed Fire | How to Create Firebreaks for Controlled Burns | Pay Dirt

    Episode 3

    S2.E4. Realtree's Roger Culpepper shows how to create firebreaks before using prescribed fire on the farm. He also discusses the importance of using other safety measures, tools and tactics.

    Episode Breakdown:

    1:15: Roger uses a skid steer to start making firebreaks.

    2:30: Then, he discusses t...

  • March Chick Days at Rural King | How to Raise Chickens | Pay Dirt

    Episode 4

    S2.E2. Ever wanted to raise your own chickens? Here is a quick walkthrough on how to set yourself up for success when buying and raising chicks. Early spring is the best time to start, and Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper walks us through establishing a chicken coop and buying the necessary ...

  • Prescribed Fire | How to Use Controlled Burns for Better Habitat | Pay Dirt

    Episode 5

    S2.E5. Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper discusses the best practices for a safe and successful controlled burn.

    Episode Breakdown:

    0:10: Firebreaks are in. Safety measures are in place. Roger is finally ready to burn some ground. He fires up the torches and gets ready to light it up.


  • Building Hog Exclusion Fences | Keeping Feral Hogs Away from Feeders | Pay Dirt

    Episode 6

    S2.E6. Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper builds exclusion fences to keep feral hogs away from feeders. Wild pigs are invasive, and they’re a big problem, especially in the South. Unfortunately, it’s an invasive species that isn’t going away.

    0:15: Culpepper heads to Rural King to purchase ma...

  • Great Shed Hunting Pro Tips | The Best Places to Find Shed Antlers | Pay Dirt

    Episode 7

    S2.E7. Mark Heck and Kenneth Lancaster with the Given Right head to Kansas to have some shed hunting fun. They also talk about the best way to find sheds on your property, and how to use it as a scouting tool for next year.

    2:05: Heck and Lancaster preview their game plan for searching the farm....

  • How to Plant and Grow a Small Garden | Self-Sufficiency Tips | Pay Dirt

    Episode 8

    S2.E8. Ever wanted to grow your own food? Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper walks through the process of creating a small garden on your property.

    0:10: With social distancing going full blast, Culpepper explains the benefits of raising a garden. It takes some labor, but it's definitely rewa...

  • How to Direct Deer Traffic | Land Management Tips for Whitetails | Pay Dirt

    Episode 9

    S2.E9. Kenneth Lancaster and Mark Heck use a real-life buck to illustrate how to dictate deer traffic. By using certain land management tips, you can help control how your next target buck maneuvers the landscape.

    1:30 First, we take a look at a giant target buck these guys are after. It's name?...

  • Benefits of Planting Trees for Wildlife | Chestnuts, Fruits and Oaks | Pay Dirt

    Episode 10

    S2.E10. Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper talks about some of the different trees on Realtree Farms. He covers different species that are planted specifically for wildlife. Culpepper also discusses where and what to plant, including what whitetails seem to prefer.

    1:05 First stop? A sawtooth...

  • Installing Food Plot Watering Systems | Advanced Land Management Tips | Pay Dirt

    Episode 11

    S2.E11. Follow along as The Given Rights' Kenneth Lancaster and Mark Heck install food plot watering systems. It's a great method for keeping plots in shape, whether you're in drought-prone areas or not.

    1:00 Heck and Lancaster introduce the concept and briefly cover some of the bigger ins and o...

  • How to Build a Deer Skinning Rack | DIY Whitetail Hunting Projects | Pay Dirt

    Episode 12

    S2.E11. The Given Rights' Mark Heck and Kenneth Lancaster teach us how to create a deer skinning rack. It isn't hard, and it isn't expensive. Here's how.

    1:00 Lancaster shows us the pre-welded base. They install it into the concrete floor.

    2:00 Then, they set the winch in place, and continue bu...

  • Best Food Plot Designs | Manipulating Deer Travel Routes and Patterns | Pay Dirt

    Episode 13

    S2.E12. Jared Mills discusses food plot shapes and how they increase the odds of filtering deer past treestand locations.

    2:00 Mills talks about the importance of food plot shapes. He then covers where and how he will implement this practice.

    3:00 Then, he discusses several different options an...

  • Spring Food Plots and Fence Tactics | Land Management Tips and Tricks | Pay Dirt

    Episode 14

    S2.E13. The Given Right's Kenneth Lancaster shares a few land-management tips and tricks on Pay Dirt.

    1:20 Lancaster and Chris Van Gerpen share a few food plot planting tactics.

    3:10 We take a look at an available property that's for sale, courtesy of Realtree United Country: https://realtreeuc...

  • Home Garden Maintenance 101 | Revisiting a Successful Garden | Pay Dirt

    Episode 15

    S2.E13. Roger Culpepper is back in the garden. He gives an update and shows everyone what it looks like now. Check out that lush, green growth.

    1:00 They take a look at some gear, including the Oxcart in Realtree camo:

    2:00 Then, they go over several tips when planting a...

  • Manipulating Deer Movement with Food Plot Configuration and Fencing | Pay Dirt

    Episode 16

    S2.E14. Learn how row crop configuration encourages deer to follow a certain path. Use this method to help position broadside deer for the shot. Then, learn how fencing can play a role in your whitetail honey hole. These tips are all quick, simple, and can put you in a great position this fall. E...

  • Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) Tips | Designing Deer Hunting Land | Pay Dirt

    Episode 17

    S2.E15. In this episode of Pay Dirt, The Given Right's Kenneth Lancaster and Chris Van Gerpen improve the quality of a hunting property with some timber stand improvement (TSI). They also build game plans around two specific target bucks on the farm.

    0:10 Kenneth Lancaster introduces Chris Van G...

  • Armadillos Destroy the Yard | Using Live Traps to Catch Pests | Pay Dirt

    Episode 18

    S2.E14. Roger Culpepper uses live traps to remove armadillos from Realtree Farms. These little rodents are causing too many problems. This might get interesting.

    0:10 Culpepper goes to Rural King ( and purchases several traps. They're plan? Catch and relocate some of th...

  • How to Clear and Plan Food Plots | Managing Deer Habitat | Pay Dirt

    Episode 19

    S2.E15. Realtree's Roger Culpepper works on clearing a new food plot at Realtree Farms. He uses a large New Holland implement to start the process.

    1:00 Culpepper introduces the concept of clearing old, overgrown fields for new food plots. Then, he gets to work cutting down vegetation.

    3:30 We ...

  • Small Food Plots for Deer | Using ATV Implements to Improve Habitat | Pay Dirt

    Episode 20

    S2.E16. Roger Culpepper uses new ATV food plot implements to put in some whitetail grub. Learn these tips from one of the best habitat managers in the country.

    1:20 Landon Maxwell from 1st Products introduces one of its new offerings for 2020.

    2:00 Culpepper and Maxwell talk about some of its b...

  • Planting New Food Plots | Establishing Deer Feeding Stations | Pay Dirt

    Episode 21

    S2.E21. Learn how to establish new food plots in raw soil, and introduce large feeding stations for deer. Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper talks about his plan for achieving these goals.

    1:00 We take a quick look at the 1st Products no-till drill. This is a pristine planter.

    2:00 Then, Cul...

  • How to Set Up a Ground Blind | Deer Hunting From the Ground | Pay Dirt

    Episode 22

    S2.E22. Realtree's Stephen McNelly discusses the best way to set up a ground blind for deer hunting. Watch these informative whitetail tips and tactics. Follow along has he puts up a Lincoln Outfitters ground blind and chair.

    1:00 McNelly is in the timber, and he's looking for a great spot to se...