Pay Dirt

Pay Dirt

We've got the tips and tricks you need to make the most of the land around you.

Pay Dirt
  • How to Get Paid for Creating Upland Habitat Buffer Strips

    S1.E18: Slade visits with Tondo Waldron, and they look at some CP-33 upland habitat buffer strips. Waldron explains the steps landowners can take to receive federal grant money for maintaining these strips, which provide good travel corridors for whitetails, and excellent ground cover for quail, ...

  • Dig Deeper: Hybrid Tiger Bass for Small Lakes

    S1.E16: Roger and Blair Barbaree pull bass from the lake at Realtree Farm to check their condition and reset the lake's management plan. Plus, they discuss hybrid Tiger bass, which have a Florida-strain's fast-growing tendencies with a northern-strain largemouth's aggressive nature.

  • Small Lake Management Tips for Trophy Largemouth Bass

    S1.E15: If you want a healthy pond, it's important to know what's swimming around. Shocking your lake a couple times per year helps keep tabs on both bass and baitfish populations. Plus, Slade gives tips for prepping your hunting property ahead of the sale, and teases a 223-acre farm listing in K...

  • Dig Deeper: How to Convert Fallow Ground and Make Money

    S1.E14: Owen Reigler says converting fallow ground can be the best way to improve the ROI on your farm. But there are things to know, like how tough it'll be to clear it, and whether the soil is suitable for planting. Here, Reigler explains the general steps that he's used to be successful.

  • Make Your Land Pay for Itself with Crops

    S1.E13: Crop fields produce income and will usually attract more wildlife than fallow fields full of low-value grass. Owen Reigler discusses converting fields to productive ground for corn and soybeans

  • Dig Deeper: Saving Food Plots with Portable Irrigation

    S1.E12: During a drought year like this one, planting much of anything can be risky, but the success of a hunting season—and the value of a property—can at the same time hinge on quality food plots. Roger Culpepper shows how he uses portable irrigation to save food plots on Realtree Farms.

  • How to Select a Killer Food Plot Location

    Roger Culpepper has a favorite food plot, called the 185 Field, on Realtree Farms. What makes it so good? It's fertile for one. But it's also secluded, and Culpepper says deer just feel comfortable using it during daylight. And the layout, particularly the topography, is such that you can scout i...

  • Dig Deeper: Planting Oaks from Acorns

    S1.E10: Bill Winke takes a look back at a 2007 project, and explains how to establish new oak seedlings from acorns. This is a very beneficial process for wildlife, and it's much cheaper than planting trees. However, it takes time and dedication to bring seedlings to maturation. Here's what you n...

  • 3 Ways to Establish Oak Trees

    S1.E9: You bought every acre and every acre should produce value. This week, we discuss three methods for establishing oak trees on marginal acres within your property. This isn't a quick job. It takes time and dedication. Follow these tips and procedures to maximize the habitat on your hunting g...

  • Dig Deeper: Need To Get Rid of Sweetgum Trees? Watch This.

    S1.E8: Sweetgum trees are of little value to wildlife, and they grow extremely fast. Roger Culpepper shows how they control sweetgum trees at Realtree Farms.

  • Poor Man's Food Plots, Plus Benefits of Auctions for Land Sales

    S1.E11: With just a backpack sprayer and a hand seeder, you can plant a food plot in a hard-to-reach area without breaking ground. Use these tips and tactics to establish great food plots in remote places where large implements won't go. This also works great if you don't have large implements. A...

  • Dig Deeper: Trapping Hogs with Remote Control Traps

    S1.E6: Hogs aren't native, and having them on your property will cause your deer, turkeys, small game, browse and mast to suffer. Plus, they'll dig up your food plots. Who wants that? The best way to control hogs is by trapping entire sounders at once, and for that, nothing is more effective than...

  • Economical Hog Trapping Strategies

    S1.E5: It's difficult to eradicate wild hogs from your property, but with smart trapping strategies, you can stay mobile, save money, and keep pig numbers in check. Follow this advice to help remove and manage populations. These things are prolific. It requires a strict regimen to maintain low nu...

  • Dig Deeper: How To Make Honey

    S1.E4: Skeeter Cotton demonstrates the fascinating process that takes pure unfiltered honey and turns it into liquid gold. With a minimal investment of time and money, you can help the environment and see some extra sweet payoff!

  • Will Honey Bees Improve Food Plots?

    S1:E3: Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper discusses the benefits of using honey bees to pollinate food plots. Your planted food sources will reap great rewards from the presence of bees. He visits with an expert who knows everything there is to know about these incredibly valuable insects. Rog...

  • Dig Deeper: Grafting Apple Trees

    S1.E2: Join Iowa State's Jesse Randall as he demonstrates how to graft together apple tree seedlings, and save a ton of money. This is much more economical than planting trees, and it takes less time for trees to mature than when planting acorns. Use this method to increase the forage on your pro...

  • Should You Plant Apple Trees for Wildlife?

    S1.E1: Bill Winke looks into the long-term benefits of planting apple trees for wildlife. This is a critical step in creating year-round food sources. Most fruits peak from August to October, which feeds wildlife and makes for great early season hunting spots, too. Plant fruit trees to add divers...

  • Manipulating Deer Movement with Food Plot Configuration and Fencing | Pay Dirt

    S2.E14. Learn how row crop configuration encourages deer to follow a certain path. Use this method to help position broadside deer for the shot. Then, learn how fencing can play a role in your whitetail honey hole. These tips are all quick, simple, and can put you in a great position this fall. E...