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Pay Dirt

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Tips from Midwest Whitetail's Bill Winke, Realtree farm manager Roger Culpepper, and more. Your questions. Their answers. Get the most out of your hunting land.

Pay Dirt
  • The New Era of Cutting Wood | The Wallenstein Wood Processor | Pay Dirt

    Episode 13

    With the new Wallenstein firewood processor, the new age of firewood cutting is upon us. It drags, cuts, and even splits.

    The WP525 is all you need for your tree processing needs. Recently, one arrived at Realtree Farms. Follow along as Roger and Wes show you the new era of processing. Watch as ...

  • Running the Line, Part 4 | Two Coyotes, One Run | Pay Dirt

    Episode 16

    Wes and James head out for another morning on the trap line. They have high hopes that there is something waiting for them. Being surprised is an understatement when the fellows pull not one, but two coyotes in one morning.

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  • Running the Line, Part 3 | Trapping Mistakes and Letdowns | Pay Dirt

    Episode 15

    It's not all glory here on the line. Some days, it's jumping coyotes. Others are pure heartbreak. Today just happened to be one of those days. Join the crew as they head out for a long morning out on the line where you can be humbled in a heartbeat.

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  • Running the Line, Part 2 | Songdog in the Trap | Pay Dirt

    Episode 14

    Farm manager Wes Dougherty and camera man James Thompson set out for the first day on the line. There will be smiles, laughs, and even angry predators waiting on the other end of the line.

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  • Running the Line, Part 1 | Setting Traps for Coyotes | Pay Dirt

    Episode 13

    This new mini-series called "Running the Line" will take you on a journey of running a trap line for a whole week. This series is meant to show you the good, bad, and ugly of the daily trapper. Join Farm Manager Wes as he shows us trapping tips and knowledge he has gained from trapping over the p...

  • Burning Realtree Farms | Prescribed Fire and Controlled Burns 101 | Pay Dirt

    Episode 12

    Check out this inside look at controlled burns at Realtree Farms. Farm managers get the fire rolling at in key areas. Watch as they cut fire breaks, light fires, and so much more on this week's episode of Pay Dirt.

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  • Post-Season Feeding | Off-Season Deer Management Tips and Tactics | PayDirt

    Episode 11

    The Realtree Farms crew shares with us why it's best to feed protein after deer season ends. You don' want to miss out on what happens on this week's episode of Pay Dirt. It's all about high-impact off-season deer management tips and tactics.

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  • Reflecting on Land Management | Monster Meal in the House | PayDirt

    Episode 9

    Bill, Tyler, JJ, and Blake close out our 11-part series with many laughs, stories, and recaps. They reflect on the abundance of topics that we covered along this journey. Thank you all for tuning in to this special series with many great people. We extend a special thanks to Blake Davis for comin...

  • Vital Roles of Deer Feeders | Pay Dirt

    Episode 8

    J.J. and Blake give us a great testimonial on why deer feeders play such a big role. They discuss whether it be for hunting, feeding protein, or even giving yourself that perfect shot on a deer of a lifetime. They dive into the many benefits of implementing this great tools.

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  • How to Establish a Proper Mineral Site | PayDirt

    Episode 7

    Location is a significant aspect of a sound mineral site. Blake shows us how and where to put out the proper mineral site on your property. Follow along as he shares valuable tips and tactics for setting up a mineral site.

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  • How to Use a Protein Block | PayDirt

    Episode 6

    Blake Davis talks to JJ Doughman about the Monster Meal protein block and the benefits of it. The discussion delves into nutrition for the herd, as well as tactical advantages for the hunt. There are numerous reasons to implement protein blocks into management plans.

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  • How to Set a Destination Deer Feeder | PayDirt

    Episode 5

    Bill, Tyler, JJ, and Blake discuss how Tyler hunted one of his biggest bucks of the year. They also give us some great insight on a destination feeder and why having communication with your neighbors is crucial for growing big deer. Follow along as they tackle some major topics.

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  • How to Use Monster Meal Attractant | PayDirt

    Episode 4

    J.J. and Blake take some time to talk about how and when you should use Monster Meal attractant. This can be a significant part of your land management plan. Consider their tips and tactics for supplemental feeding efforts.

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  • How to Tell If a Buck Is Healthy Based on a Shed | Pay Dirt

    Episode 3

    Blake Davis meets up with farm manager JJ Doughman and Tyler Jordan to discus several important topics. Some of these include pedicle formation, what time of year you should start looking for sheds, and why running cameras is so beneficial to your deer herd.

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  • Coyote Attack!?! | Trapping Coyotes at Realtree Farms | Pay Dirt

    Episode 1

    We are back and launching the 2024 season. We start with annual trapping efforts at Realtree Farms. We have everything you could want. From coyote attacks to your basic trap setups, join us as we ride along with long-time trappers Jacob Parker and Lee Riley. Let's see what's on the line at Realtr...

  • How to Plant Buckwheat | Food Plots for Deer | Pay Dirt

    Episode 10

    This week, the Realtree Farms managers are hard at work for the deer herd getting the dirt ready to plant a great crop of buckwheat. Come along with us as we give you the insights on how we like to plant our food plots here on Pay Dirt.

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  • How to Pick a Deer Feeder Location | Pay Dirt

    Episode 2

    Farm Managers Roger Culpepper and Wes Dougherty talk with Blake Davis on location of a feeder. They also cover how there is no need to feed protein year-round. Keep these land management tips and tactics in mind for your deer management programs.

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