Monster Bucks XXVIII (2020)

Monster Bucks XXVIII (2020)

2 Seasons

Realtree's Monster Bucks delivers the best in hunting giant bucks all across North America. From the wide-open plains of Montana to the hardwoods of the Southeast, you'll experience incredible hunts from the top names in the hunting industry. Watch Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton, Tyler Jordan just to name a few. Some of the hunts you will want to watch over and over again.

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Monster Bucks XXVIII (2020)
  • Grant Taylor's Giant Kansas Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 1

    S28.E3. Now, anyone who follows Grant Taylor knows he can drop a duck out of the sky with the best of the Robinsons. But killing big deer? Well, he's a Louisiana man, and hails from duck country.

    Nonetheless, Taylor is in the treestand in Kansas. He prepares for the hunt of a lifetime. He just d...

  • Nate Hosie's Huge Montana Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 2

    S28.E4. Hosie intros the hunt and sets the stage for a great Montana adventure. He is after a huge deer in Montana, and he gets it done in grand fashion. But not before missing an even bigger whitetail that would've loved to be featured on Monster Bucks. So, we can't help but ask, what happened, ...

  • Bryan Brown's Massive Nebraska Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 3

    S28.E5. Bryan Brown is after a really nice deer in Nebraska. He is in the hot seat, and hopes to fill his tag. Brown says it's a cold day, but Canadians might beg to differ. Regardless, for a southern boy who calls Georgia home, it's a brisk one.

    Eventually, a deer he calls "High Brow" walks tow...

  • Cole Cannon's Incredible Oklahoma Deer | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 4

    S28.E6. Cole Cannon is in the blind, and intros the plan for the evening sit. He has his sights set on a big Nebraska deer, and hopes to fill a tag. (Spoiler alert: This is Monster Bucks, and he does.)

    After a while, a stud steps out, and he tries to decide if he'll take the shot or not. The 10-...

  • Cody Kelley's Huge Missouri Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 5

    S28.E7. Cody Kelley goes deer hunting in Missouri. He settles into the treestand, and cracks a few jokes while he's at it. Being a self-proclaimed power line hunter, this trip takes him back to his Mississippi roots.

    Finally, after one good intro and a few solid one-liners, a great deer makes it...

  • Phillip Vanderpool's Super-Tall Montana Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 6

    S28.E8. Phillip Vanderpool is in Montana, and intros the hunt in the way only he can. The man is a talented storyteller, and he's hoping to arrow a buck during his first sit of the trip. That's how it panned out there last season. Will it be a repeat? Well, given that you're watching this, probab...

  • Jason Vanderbrink's Texas 11-Pointer | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 7

    S28.E2. Jason Vanderbrink is after a really big Texas deer. He has that boom stick in hand, and hopes it proves to be the great equalizer. After picking a spot good for the wind, Vanderbrink settles into the treestand, and waits for a good buck. He passes several before seeing the one he wants.


  • Daniel McVay's Huge Oklahoma Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 8

    S28.E1. Daniel McVay is one of the most serious deer hunters you'll find. When it comes to big deer, the man is all business. This stuff is real, and he ain't here to play. The dude is a gamer.

    After settling into the blind, McVay preps for the hunt, and gets ready for a deer he hopes to see. A ...

  • John Youngblood's Big Nebraska Buck Over a Decoy | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 9

    S28.E9. When most people hear, "Youngblood," they think Five Seconds of Summer and three guys with really bad haircuts. But not us. No, this is Realtree's own John Youngblood, and he's a stone cold deer slayer. The man used to unleash all manner of fury and rage on the football field. Now, the bi...

  • Phillip Culpepper's Giant Nebraska Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 10

    S28.E10. Phillip Culpepper is a self-filming machine in the deer woods. He's at it again, and this is a really fun deer hunt in Nebraska. Culpepper gets everything ready for the afternoon hunt.

    He's set up over a water tank. And the tank actually appears to be an old tire that must've come off o...

  • Tyler Jordan's Oklahoma Droptine Tank | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 11

    S28.E11. Jordan is in Oklahoma, and he is after one of several good target bucks. He sees a hammer on the first morning. It's a giant whitetail, and even has an upside down antler point. (All the diehards call it a droptine.)

    Shortly after sunrise, the giant droptine buck walks into view, and Jo...

  • Jeff Danker's Huge Oklahoma Monster | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 12

    S28.E12. Jeff Danker hunts a monster whitetail in Oklahoma. It's an incredible deer and an even better story. He talks about their game plan, and then settles in for the day's hunt.

    A giant steps out with another good buck. Both of them slowly work toward the blind, and eventually, the larger of...

  • Colton Jordan's Tall Texas Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 13

    S28.E13. Colton Jordan hunts a tall Texas buck. He and his father, Bill, are in the ground blind together. Of course, Colton is more than ready to fill his deer tag.

    A whopper steps out. Colton eases his nerves and relaxes. The buck turns broadside, and Jordan does a great job executing the shot...

  • Michael Waddell's Big Oklahoma Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 14

    S28.E14. After a long deer season, Michael Waddell finally finds satisfaction after going a good while without a filled tag. He attributes his dry spell to his wife, kids, and life in general. But we know the truth. (Nick Mundt and Travis "T-Bone" Turner have been stacking bodies and using up all...

  • Austin Riley's Nebraska Archery Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 15

    S28.E15. Atlanta Braves' Austin Riley hits balls for a living, but we're thinking he could probably shoot deer, too. As shown here, he's pretty good at hitting his target.

    Upon arrival, Riley settles in for the hunt, and then starts glassing deer. After seeing a lot of activity, a big deer event...

  • Heath Rayfield's Giant Kansas Stud | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 16

    S28.E16. Heath Rayfield is in pursuit of a really big deer in Kansas. It's a pretty emotional hunt (in a good way), and really defines part of what it means to be a deer hunter. This episode is what dreams are made of.

    Once in the field, Rayfield intros the hunt, talks about the giant he's after...

  • Bill Jordan's Montana Tank with a Droptine | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 17

    S28.E17. Bill Jordan has taken a lot of big deer. He has a storied legacy as a whitetail hunter. But one of his 2019 harvests was one of the most impressive. He matched wits with a super-wide tall buck with loads of character.

    In this episode of Monster Bucks, we see that adventure unfold. Jorda...

  • Jared Mills' Iowa Archery Whitetail in the Snow | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 18

    S1.E18. Jared Mills is an extremely effective deer hunter. He has garnered a wealth of knowledge throughout his hunting career, and this 2019 deer hunt shows it. After a rough season, he drills down a really good buck, and experiences an awesome hunt with snow on the ground.

    After climbing into ...

  • David Blanton's Montana Monarch Over a Buck Decoy | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 19

    S28.E19. David Blanton had a 2019 deer season to remember. Here, he road trips to Montana, and camps out in a ground blind. He's hoping to fill his pre-rut tag on a great deer.

    Blanton gets ready for an action-packed day. Hoping to play off rising testosterone levels, he deploys a buck decoy to ...

  • David Blanton's Monster Missouri Monarch with a Bow | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 20

    S28.E21. David Blanton road trips to Missouri, and spends some time hunting big-woods whitetails. These deer aren't easy to pursue, and it takes a very different skillset to be consistently successful.

    Blanton arrives in the Show Me state, and puts together a game plan to fill his tag. He intros...

  • Don Kisky's Iowa Archery Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 21

    S28.E21. Whitetail Freaks' Don Kisky finally takes some time away from the tractor to harvest some venison. He loves hunting from his Ameristep ground blinds. He's an expert at getting the job done at eye level. During this hunt, he's bowhunting from a blind on his home turf in Iowa yet again, an...

  • David Blanton's Huge Wisconsin Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 22

    S28.E22. David Blanton is still on a hot streak, and heads to Wisconsin to keep the flame flickering. This part of the Upper Midwest is known for big deer, and his hunt proves quite productive.

    Blanton sets the stage, and then begins the pursuit. This deer is really big, and really cool. The gia...

  • Bill Winke's Iowa Surprise Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 23

    S28.E23. Bill Winke is pretty meticulous about his deer hunting. No decision is made without careful thought and a well-crafted plan. Generally, when he tags a deer, it isn't a surprise, because he's moved in specifically to target that animal.

    That didn't happen on this hunt, though. Winke talk...

  • Uncle Randy's Long-Tined Illinois Crossbow Tank | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 24

    S28.E24. Uncle Randy is all about big cowboy hats and big bucks. In this episode, he's deer hunting in Illinois, and he hopes to match wits with a huge corn-fed stud.

    Randy intros the episode from the treestand. He sets the stage for the hunt. The action is heating up, and a giant steps out of t...