Monster Bucks XXIX (2021)

Monster Bucks XXIX (2021)

2 Seasons

Coming July 5th!!! Realtree's Monster Bucks XXIX delivers the best in hunting giant bucks all across North America. This years 2 Volume DVD features some of the biggest bucks we have ever featured. 100% Wild 100% fair chase! From the wide-open plains of Montana to the hardwoods of the Southeast, you'll experience incredible hunts from the top names in the hunting industry. Watch Tyler Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton, Travis Turner, and Phillip Culpepper just to name a few. Some of the hunts you will want to watch over and over again.

Monster Bucks XXIX (2021)
  • Justin Martin's Wyoming Monster | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 20

    He may be known for Duck Dynasty and duck hunting more than deer hunting, but Justin Martin has become a proven bowhunter and one of his favorite places to go is Seven J Outfitters in northeastern Wyoming. The early-September, velvet-covered bucks are special to hunt.

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  • Nick Mundt's 200-Plus-Inch Monster | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 10

    Nick Mundt of Bone Collector has killed some big critters all across North America, but none more impressive that his biggest whitetail ever while bowhunting the Hooray Ranch in central Kansas. The bucks are in full-rut mode during his hunt in November.

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  • Chipper Jones Hunts a Giant Iowa Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 3

    Hall-of-Fame baseball player and former Atlanta Braves player, Chipper Jones loves the challenge of bowhunting big whitetails. Chipper knows that Iowa is a great place for him and the Major League Bowhunter crew to hunt a giant buck.

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  • Jacob Landry's Iowa Giant | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 6

    Jacob Landry is known almost as much for hunting big swamp gators as he is for matching wits with big whitetails. Go along with Landry once again he joins Whitetail Freaks’ Don and Kandi Kisky on their home farm in southern Iowa.

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  • Larry McCoy Decoys in a Kansas Monster | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 14

    Respect the Game's Larry McCoy knows the value of hunting Kansas during the rut, and that decoys can be deadly. Check out this unbelievable decoy hunt.

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  • Cody Kelley's Montana River Bottom Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 25

    Let’s head to the Big Sky state to enjoy a classic Montana river-bottom bowhunt for whitetails with Cody Kelley of Small Town Hunting.

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  • Graycen Jordan's Realtree Farm's Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 15

    Realtree Farms in Georgia is managed for a quality hunting experience and its reputation is well-documented over the years. Join Realtree founder Bill Jordan’s daughter Graycen for yet another exciting on the family farm.

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  • Tyler Jordan's Biggest Buck Ever | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 1

    Louisiana isn’t just for duck hunting. Realtree’s Tyler Jordan slips out for some afternoon deer hunting while duck hunting at Honey Brake Lodge and puts a tag on an enormous Cajun whitetail.

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  • Travis Turner's Best Ever Georgia Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 4

    Bone Collector’s Travis “T-Bone” Turner arguably had one of the most impressive deer seasons ever recorded in Georgia. His archery buck from 2020 was one of the largest whitetails taken in Georgia.

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  • Slade Priest's Giant Southwestern Kansas Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 28

    Slade Priest of Hunt United enjoys going to southwest Kansas almost every year to bowhunt big whitetails with the guys from Tamarack Outfitters. Here, he takes an impressive buck.

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  • Chris Ashley's Mississippi Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 26

    Chris Ashley of Small Town Hunting is no stranger to punching tags on huge deer and Mississippi is often an overlooked place to hunt quality whitetails. Now, it's rifle season, and Ashley uses this to his advantage to hunt the large Backwoods Attraction food plots.

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  • Tyler Jordan's Grigsby Giant | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 24

    Realtree’s Tyler Jordan bow hunts the famed Grigsby farm in central Illinois during the magical rut. This cornfield paradise proved to be the perfect place to be.

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  • Kandi Kisky's Freak Iowa Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 2

    Not many lady bowhunters are more accomplished in the woods as Whitetail Freaks’ Kandi Kisky. She and her husband Don are consistently growing and hunting world class bucks in the corn belt region of Southern Iowa.

  • Kip Campbell's Monster Texas Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 5

    Kip Campbell of Red Arrow TV is one of the most entertaining personalities in the hunting industry. One of his favorite stops every season is to hunt in Texas with Paul Holton of Holton Deer Hunts. It’s a target-rich environment, to say the least.

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  • Tim Allen's Huge Iowa Whitetail | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 23

    Midwest Whitetail’s Tim Allen bow hunts the farm country of Iowa. The protein-rich diet of corn and soybeans is key to growing huge antlers every year.

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  • Jeff Danker's River-Bottom Nebraska Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 7

    BuckVenture’s Jeff Danker is one of the best known whitetail authorities in the country and consistently scores of monster bucks. On this hunt, Danker joins the Realtree team to hunt the river-bottom bucks of Nebraska.

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  • David Blanton's Monster Muley | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 8

    Western Lands Outfitting is considered one of the premier hunting destinations in Utah and Realtree’s David Blanton experiences this firsthand as he joins the Federal Ammo team in search of giant mule deer with his CVA.

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  • Bryan Brown's Biggest Buck Ever | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 9

    Realtree Road Trip’s Bryan Brown hunts the vast river bottoms of Nebraska in hopes of arrowing a big mature whitetail during the pre-rut. Temps are starting to fall and the bucks are on their feet.

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  • Nate Hosie's Kansas Monarch | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 11

    HeadHunter’s Nate Hosie travels to the heart of the country to hunt big Kansas whitetails with his Mathews bow. You just never know what buck may step out of the brush at any given moment.

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  • Keith Burgess' Black Powder Iowa Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 12

    Late-season blackpowder hunts in Iowa are a great time to take a mature buck. On this hunt, with legendary outfitter Paul Fountain, Keith Burgess of Small Town Hunting burns some powder thru his CVA to make it happen.

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  • Travis Turner's Kansas Giant | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 16

    Travis "T-Bone" Turner has enjoyed some incredible Kansas hunts throughout the years, but none more satisfying than the brute he arrowed in 2020 on his own ground. It's a true Midwest stud.

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  • Charlie Thomas' Giant Georgia Rut Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 27

    A 9-year-old Charlie Thomas is accompanied by his dad and Realtree producer Daniel Thomas for an awesome “father-son” hunt in west central Georgia. Several shooter bucks have shown up on the Spartan cameras, so anticipation is high.

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  • Tyler Jordan's Lone Star State Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 13

    Realtree Road Trips’ host Tyler Jordan travels to South Texas to hunt big brush country bucks with SOE Hunts. The rattlin’ action is on fire and the bucks are coming in hot!

  • David Blanton's Early Season Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Episode 17

    Seven J Outfitters in Sundance, Wyoming has hosted the Realtree crews for over 25 years with some incredible whitetail bowhunting action. And this hunt with David Blanton is no different. Early September is a great time to pattern bucks coming to food sources.

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