Midwest Whitetail Weekly

Midwest Whitetail Weekly

4 Seasons

Midwest Whitetail is a weekly series that we produce all year long, as close to live as possible. Follow these incredible stories as we find the bucks we will hunt, attempt to pattern them and then ultimately pursue them. Learn lots of updates on strategy and buck behavior.

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Midwest Whitetail Weekly
  • 3-9-20: Off-Beat Tips for November Success, Shed Hunting | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 1

    S4.E3. On this week's episode, we start things off with Bill Winke performing soil tests on the farm. He explains both how he does these tests and why it's important to do them. The goal, of course, is to get the most out of your land. Next, we join Drake Lamb who gives an update on a buck he pre...

  • 3-2-20: Big Shed Antlers, When to Snort-Wheeze | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 2

    S4.E2. On this week's episode, we first join Josh Sparks and Kaleb Greiner as they shed hunt in Iowa. They've picked up some good antlers, including two bucks they know well. Then, we join Jared Mills who discusses why frost seeding can be so productive and how to do it. Finally, Bill covers a hu...

  • 2-24-20: Tips for Calling Whitetails, Bonus Late-Season Hunt | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 3

    S4.E1. On this week's episode, we start by joining Jeff Deets in Illinois on a late-season hunt. Deets tags a great buck he has hunted for several years. Then, we join Bill Winke who shares a lesson about calling bucks using the grunt and snort-wheeze from a successful hunt he had way back in 2009.