Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

4 Seasons

Follow Bill Winke's hunting season. Every day. Every hunt. This series includes all the strategy adjustments required to keep up with changing conditions throughout an entire season.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke
  • Winke Day 8: Micro-Plot Letdown

    Episode 1

    Bill hunts a micro-plot on the edge of a bedding area where he expects to see a lot of deer movement. Action was minimal, but it was still a beautiful evening sit. Bill discusses his plans for the next three days, including a return effort for Big 7.

  • Winke Day 9: Trailer Blind Trickery

    Episode 2

    Bill makes a last minute decision and attempts to move in on the buck he calls "Big 7". As the combine was pulling out of the small cornfield, Bill pulled in a Redneck Blind on a trailer. Thinking it was only farm equipment left over from harvest, the deer paid no attention to the blind.

  • Winke Day 10: Calling In Buck

    Episode 3

    It's late October and the bucks are becoming a bit more active. Bill makes a move on two bucks he added to his hitlist and has an exciting encounter with a buck he grunts in.

  • Winke Day 11: Greenfield Snoozer

    Episode 4

    With wind directions projected to change, Bill makes the decision to go to a Redneck Blind overlooking a small food source. Bill has had luck here in the past and is looking for new mature bucks to hunt.

  • Winke Day 12: Field Full Of Bucks

    Episode 5

    With light and variable winds keeping him from pursuing Big 7, Bill heads to a Redneck Blind near a location he calls "Death Ridge". This part of the farm is notorious for holding bucks and this hunt confirms its reputation.

  • Winke Day 13: Early Action

    Episode 6

    Even though warm temps were expected to keep the deer in hiding until nightfall, their seasonal urges coaxed them to their feet. The time of year we've all been waiting for is nearly upon us.

  • Winke Day 14: Back Door Switcheroo

    Episode 7

    Sometimes a hunter must create his own opportunity in order to be successful. On this hunt, Bill made sure to capitalize on his opportunity.

  • Winke Day 15: Three Dog Night

    Episode 8

    Happy Halloween! 🎃  On this October 31st hunt, Bill heads to a stand where he expects to see an abundance of action. Unfortunately for Bill, the action he witnesses is a little different than what was originally expected.

  • Winke Day 16: Deer On Their Feet, 2019 Hoyt RX-3 Review

    Episode 9

    November is finally here! Deer movement is high, but its all about being in the right place at the right time. During this hunt, Bill give his first impressions on the new 2019 Hoyt RX3 Ultra and the Fuse Flywheel Slider sight.

  • Winke Day 17: Shooting Hoyt's 2019 RX-3

    Episode 10

    During the mid-day break, Bill shoots the new 2019 Hoyt RX-3 Ultra to make sure everything is ready for the evening hunt.

  • Winke Day 18: Deep In The Woods

    Episode 11

    On this hunt, Bill heads to one of his best stands back on a hardwood ridge where he expects the Big 7 to come cruising through. It's only a matter of time before Bill and the Big 7 come face to face.

  • Winke Day 19: First Chase

    Episode 12

    Hoping to see the Big 7, Bill heads to the Skinny Plot for the afternoon hunt. Bucks are now actively searching for the first hot doe and once she comes in the forest will erupt into chaos Whitetail pursuers know as "The Rut".

  • Winke Day 20: All Day On A Ridge

    Episode 13

    Rut action continues to intensify on Bill's farm and throughout the Midwest. Still in search of the Big 7, Bill hunts a bedding area on a ridge where he believes is within the buck's range.

  • Winke Day 21: Big 7- So Close!

    Episode 14

    Bill finally has an encounter with the Big 7. After an eventful evening hunt, Bill knows right where to sit for the November 7th morning hunt.

  • Winke Day 22: Big 7- Bedding Ridge Bucks

    Episode 15

    Today is Bill's favorite day of the season. Deer move throughout the day and there seems to be no shortage of rutting action.

  • Winke Day 23: Penetration Test

    Episode 16

    At this stage of the rut, your best chance of encountering a mature buck is to encounter a hot doe. Bill is sitting in his best areas in hopes that a doe in estrus will bring along a friend or two.

  • Winke Day 24: Bruiser In The Beans

    Episode 17

    From sun up until sun down, the action never let up. Not only did Bill get a glimpse of a young up and comer, but he also encountered the Big 7.

  • Winke Day 25: My Best Spot

    Episode 18

    Bill heads back to the blind where he saw the Big 7 the evening before. Standing corn the farmer was unable to harvest has become one of the best spots on the north side of the farm.

  • Winke Day 26: Big 7, Shot Fired!

    Episode 19

    The day has come! Bill and the Big 7 finally meet face to face. Watch this blog to find out if Bill closes the deal on the buck he set out to harvest in the beginning of the season.

  • Winke Day 27: In Search Of Big 7

    Episode 20

    After making a less than perfect shot on Big 7 the night before, Bill sets out early the next morning in search of the buck.

  • Winke Day 28: Final Search, Mystery Hit

    Episode 21

    After a full day of searching the day before, Bill makes the final push in his search effort for the Big 7.

  • Winke Day 29: Rut's Final Fling

    Episode 22

    Bill is back in the stand! Although temps are in the 50's, deer movement seemed to be unaltered. The rut is coming to an end, so Bill is targeting food sources where he hopes to see bucks starting to transition into their feeding patterns.

  • Winke Day 30: Hungry Shooter

    Episode 23

    After a blizzard the night before dumped almost a foot of snow in parts of Southern Iowa, Bill knew the deer would be on their feet and excited to feed. As the evening unfolded, Bill was able to lay eyes on a mature buck that is worthy of his hit list.

  • Winke Day 31: Snowy Field Bucks

    Episode 24

    After having to blow the field where he saw "Scarface" the night before, Bill lets it rest and instead goes to his favorite spot on the entire farm.