Chasing November

Chasing November

8 Seasons

Chasing November follows a small group of hardcore deer hunters through the entire season. The series focuses on storytelling as the group pursues giant whitetails, but you will also learn the strategies that worked, and those that did not.

Chasing November
  • S2E1: Most Massive Buck, Public Buck Nest

    Episode 1

    Winke shoots the massive buck he has been watching for three years and the public land crew discover a buck nest teeming with action. Jared and Mike find success early.

  • S2E2: Shoots Booner with Wife's Bow

    Episode 2

    When a giant buck approaches the stand from the wrong side, Caleb Byers grabs his wife’s bow and makes the shot while she takes over the camera. Aaron Warbritton sees a double drop tine buck on public land.

  • S2E3: Rattling in a Rutting Buck

    Episode 3

    Collins Marine rattles in a rut-crazed buck after it chases a doe under his stand. Aaron Warbritton encounters two bruisers from the “Buck Nest” stand. Jared Mills closes in on “Hermit”.

  • S2E4: Public Land Giant, Incredible Buck Grunt

    Episode 4

    Aaron Warbritton hunts deep in a marsh and arrows a Public Land Giant at 10 steps. Jared Mills captures incredible grunting footage of a buck under his stand.

  • S2E5: Midday Monsters, Illinois Rut Action

    Episode 5

    Scott Reinmann arrows a midday bruiser buck despite the 70+ degree weather during the Illinois rut. The public land crew finds an overlooked area loaded with bucks.

  • S2E6: Monster Standoff, Public Hang & Hunt Success

    Episode 6

    Greg Clements shoots a tall-racked marsh buck on a public land hang & hunt mission. Zach Rozmus arrows a giant 10 pointer after a 30 minute encounter.

  • S2E7: Decoying a Super Wide Buck

    Episode 7

    Josh Tatum decoys in a super wide buck and pulls off the perfect self-filmed hunt. Jared Mills encounters his top target buck, Hermit. Justin Lindemann shoots a great buck on a foggy morning in Illinois.

  • S2E8: Gross Booner at 15 Yards, Creek Bottom Funnel

    Episode 8

    TJ Prater arrows the biggest buck of his life at 15 steps in a Kansas creek bottom funnel. Bill Winke hunts a new stand and encounters two mature bucks. At last light, a wide 10 pointer approaches the stand and Winke has a decision to make.

  • S2E9: Bale Blind Trophy, Rattling Rutting Bucks

    Episode 9

    Josh Tatum rattles in a mature buck for his wife, Miriam, and she makes a perfect shot on her first deer from a Redneck bale blind. Mike Reed rattles in “Shorty”, an old bully buck on the top of his target list.

  • S2E10: Creek Bottom Cruiser, Bedding Area Bucks

    Episode 10

    November 6th gets off to a fast start for Mike Reed as he arrows “Shorty”, an old bully buck he encountered the day before. Korey Wolfe shoots a great buck in Missouri while hunting a doe bedding area.

  • S2E11: Public Land Double Beam Buck

    Episode 11

    Troy Sachsanmaier arrows a double beam buck on public land. Jared Mills encounters two giant bucks on November 7th while hunting a new farm. Winke continues his quest for “Skinny”.

  • S2E12: Two Shots at a Booner, 200+” Buck Encounter

    Episode 12

    Bill Winke finally gets a shot at “Skinny”, the booner level buck he’s been hunting for the past 3 weeks. Taylor Byers encounters a 200″ buck and arrows a 160″ 10 pointer.

  • S2E13: Tracking a Booner, Gnarly 9 at 10 Yards

    Episode 13

    Bill Winke takes up the blood trail on the buck he shot the day before. Corey Jones arrows a massive gnarly 9 pointer at 10 yards in Indiana. Cory Slater rattles in a giant-bodied buck in Iowa and blows through the shoulder at 25 yards.

  • S2E14: 160″ Eight Point Bow Kill, Trail Cam Trophy

    Episode 14

    Josh Sparks makes a clean bow kill on a giant, wide 8 pointer on a frosty morning in Iowa. Caleb Byers goes back after the 200″ buck he’s encountered twice in the last week. Mike Reed has a nerve-wracking encounter with a big 8 pointer in the urban zone.

  • S2E15: Big Buck Small Plot, CRP Giant

    Episode 15

    Scott Prucha shoots a tall 8 pointer while hunting a micro plot in the timber. Jared Mills sees a CRP giant – a double drop tine buck – and nearly gets a shot at a wide 10 pointer.

  • S2E16: 160″ Buck from Bale Blind, Kansas Bowhunting

    Episode 16

    Matt Tatum arrows a tall 10 pointer from a bale blind. Jon Lewis and Aaron Warbritton head deep into public land and find a new hot spot with a lot of bucks and no hunting pressure.

  • S2E17: 215″ Bow Kill, Public Land Action

    Episode 17

    Caleb Byers shoots the biggest buck of his life, a 215″ bow kill Iowa bruiser he calls “Lockdown”. Zach Ferenbaugh hunts the “timber nest”, the public land crew’s new hot spot.

  • S2E18: Public Land Redemption, Hunting Buck Beds

    Episode 18

    Zach Ferenbaugh finds redemption on public land as he arrows the same buck he missed three days earlier while hunting near buck beds. Elliot Smith drops a big-bodied 9 pointer in Wisconsin.

  • S2E19: Point Blank Booner, Buck of a Lifetime

    Episode 19

    Jared Mills gets aggressive on a hang and hunt mission and shoots a giant, 186″ buck at 7 yards – a Point Blank Booner! Sean Fahrendorf hunts the public land “buck nest” and nearly gets a shot at a booner buck they call “Ray”.

  • S2E20: Gnarly Ohio Giant, Urban Zone Bow Buck

    Episode 20

    Drew McClain knocks down his top target buck, a gnarly Ohio ten pointer he’s hunted all season. Mike Reed heads back to the urban zone and arrows a mature buck in the snow.

  • S2E21: 165″ Buck Shot During a Blizzard

    Episode 21

    Mike Valliere hunts in a blizzard and is rewarded with a shot at a giant 11 pointer he calls “Highroller”. Bill Winke takes his duaghter, Jordan on a late season quest for a buck named “Crusty III”.

  • S2E22: 175″ Trail Cam Trophy, Public Land Musket Quest

    Episode 22

    With perfect weather conditions, Korey O’Day shoots a giant 10 pointer that was a regular on his trail cameras. Bill Winke begins his late season quest for “Tight-Racked 10”. Aaron Warbritton is on a mission to shoot a deer with his grandfather’s old musket.

  • S2E23: Old Buck w/ Narrow Rack at Maximum Range

    Episode 23

    Bill Winke shoots the narrow rack buck that he encountered the previous evening from the same blind. A perfect shot ends one of Winke’s best seasons to date. Mike Reed and Jared Mills experience excellent late season action on Mike’s farm.

  • S2E24: Last Chance Buck, Public Land Musket Hunt

    Episode 24

    Aaron Warbitton finally gets an opportunity to harvest a deer with his grandfather’s old muzzleloader on this public land musket hunt. Scott Prucha arrows a last-minute buck with his nephew, Carson, behind the camera.