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  • Austin Riley's Two Seasons | Outdoors and Braves Baseball | Be Real

    Episode 6

    Atlanta Braves third baseman Austin Riley lives two seasons, baseball and hunting. Riley has found a good balance between the two as the Braves head deep into the playoffs.

    Check out Riley's story, and see a brief glimpse into his life on the diamond and in the deer woods. It's two of America's ...

  • Behind the Success of Jacob Wheeler | Professional Bass Angler | Be Real

    Episode 9

    It’s now been 10 years since Jacob Wheeler fished in his first professional tournament, and despite the hard work and challenges that come along with the profession, Wheeler says he never gets tired of it, perhaps because the sport of bass fishing is constantly changing.

    With 10 major professio...

  • More Than a Laugh | Who Is Michael Pitts? | Be Real

    Episode 11

    Recognized as Realtree’s funny man, Michael Pitts keeps viewers laughing on Realtree 365 and other Realtree media outlets. His jokes and antics are mostly geared around poking fun at prominent personalities in the hunting industry. But what many of his fans don’t realize is that he’s so much more...

  • Life with Hannah Barron | More Than Social Media | Be Real

    Episode 8

    Hannah Barron is well known for catching giant catfish. To be more specific, not only is she catching them, she is noodling for them. Having one of the largest social followings in the outdoor space, Barron says she would still be doing the same thing if you took it all away.

    Spending time in t...

  • Not Satisfied | Michael Waddell on His Career and Family | Be Real

    Episode 7

    One of the most recognized hunters in history talks about his humble roots in Booger Bottom, Georgia, and how he met Realtree’s Bill Jordan.

    Before Michael Waddell became an outdoor industry icon, he was an air conditioner repairman whose claim to fame was winning local turkey-calling competitio...

  • Taking the Shot | Becoming "T-Bone" | The Story of Travis Turner | Be Real

    Episode 12

    There was a time when Travis “T-Bone” Turner was afraid to pull back a bow. That was long before making a name for himself as a world champion 3D tournament archer and hunting personality on popular Realtree TV shows and videos, of course. But when Turner was 10 years old, his dad bought him a bo...

  • Better Than He Found It | Justin Martin on Life and Hunting | Be Real

    Episode 4

    The hit A&E reality series "Duck Dynasty" might no longer be airing, but the good times haven’t stopped for one of its stars. Known to many of the show’s fans as “Friar Tuck,” or simply, “Martin,” Justin Martin says he’s a happy man doing what he loves, which is working for Duck Commander, chasin...

  • Positive Power of Social Media | Kayla Nevius on Hunting and Fishing | Be Real

    Episode 2

    Join us in our latest Be Real, as we delve into the inspiring journey of Kayla Nevius, a passionate fisherman and hunter from a small town in California. Through the lens of social media, Kayla has not only shared her love for the outdoors but has also built a thriving community of like-minded wo...

  • Trust Is Everything | Rusty Creasey of the Coca-Cola Woods | Be Real

    Episode 5

    Rusty Creasey knows a thing or two about duck hunting. He manages the legendary Coca-Cola Woods property in McCrory, Arkansas, has his own line of Echo Duck calls, and has placed in the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest time and again. Further, his skills and expertise have been showcased...

  • The Power of Positivity and Family | Mark Daniels, Jr. | Be Real

    Episode 13

    Watch as Mark tells his story of becoming a professional bass fisherman. He credits his success to a strong support system of his parents and betting on himself.

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  • A Day with Phil Robertson | Keeping Life Simple | Be Real

    Although Phil Robertson has had his share of fame and fortune with a multi-million-dollar duck call business and successful reality TV show on A&E, the Duck Commander owner and founder touts the benefits of a quiet life where one minds their own business and works diligently. Robertson recommends...

  • The Great Value of Time | Nate Hosie on Family and The Outdoors | Be Real

    Episode 10

    As a small-town boy raised in Montdale, Pennsylvania, Nate Hosie never would have predicted that one day he’d entertain thousands of people across the country as the co-host of HeadHunters TV and as a country music singer and songwriter. Although Hosie admits he’s “living the dream,” his road to ...

  • Determination and Grit | Melissa Bachman | Be Real

    Episode 3

    Our newest Be Real featuring Melissa Bachman, we delve into the incredible story of her life. She is a true embodiment of resilience and tenacity. Having faced rejection over 70 times in her pursuit of a career in the outdoor industry, Melissa's journey is a testament to the power of unwavering d...