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Will Honey Bees Improve Food Plots?

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Pay Dirt

Dig Deeper: Grafting Apple Trees

Season 1, Episode 2 • 9m 11s

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  • Will Honey Bees Improve Food Plots?

    S1:E3: Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper discusses the benefits of using honey bees to pollinate food plots. Your planted food sources will reap great rewards from the presence of bees. He visits with an expert who knows everything there is to know about these incredibly valuable insects. Rog...

  • Dig Deeper: How To Make Honey

    S1.E4: Skeeter Cotton demonstrates the fascinating process that takes pure unfiltered honey and turns it into liquid gold. With a minimal investment of time and money, you can help the environment and see some extra sweet payoff!

  • Economical Hog Trapping Strategies

    S1.E5: It's difficult to eradicate wild hogs from your property, but with smart trapping strategies, you can stay mobile, save money, and keep pig numbers in check. Follow this advice to help remove and manage populations. These things are prolific. It requires a strict regimen to maintain low nu...

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