Spring Thunder

Spring Thunder

The best of near-live turkey hunting action from across the country.

Spring Thunder
  • Maine Gobblers on the Ground | Last Leg of the Year | Spring Thunder

    S4.E27. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head to Maine to hunt with their good friend, Chris Cobbett, of Element Outdoors. The 2022 turkey season is winding down, and they hope to finish with a bang ... literally. After a swing and a miss, Lamb is looking for redemption and Culpepper is hoping he...

  • A First Iowa Gobbler | Mark's Birthday Surprise | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Phillip Culpepper goes after his first ever Iowa longbeard while hunting with Expedition's Mark Heck on his birthday. Also in camp are Bone Collector's Michael Waddell and Xpedition's Chris Cobbett. Even though it is unseasonably cold for this time of the year, the turkeys are still gobbling and ...

  • Spring Strutters Everywhere | A Texas Turkey Pile-Up | Spring Thunder

    S4.E24. We continue the Lone Star fun with part 2 of the Turkeys for Tomorrow sweepstakes Texas hunt. The guys battle high winds and hard-headed gobblers. But they succeed and fill plenty of tags.

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  • Gobbler at the Fence?!? | Turkeys for Tomorrow Sweepstakes Hunt | Spring Thunder

    S4.E23. The Spring Thunder crew is in Texas for the Turkeys for Tomorrow Sweepstakes Hunt. We also take a look at what TFT has been working on this spring to improve the turkey population. To become a member of Turkeys for Tomorrow, visit www.turkeysfortomorrow.org.

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  • David Blanton Completes His Royal Slam | Spring Thunder

    S5.E21. David Blanton heads to Nebraska where he chases some thunder with good friends. They see Merriam's, Rio Grande turkeys, and hybrids, too. Check out the action.

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  • Monster Missouri Spring Turkey | Get That Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    S5.E22. James? James?? James??? Realtree's 1st-year video producer James Thompson gives Drake Lamb a few days off and goes with Phillip Culpepper to Missouri. They're hunting with Mike Bray and Jay Phelps from Habit Clothing, and they're just waiting on the the word, "shoot."

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  • Tennessee Longbeard Double | Open Field Turkeys | Spring Thunder

    S5.E20. It's the first of April and the guys go to Tennessee to hunt with good friend Darrell Prentice. It's not long before Phillip Culpepper and Prentice find a big group of strutters in a big open field.

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  • Huge Spurs and Monster Bucks | Kansas Turkey Hunting Road Trip | Spring Thunder

    S5.E19. You will not believe the hooks on this turkey. David Blanton heads to Kansas to hunt with his good friend, Tony Hale, at JB Outfitters in Kansas. The turkeys are acting right and David and Tony are ready to capitalize. David is also hunting where he has taken some of his biggest bucks t...

  • A Mohawk Turkey? | 30-30 Youth Ministries Hunt | Spring Thunder

    S5.E18. It's the opening week of turkey season in Georgia. Phillip Culpepper is back with 30-30 Youth Ministries. He's hoping to call in Kaden McWhirter's first turkey on his first morning afield. The group ends up calling in a turkey with a mohawk, and that's something they have never seen befor...

  • Mexico Gould's Turkey | A Bucket List Bird | Spring Thunder

    S5.E16. David Blanton heads to Mexico to chase his first ever Gould's turkey. The birds are flocked up, making the hunting rough, but patience pays off and Blanton marks the Gould's off the bucket list. It completes his Royal Slam.

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  • Dropping a Strutter Out of the Sky | Alabama Gobbler Getter | Spring Thunder

    S5.E15. When your nephew calls and ask you to take him hunting, you load up and head to the turkey woods. Phillip Culpepper takes his nephew and brother-in-law -- Mason and Marc Webb -- hunting in Alabama during spring break. As usual, things get western when the tom spooks and takes flight.


  • The Highs and Lows of Turkey Hunting | Youth Turkey Hunting | Spring Thunder

    S5.E14. David Blanton goes hunting with his long-time friend, Shawn Hollingsworth, and Shawn's son, Addox. Addox -- A.K.A. turkey slayer -- is after a gobbler on the family farm but learns that it's not always easy. Later in the hunt, Blanton hunts with Benji Hartley, and they all experience the ...

  • South Georgia Turkeys with Singletary Boys | Part 2 | Realtree's Spring Thunder

    The crew continues their hunt during the Georgia Youth Turkey season with Jonah and Mercer Singletary. Mercer has busted a beak now his brother Jonah is more than eager to seal the deal.

  • Giant Georgia Gobbler | Singletary Boys Go Hunting | Spring Thunder

    S3.E8. The Singletary boys are back for the annual boys' weekend with Phillip Culpepper and the Spring Thunder crew. Ever since their dad Daryle passed away, Mercer and Jonah have been hunting the Georgia youth weekend with the guys. Check out their recent turkey hunt.

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  • Louisiana Longbeards | Opening Weekend Is Here | Spring Thunder

    S3.E11. All Thing Hunting's Cole Barthel hunts some of the toughest birds in the Union in his home state of Louisiana. He is joined by friend and turkey hunting freak Tommy Huggins, and All Things Hunting's Kyle Barefield.

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  • Longbeard Up Close and Personal | The Redemption Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    S4.E10. Phillip Culpepper is back in Florida for one of the most epic three days of the season. The ups and down with friends ends with his cousin, Amy Smith, putting the dot where it needs to be right before the storm hits.

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  • Early Season Mississippi Gobblers | A Midday Double | Spring Thunder

    S4.E9. Phillip Culpepper and the guys head to Mississippi to meet up with long time friend Perry Ross. After a tough start, Culpepper finally finds two midday gobblers strutting on a power line.

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  • David Blanton Self-Films Mississippi Turkey Hunt | Spring Thunder

    S4.E8. David Blanton hunts with long-time friend, Richard Reid, in Mississippi. Then, he takes on the tough task of self-filming a turkey hunt. Will he succeed and fill a turkey tag on camera? Let's find out.

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  • Not the Man We Thought He Was?!?! | A Florida Osceola Falls | Spring Thunder

    S5.E7. Phillip Culpepper is behind the Retay. As the hunt winds down, things get a little western. Fortunately, he's able to make good on the shot and fill a Florida turkey tag of his own.

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  • Osceola Turkey Hunt with a Pistol | Big Gobbler at 5 Steps | Spring Thunder

    S5.E6. Phillip Culpepper is back in Florida with the Judge. He's hoping for a replay from 2019 when he hunted for the first time with the Judge pistol. Getting a mature gobbler into pistol range is challenge enough, but making the shot at the moment of truth is a totally different ballgame. Hopef...

  • First Turkey of the Year | Florida Osceola Down | Spring Thunder

    S1.E5. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb are back and headed southward for the first turkey hunt of the year. They're hunting with Michael and Adam Reinbott in southern Florida. After battling mosquitos and difficult birds, Adam finally gets an Osceola into range and lets the Federal TSS fly.


  • Are Turkey Population Numbers Declining? | Turkeys for Tomorrow | Spring Thunder

    E4. Phillip Culpepper heads westward to Alabama to learn more about Turkeys for Tomorrow (TFT) and its mission. This education organization is all about sharing information and helping to grow the turkey population. TFT promotes America's hunting traditions, conservation, and education through th...

  • Drake Lamb Steamrolls a Gobbler | Wisconsin Turkey Hunting | Spring Thunder

    E3. Drake Lamb and Phillip Culpepper are headed to Alabama to meet with Turkeys for Tomorrow (TFT). They also flash back to the spring of 2021 with an awesome hunt from Wisconsin.

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  • Osceola Wild Turkeys | Opening Weekend in South Florida | Spring Thunder

    E2. David Blanton heads down to southern Florida for the opening weekend of turkey season. Will he score? Let's find out.

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