Spring Thunder

Spring Thunder

The best of near-live turkey hunting action from across the country.

Spring Thunder
  • "Hunt of The Year!" | 12 O'Clock Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    The guys head back to Georgia and Brady Dearth is back with the Spring Thunder crew looking for his 2nd gobbler! After 4 long beards come in and don't offer a shot, the guys stick it out until noon and find a long beard by himself.

  • Beating The Storm | 1st Tennessee Bird | Spring Thunder

    The guy's head to Tennessee for the 1st Shot youth hunt. They had to rely on a good friend to get into some birds and some good luck but get it done before a huge storm moves in! Comment new decoy name for a chance to win a free OnX Subscription!!

  • Huge Gobbler With No Beard | Epic Self-Filmed Turkey Hunt | Spring Thunder

    S5.E13. Patience pays off as David Blanton films himself tag a monster gobbler in southern Georgia. This is a great hunt for a big bird.

    1:00 The sun is beginning to rise, and Blanton gets set. He's hunting a property for the first time.

    2:00 He gets set up, and the camera ready.

    3:00 The gobb...

  • Two Gobblers with One Shot | Big Texas Strutters | Spring Thunder

    S5.E12. David Blanton and good friend, Nick Mundt have an afternoon plan for the Rio Grande turkeys they've been chasing. Blanton and Mundt finish out their trip to Texas with a bang, and walk out way heavier than they walked in. What a trip these two had.

    1:00 The guys are in the field and gett...

  • Tagging a Spooked Gobby | Right Over the Shoulder | Spring Thunder

    S4.E11. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head to Mississippi to hunt with good friend, Perry Ross. Jarrod Nichols from Bushnell and Jesse Highling from Retay are in camp. Nichols has one heck of a hunt that ends with a longbeard gobbling at 20 yards. It's go time.

    0:15 Culpepper and Lamb hit the...

  • Youth Hunters vs. Mouthy Gobblers Round 2 | Can't Get Them All | Spring Thunder

    S2.E9. After filling the first Georgia youth tag, they head to a new property to try to bust another beak. Within minutes, they have two longbeards screaming at 20 yards. It's some of the loudest vocals they've ever witnessed.

    1:45 Culpepper sets the stage. They're using the run-and-gun tactic.

  • The Texas Turkey Two Step | Bully Gobblers Attack the Decoy | Spring Thunder

    S2.E7. David Blanton and Nick Mundt head to Texas to hunt Rio Grande turkeys. They cross paths with some big longbeards. Tags filled.

    1:00 The guys meet up and get ready for the upcoming turkey hunt.

    3:00 A big tom struts right into the field, and the crew gets it done.

    7:00 Blanton and Mundt ...

  • Youth Hunter's First Gobbler | Young Singletarys and Strutters | Spring Thunder

    S2.E8. The crew heads to southern Georgia to take the late Daryle Singletary's sons turkey hunting. Ricky Joe Bishop and Sam Klement are trying to get Mercer and Jonah a turkey.

    0:10 Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb meet up and get ready for the next hunt.

    2:45 Several guys are in camp and hopi...

  • Hunting Stubborn Osceola Turkeys | Turkey Hunting in the Jungle | Spring Thunder

    S5.E7. Phillip Culpepper and the Spring Thunder crew take Bryson Crawford on a mission to get his first Osceola of the year. A turkey surprises them while easing through a thick jungle of brush.

    1:30 They meet up with Crawford and prep for the hunt.

    4:00 They spot several longbeards, and make a...

  • Reaping Osceola Wild Turkeys | McNelly Makes Some Magic | Spring Thunder

    S5.E6. Realtree's Stephen McNelly and Michael Reinbott are behind the boom sticks in southern Florida. They're looking to double up on big Osceolas.

    0:45 McNelly gets his hunting license.

    2:15 Culpepper starts slipping in on a big gobbler.

    4:00 Two big birds walk across the pasture.

    4:30 Big ...

  • A Trip Down Memory Lane | Georgia Youth Turkey Season | Spring Thunder

    S5.E5. David Blanton heads to southern Georgia for the youth turkey season. He's hunting with the great-granddaughter of the late farmer he cut tobacco for as a teenager.

    2:00 Blanton is in the turkey woods. He's getting ready to make something happen.

    3:45 A flock of turkeys works into view, a...

  • Culpepper Bags a Florida Gobbler | Osceola Longbeard Down | Spring Thunder

    S4.E4. Phillip Culpepper catches up to a big Florida gobbler of his own. The season is off to a great start. The crew is on fire.

    1:00 Culpepper is up to bat, but the turkeys aren't cooperating.

    3:30 They regroup and try something different.

    5:30 A big group of turkeys walk into the field.


  • David Blanton Heads to Florida | Opening-Day Osceola | Spring Thunder

    S4.E3. Realtree's David Blanton heads to South Florida to hunt Osceola turkeys on opening day. Blanton is hunting the Florida oak hammocks with Townsend and Sons Everglade Outfitters.

    1:00 Blanton is set up and ready for some turkey hunting fun.

    2:00 A hen comes in and attacks one of the decoys...

  • Steamrolled Osceola Strutter | Crazy Florida Afternoon Hunt | Spring Thunder

    S4.E2. Adam Reinbott joins the Spring Thunder crew in South Florida for an Osceola Hunt. It's a good one, too. Let's go.

    1:00 After tagging a couple of turkeys, they head further south, and get on more birds.

    3:30 They're back in the field. Culpepper forgets rubber boots, and he pays for it.


  • An Opening-Day Osceola | Southern Turkey Hunting At Its Finest | Spring Thunder

    S4.E1. Finally, the 2021 turkey season is here. The earliest turkey that is legal to hunt is in South Florida, and that's where Phillip Culpepper and the guys are headed. Things get up close and personal on the first morning of the season.

    1:30 Culpepper is getting ready for turkey season. He's ...

  • Spring Thunder Season Highlights | Turkey Season in Review

    S3.E88. The Realtree Spring Thunder crew had a turkey season to remember. It won't be soon forgotten. Check out all of the highs and lows from a spring full of wild turkey adventures. From Florida, to Wisconsin, and many places in between, there was no lack of excitement. Tyler Jordan, Phillip Cu...

  • The Last Dawn | Last Day of Turkey Season | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E87. Realtree Spring Thunder's 2020 turkey season ends with a bang in Wisconsin. What a year it's been. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb hold nothing back during the final hours of the turkey tour.

    0:05 Culpepper pours his last pot of pre-hunt coffee for the 2020 turkey season. He also goes u...

  • Gobbler At 20 Yards | Adrenaline-Packed Turkey Hunt | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E85. Drake Lamb and Jason Syens have an awesome morning in the woods. Two different longbeards put on great shows and drive adrenaline upward in grand fashion.

    2:00 They're back in the field, but the first gobbler doesn't cooperate.

    4:14 Lamb and Syens make a move. They get really close to a...

  • Big Strutter in the Field | Charging in to 10 Steps | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E86. Producer Drake Lamb gets permission on a private-land gobbler in Wisconsin. Will they get the bird? Let's find out.

    0:05 Drake Lamb and Phillip Culpepper are trying to find a last-minute longbeard. That's when they spot a big strutter out in an open field.

    1:45 It's on a property they d...

  • Longbeards at Dawn | Filled Turkey Tags at Flydown | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E84. The crew heads to a new property. They get on birds right off the roost. Four longbeards walk in, ping-pong off the rocks, and bow up on our good buddy Bocephus. Bocephus doesn't even flinch, and still wins.

    0:05 Phillip Culpepper and Jason Syens talk about different things. All turkey-r...

  • Loud Public-Land Turkeys | Tagged Out in Iowa | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E82. Drake Lamb and his buddy, Alex Farver, head out on the last day of the Iowa season. They're hunting on some public land, and they find some birds.

    0:10 Lamb gives an update on the situation. They've spotted some turkeys, and they're going after them.

    1:15 He looks at onX and makes a gam...

  • Hunting Big Cornfield Longbeards | Redemption Gobbler | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E81. Phillip Culpepper and Jack Stevenson are back in the woods. They're hoping for a redemption turkey. Will it be today? Odds are good.

    0:05 Culpepper recaps the previous hunt and discusses the plan for the morning pursuit.

    1:30 The morning hasn't panned out very well. Eventually, they spo...

  • Best of Realtree Spring Thunder Week 10 | Iowa and Tennessee Turkey Hunting

    S3.E80. The turkey hunting has been difficult, but still good. Here's a recap of the latest action. The Realtree Spring Thunder team won some and lost some.

    1:45 After Tyler Farr tags out, the crew finds another gobbling bird close to where Farr got his. It's across the property line and henned-...

  • Midday Gobbling Madness | Turkey Sneaks in from Behind | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E79. Phillip arrives in Wisconsin to hunt with Realtree land pros, Travis Hamele and Jason Syens. On the first day at noon, they strike a turkey with youth hunter Jack Stevenson. It gobbles the whole way in to the setup.

    0:05 Culpepper breaks camp in Tennessee and points his Chevy northward t...