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Sea Bucks

16 Episodes

New Episodes Every Tuesday! Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts. New England is the hardest place to successfully hunt whitetails on the planet. Sea Bucks follows the stories of the uniquely successful, that have never been told. Join us as we pursue whitetail deer on remote islands in the Atlantic, chase high-elevation whitetails in rough terrain, right down to the delicate nature of hunting big bucks in the shadows of Fenway park.

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Sea Bucks
  • The Legend of Bigfoot | A Giant Northeastern Whitetail | Sea Bucks

    Episode 1

    S1.E1. New England is one of the hardest places to successfully hunt whitetails on the planet. These are the stories of the uniquely successful that have never been told.

    0:30 Meet the Maine team: John Altman, William Altman, and Josh Leach. They're on the hunt in Maine for an elusive giant whit...

  • Old Legends Die Hard | A Six-Year Pursuit Comes to a Close | Sea Bucks

    Episode 2

    S1.E2. The Sea Bucks guys recover Bigfoot, which they arrowed in the previous episode. It proves a challenge, though. The old warrior doesn't go down easily.

    0:50 It's the morning after sticking "Bigfoot." The guys wake up in camp, and start their morning routine.

    2:50 They get organized and he...

  • Velvet Heartbreak in Alberta | Pre-Season Prep in New Hampshire | Sea Bucks

    Episode 3

    S1.E3. Brett Joy and Ross Roberge lay the groundwork for an incredible season in the mountains of New Hampshire. Then, Joy finally gets the opportunity he has been waiting for -- a B&C-class whitetail in full velvet.

    0:05 The team conducts different pre-season prep tasks, and work together to...

  • Scouting Suburban Bucks in Boston | Northeastern Deer Hunting Tips | Sea Bucks

    Episode 4

    S1.E4. When Jake Bennett is not working or balancing time with family, he pursues whitetails in Boston's best-kept secret. In the shadows of New England's biggest city lives some incredible whitetails, and Bennet has mastered the art of getting them into bow range. Then, back in Maine, Josh and J...

  • The Reality of Deer Hunting in New England | Early Season Bowhunting | Sea Bucks

    Episode 5

    S1.E5. During the early season, the Sea Bucks crew strikes when they feel that odds are highest. Unfortunately, weather conditions foster few of these opportunities. Oftentimes, the deer movement is slow. While the New Hampshire crew is forced to spend time scouting, the Coastal Maine hunters cat...

  • Giant Suburban Buck | Bowhunting Northeastern Deer Near Civilization | Sea Bucks

    Episode 6

    S1.E6. In this episode of Sea Bucks, we delve into a journey for a giant suburban whitetail. Jake Bennett hunts a huge Massachusetts deer that lives pretty close to civilization.

    0:40 It's early October, and we're taking a look at the Massachusetts archery opener. Bennett has been anxiously wai...

  • Mainland Archery Buck Down | Bowhunting Big Whitetails in Maine | Sea Bucks

    Episode 7

    S1.E7. In this episode of Sea Bucks, we dive deep in the Maine woods. It's been a rough season. Josh Leach and John Altman have spent many hours in the timber, and it pays off. Leach finally puts his hands on a mainland buck.

    1:00 Leach gives an update on what the group has been doing. They plan...

  • Great Encounters with New England Bucks | Hunting Northeastern Deer | Sea Bucks

    Episode 8

    S1.E8. Several members of the Sea Bucks crew head afield and enjoy action-packed sits in the treestand. Will they fill tags?

    0:30 The Sea Bucks crew reflects on encounters from the past few weeks. It's been an eventful start to deer season.

    2:00 Brett Joy heads afield for an afternoon sit. Joy ...

  • A Kid's Biggest Buck Ever | Action-Packed Youth Deer Hunt in Maine | Sea Bucks

    Episode 9

    S1.E9. Rye Altman has a successful hunt in Maine with his father, John, and family friend, Josh Leach. Good food, great hunting and awesome company make for another fun-filled northeastern adventure.

    1:30 John Altman and Josh Leach prep for another outing. They shoot bows, prep gear and ready th...

  • The Whitetail Rut Is Heating Up | Classic Northeastern Deer Hunting | Sea Bucks

    Episode 10

    S1.E10. Several Sea Bucks team members head afield for early November rut hunts. They enjoy several great encounters with big New Hampshire whitetails.

    0:40 November is here, and the rut is ready to kickoff. It's a frosty morning, and part of the crew prepares for a solid outing.

    2:00 Ross Robe...

  • A Buck Named Curly | Big-Woods New Hampshire Bucks | Sea Bucks

    Episode 11

    S1.E11. Multiple members of the Sea Bucks team hit the woods in hopes of tagging a rutting northeastern buck. Then, Ross Roberge gets it done in New Hampshire.

    1:45 Ross Roberge is back in the timber for another sit. He's hoping to encounter a big deer.

    3:15 Brett Joy is in the treestand, too, ...

  • Heart of the Whitetail Rut | Big Northern Bucks in the Crosshairs | Sea Bucks

    Episode 12

    S1.E12. William Altman is in the hot seat, and he's ready to tag a big Maine whitetail during the rut. He checks some cameras and prepares for the start to his deer season. Brett Joy and Ross Roberge are hunting, too.

    1:00 Altman brainstorms what he plans to do for the upcoming hunt.

    3:00 He ch...

  • The Brow Tine Monster | A Giant 8-Year-Old Maine Buck Finally Falls | Sea Bucks

    Episode 13

    S1.E13. After hunting hard for a buck they call Brow Tine, Josh Leach and William Altman finally get pictures of the giant. They dedicate the next week to hunting this deer every second that they can. Then, after a long year of filming other’s success, Altman finally realizes his own success in a...

  • A Massachusetts Tank | Tracking Big Northeastern Deer in the Snow | Sea Bucks

    Episode 14

    S1.E14. Jake Bennett is taking advantage of what time he has in Massachusetts. Big deer wait for no hunter. Bennett plans to do what he can to capitalize on a late-rut whitetail.

    2:00 Bennett is in the treestand, and he hopes to fill his buck tag on a big Massachusetts whitetail.

    5:00 It become...

  • The Mountain King Falls | 8 1/2-Year-Old New Hampshire Monarch | Sea Bucks

    Episode 15

    S1.E15. Brett Joy still hasn't filled his New Hampshire deer tag. He hopes to change that, and decides to hold out for one buck -- Straw Man. He hunts hard, and finally, connects on the 8 1/2-year-old giant after tracking it in the snow all day.

    0:45 A snowstorm hits New England and Brett Joy ho...

  • Reflecting on a Great Year | An Unbelievable Deer Season | Sea Bucks

    Episode 16

    S1.E16. Josh Leach, William Altman, and Jake Bennett finish off their 2019 deer season. The Sea Bucks crew then reflects on a great year of deer hunting in New England. It was a good one.

    0:45 Josh Leach and William Altman head into the woods again in hopes of tagging a big Maine buck.

    2:00 The...