Realtree Tips + Reviews

Realtree Tips + Reviews

Realtree Pros share hunting tips and review products that will make you more successful in the outdoors.

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Realtree Tips + Reviews
  • Sneak to Your Stand Undetected | Deer Hunting Tactic | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E24. David Blanton discusses how he sneaks into his stand at daylight without spooking deer. He does so by using his Bushnell Nitro Binoculars.

    0:10 Blanton is easing into a spot right at daybreak.

    0:30 He offers some tips on how to get to your stand of a morning without spooking deer.


  • Scouting for Waterfowl and Finding the X with Binos | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E25. Billy Campbell talks about finding the X, and how important good binoculars are when scouting ducks. He goes into detail on high-level tips and tactics on homing in on where to hunt.

    0:05 Dr. Duck and Campbell head to a spot to glass up some ducks.

    0:15 First, it helps you avoid jumping...

  • First Focal Plane v. Second Focal Plane Scope | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    David Blanton joins Tom Fuller to discuss first and second focal plane scopes. Which one is better for hunting?

  • Laser Rangefinder History | Bushnell Gear Review | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E27. Approximately 25 years ago, Bushnell invented the Laser Rangefinder and it reinvented the hunting industry. Tyler Jordan, Phillip Culpepper and David Blanton cover the rangefinder. They also discuss the history of it and how hunting wouldn't be the same without this tool.

    To learn more a...

  • Red Dot Scopes for Longbeards | Bushnell Turkey Tips | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E28. Phillip Culpepper talks about why the Bushnell RXS 250 Red Dot Scope is a must-have for hunters. Check out this piece of tech.

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  • Beating Target Panic | Using a Hinge Release | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E30. If you’ve shot a bow long enough, target panic will rear its ugly head. The same is true for David Blanton. After experiencing his most severe case of target panic last summer and fall, he decided to do something about it. After talking with professional shooters in the target and hunting...

  • Summer Planting Advice | Deer Herd Management Tips | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E31. If you are wanting to better manage your deer herd, summer food plots have to be a part of your plan. Realtree Farm's Manager Roger Culpepper talks about the benefits of summer planting and what he likes to put in the ground.

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  • Bushnell Fusion X Range-Finding Binoculars Unboxing | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E32. David Blanton unboxes the all-new Bushnell Fusion X range-finding binoculars. They feature the ActivSync Display for all-day visibility. These are some advanced binos.

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  • Redneck Blinds Overview | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E33. Bryan Brown speaks on the comfort and quality that Redneck Blinds provides to its customers. These elevated blinds offer plenty of high-value benefits.

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  • Planting a Small Food Plot | A Trip to Rural King | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E34. Realtree's Michael Pitts plants an affordable small food plot in a shaded area with just a backpack leaf blower, rake, and seed spreader. (All on a small budget and a quick trip to Rural King.)

    #realtree #realtree365 #deerhunting #hunting #whiteails #deer #bucks #outdoors #smallfoodplot ...

  • Success in Montana with the Bushnell Prime Rangefinder

    David uses the Bushnell Prime Rangefinder with Scan Mode to successfully take a Bull Elk in Montana. In scan mode the prime range finder scans up to 4x per second making ranging an area quick and effective.


  • Trail Camera Setups for Fall | Rural King Hunting Tips

    Buying and setting up trail cameras can be a daunting task. Rural King has several options from cell cameras to SD Card Cameras. Realtree's Stephen McNelly discusses the pros and cons of each option.

    #ruralking #realtree #huntinghowto

  • The Best Way to Set Your Rifle Scope Eye Relief | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    Brian Brown is sighting in his Franchi Momentum which is topped off with the Bushnell Elite. He shows us how to set the correct eye relief on a rifle scope.

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  • Pack Dump | Whats in our Hunting Pack | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    Realtree's Stephen McNelly goes over what he keeps in a typical hunting pack. You can pick up all of this gear and more online or at your local Rural King Store.

    #realtree #packdump #ruralking