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Realtree Stories

We tell the stories of everyday people who love to hunt, fish and reap the rewards of the outdoors.

Realtree Stories
  • Austin Riley's Two Seasons | Outdoors and Braves Baseball | Be Real

    Atlanta Braves third baseman Austin Riley lives two seasons, baseball and hunting. Austin has found a good balance between the two as the Braves head deep into the playoffs.
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  • Be Real: Taking the Shot | Becoming Travis "T-Bone" Turner | A Realtree Original

    There was a time when Travis “T-Bone” Turner was afraid to pull back a bow. That was long before making a name for himself as a world champion 3D tournament archer and hunting personality on popular Realtree TV shows and videos, of course. But when Turner was 10 years old, his dad bought him a bo...

  • Behind the Success of Jacob Wheeler | Be True to Yourself | A Realtree Original

    It’s been 10 years since Jacob Wheeler fished in his first professional tournament, and despite the hard work and challenges that come along with the profession, Wheeler says he never gets tired of it. Perhaps it's because the sport of bass fishing is constantly changing.

    With 10 major professio...

  • Woodsong | Dallas Davidson: Where Music Meets the Woods

    Dallas Davidson is the voice behind the country music scene. Having written hundreds of songs for some of country’s biggest names, Dallas still stays true to his Albany Georgia hometown roots.

  • Meet Kanye the Duck Dog | Man's Best Friend Isn't Man | Fueled by Victor

    S1.E3. Every duck hunter wants the best for their dog. That’s why Blake Hodge trusts Victor Pet Food for his hunting buddy, Kanye.

    0:15 We get a little background on why Hodge named his dog after a rapper.

    1:00 They do some field work, and then hit the water for the real deal.

    1:45 After the h...

  • Meet Kip the Duck Dog | The Best Waterfowl Hunting Buddy | Fueled by VICTOR

    S1.E2. Every duck hunter wants the best for their dog. That’s why Britt Jill trusts Victor Pet Food.

    0:05 The day starts with coffee, cereal, and a bowl of kibble.

    0:30 Jill talks about Kip, and talks about his background.

    1:00 Duck hunting with a dog is the epitome of the waterfowl experience...

  • Meet General Dingus the Duck Dog | A Heroic Dog Born to Serve | Fueled by VICTOR

    S1.E1. After a medical condition took him out of service, General Dingus was rescued by Kyle Barefield. This is his story.

    0:05 Meet General Dingus -- a retired Marine dog.

    0:15 Barefield talks about how he came to know Dingus, and where their story began.

    1:00 We see Dingus in action, and he'...

  • Opening Day, PA | The Deer Hunter's Holiday

    On November 26th, 2018 everything shuts down and more than 500,000 hunters will hit the woods on the opening day of Pennsylvania's deer season.

  • The Yakama - A Realtree Natives Story

    The Yakama Indians have lived in the Washington Yakima Valley, where they hunt, fish and gather today like their ancestors, since time immemorial. The traditions of Yakama people are a proud and sacred heritage that is passed down from generation to generation.

  • The Power of Good Food | Inside the Mind of David Bancroft | Realtree Stories

    A San Antonio, Texas native with permanent roots in Auburn, Alabama, David Bancroft is a self-taught chef, farmer and forager committed to showcasing sustainable ingredients and local harvests. In August 2013, Bancroft and his wife Christin opened Acre restaurant in Auburn, Alabama.

  • 4 Ducks - Public Land Opening Day in Arkansas

    Without abundant access to private property, like many other public land duck hunters, Dennis Loosier and Billy Campbell spend the majority of their waterfowl season scouting and searching for mallards.

  • One for Diddy: Death, Sacrifice and a Promise - His Love of Hunting Lives On

    The story of Lee McCubbins, who was tragically killed serving his country overseas, and the promised made by a friend to introduce his daughter, Logan, to the world of hunting and pass his love for the outdoors down to her.

  • Al Kraus - Another Shot: A Realtree Story

    On Saturdays during the winter months Al Kraus, shuts down Black Hills Archery to customers and opens it up to teach. Al dedicates his time to put kids above profits and mentors them on his days off. Through archery, lives have been changed, even saved, as Al gives kids in South Dakota Another ...