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Weekly videos from the Realtree fishing along with tips and tricks from the pros.

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Realtree Fishing
  • Realtree Fishing's Pond Wars | Pros and Joes of Bass Fishing

    Realtree Fishing's Pond Wars bass fishing competition is back for 2023. The event, held in March at Live Oak Plantation in Adel, Georgia, paired the world’s best bass anglers with outdoor personalities and influencers in a wild competition of outdoor fun.

    Pond Wars takes place each spring on ma...

  • Auburn University Bassmaster Classic | Catching Big Lake Bass | Realtree Fishing

    S1.E1. The University of Auburn's bass fishing team gets to fish the College Bassmaster Classic. It was a tough day on the water, but the guys appreciate an opportunity to learn and fish in the biggest tournament of the year.

    0:28: B.A.S.S team member Hank Weldon sets the stage and talks about t...

  • Tying Palomar Knots | Jacob Wheeler Fishing Tip | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E2. Jacob Wheeler explains how to tie a palomar knot. This helps prevent big fish from breaking lines. Because that's the last thing any fisherman wants.

  • Justin Martin Weighs In on the 50th Bassmaster Classic Tour | Realtree Fishing

    S1.E4. Justin Martin gives a tour of the 50th Bassmaster Classic. There are plenty of cool things to see. If you're a fisherman, you don't want to miss this episode of Realtree Fishing.

    0:22: First, we take a look at the Academy Sports + Outdoors booth. Martin gives us a look at the new Realtree...

  • Best Trailer Colors for Jigs | Jacob Wheeler Fishing | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E3. Realtree pro Jacob Wheeler talks about the best colors and combos for trailers and jigs. These are some of the things he does to help fill the boat with bass when conditions call for it.

  • Foggy Fishing Conditions | Jacob Wheeler Fishes Lake Eufaula | Realtree Fishing

    S1.E6. Realtree pro Jacob Wheeler tackles foggy conditions on Lake Eufaula in Alabama. He also discusses how to fish muddy water, best spots to find fish right now, and much more. Oh, and pro bass fishermen experience backlash, too.

    0:30 Daylight breaks and Wheeler heads out on the water. Soon a...

  • Major League Fishing Season Kickoff | Jacob Wheeler | Realtree Fishing

    S1.E7. Jacob Wheeler hits the water for the first day of the Major League Fishing season. He's ready for it to kick off and the first time out doesn't disappoint. He's leading the pack.

    0:30 Everyone is at the boat launch. They're ready, and it's off to the races. Each fisherman heads toward the...

  • Jacob Wheeler Wins at Lake Eufaula | Catching Fish Like Crazy | Realtree Fishing

    S1.E8. Jacob Wheeler extends his lead and wins the first competition of the Major League Fishing season.

    0:10 Wheeler recaps the previous day, which was the kickoff of the season. Today is a practice day for him since he topped the field on the opener. Others weren't so luck and are fighting for...

  • Best Buzzbait Fishing Tips | Jacob Wheeler's Top-Water Advice | Realtree Fishing

    S1.E9. Jacob Wheeler talks about top-water buzzbaits and explains how to catch more fishing by using them. Follow his method and land more bass in the boat.

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  • Prank on the Bank | Michael Pitts and Justin Martin Pond Fish | Realtree Fishing

    S1.E9. Michael Pitts and Justin Martin hit the water in an effort to pull a few lunkers into the boat. Will they catch fish? Or just crack jokes and get sunburned instead? Perhaps all three?

    0:10 Martin and Pitts talk about how it's too hot to turkey hunt. They're fishing for bass, not birds.


  • Jacob Wheeler Fishes Lake Okeechobee | A Bunch of Huge Bass | Realtree Fishing

    S1.E10. Jacob Wheeler has a good day on Lake Okeechobee. He reels in some big fish ... really big fish. Not only that but he also wins the knockout round on day No. 1 of the tournament.

    0:15 Wheeler updates us on how things are going, and then he hits the water. It's time to wet a line and fish....

  • Justin Martin Fishes Willie Robertson's Private Bass Pond | Fin Commander

    Justin Martin sneaks over to Willie Robertson's private pond and catches some big ol' bass. He reels in quite a few good ones.

    1:00 Martin forgets to hit record.

    3:00 He keeps on castin'.

    5:00 A good one bites.

    8:00 He finishes the day with several more good ones, and makes sure he puts all o...

  • Uncle Si's Black Crappie Pre-Zen-Tation | Semi-Pro Tips | Fin Commander

    Uncle Si Robertson drops some knowledge on how to catch some black crappie. He knows the ropes.

    1:00 Uncle Si and company talk about how to catch crappie.

    2:30 After explaining how it's done, they start reeling them in.

    7:00 They finish up by catching a lot of these, and some of them are prett...

  • How to Catch Monster Crappie | Uncle Si Dropping Knowledge | Fin Commander

    S1.E4. Ucle Si offers his best advice for catching big crappie. This is a must-watch episode for fishermen. Don't miss it.

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  • Behind the Success of Jacob Wheeler | Be True to Yourself | A Realtree Original

    It’s been 10 years since Jacob Wheeler fished in his first professional tournament, and despite the hard work and challenges that come along with the profession, Wheeler says he never gets tired of it. Perhaps it's because the sport of bass fishing is constantly changing.

    With 10 major professio...

  • Ultimate Bass Fishing Tournament | The Pros and Joes of Bass Fishing | Pond Wars

    S1.E14. Five, two-man fishing teams slug it out on a trophy bass lake in Realtree Fishing’s inaugural event, presented by Keystone Light. Big bass. Good barbecue. Cold Keystone Lights. This was our kind of event, and we’re betting you’ll like it, too. Check out Pond Wars.

    Realtree Store: https:...