Pitts Stop

Pitts Stop

2 Seasons

The funniest man in camo pokes fun at hunting and fishing in the way that only Michael Pitts can. Take a look at the lighter side of Team Realtree.

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Pitts Stop
  • Pitts on: "Hunting Public" | Pitts Stop

    Episode 1

    S2.E1. Pitts on hunting public land: "Why would someone with a good job hunt public land?" He goes on to roast public-land hunting and all who participate in it. But don't get your feelings hurt, Pitts is just kidding around in his good fashion.

    0:15: The last thing I want to do is sign autograp...

  • Pitts and Cheeseburger Pick Up "Chicks" | Pitts Falls in Love | Pitts Stop

    Episode 2

    Cheeseburger and Michael Pitts head to Rural King to pick up some chicks. It just might not be the kind of "chicks" Pitts has in mind.

    0:05 Pitts and Cheeseburger talk about chicks.

    0:45 They arrive at Rural King.

    1:15 Pitts falls in love.

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