Monster Bucks XXVIII (2020)

Monster Bucks XXVIII (2020)

2 Seasons

Realtree's Monster Bucks delivers the best in hunting giant bucks all across North America. From the wide-open plains of Montana to the hardwoods of the Southeast, you'll experience incredible hunts from the top names in the hunting industry. Watch Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton, Tyler Jordan just to name a few. Some of the hunts you will want to watch over and over again.

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Monster Bucks XXVIII (2020)
  • Angie Walker's Incredible Indiana Deer | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 1

    S28.E2. Angie Walker is in the Indiana woods. She starts the hunt by seeing a bunch of wild turkeys, and then deer begin moving. Walker is in the blind and ready for the afternoon hunt.

    A giant Hoosier State buck steps out into the open, and she shoulders her CVA. The buck stops and provides a ...

  • Cody Larsen's Nice Nebraska Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 2

    S28.E3. Cody Larsen is up to bat. He's hoping to connect on a great Nebraska buck. He settles into a great spot on the ground, and then starts scanning the landscape for one of his target bucks. He's hunting in a valley that's full of deer, and there's a good chance a good one will appear from on...

  • Crystal Koett's Kansas Slammer with a Crossbow | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 3

    S28.E4. Crystal Koett is in the hot seat. She's hoping to see a big typical walk through one of her shooting lanes. With a crossbow in hand, any deer inside 50 yards is in trouble.

    Koett opens the hunt with an interview. Eventually, a huge deer walks out from behind a cedar tree and into view. T...

  • Brad Harris' Great Nebraska Monarch | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 4

    S28.E5. Brad Harris is one of the most intelligent deer hunters around. He's also a dang riot to share the deer woods with. He's a fun guy, and won't allow someone to have a bad time in a treestand. Of course, he is in the blind with Phillip Culpepper, so you know they'll have an entertaining con...

  • Austin Riley's Magnificent Nebraska Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 5

    S28.E6. Atlanta Brave's Austin Riley is a dang good third baseman. He's also pretty sharp as a hunter. In this episode, he's after a tall-tined Nebraska 10-pointer with trash. Like always, he proves to be pretty much clutch under pressure.

    Riley intros the hunt, and he has high hopes. After putt...

  • Chris Ashley's Montana Monarch | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 6

    S28.E7. Chris Ashley is up to bat in Montana, and we all know what that means. Practical jokes, big banter and maybe even a monster buck are all in play. Of course, he holds down the fort, and holds up his end of the bargain (shooting a big one).

    Ashley intros the episode, and talks about their ...

  • David Blanton's Big Missouri Surprise | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 7

    S28.E8. David Blanton does his thing in Missouri. He's hunting in a patch of hardwoods, and he's familiar with the area. His main mission is to shoot a big doe, but a good deer he calls "Turkey Foot" is also in the area. He has the green light on that buck.

    Blanton sets the stage for a fun hunt ...

  • Dustin Jelliff's Wyoming Monster with a Recurve Bow | Realtree's Monster Buck

    Episode 8

    S28.E9. Dustin Jelliff is a traditional archer who loves to go old-school with his hunting equipment. He opts to do the same for this particular Wyoming hunt, and that proves to be a great decision. He harvests the buck of a lifetime with a recurve bow.

    Jelliff opens the episode, and talks abou...

  • Jaylee Danker's Big Colorado Buck | Realtree's Monster Buck

    Episode 9

    S28.E10. Jaylee Danker hunts a really big deer in Colorado. Just like her father, Jeff, she's no newcomer to the outdoors. The girl knows how to hunt. It's no surprise that she has an action-filled pursuit for a tank of a mule deer. It's an incredible adventure.

    The Dankers are on the hunt, and ...

  • Tyler Jordan's Tall-Tined Texas Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 10

    S28.E11. Everything is bigger in Texas, eh? Well, oftentimes, the deer are, too. In this episode, Tyler Jordan does it yet again in the Lone Star State. It's a suspense-filled hunt for a deer with a towering rack.

    Jordan tells us what's going on, and then settles in for the day. A huge southern ...

  • David Blanton's Kansas Stud | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 11

    S28.E12. David Blanton finds himself hunting in the Land of Oz. Observing and reflecting on his unparalleled 2019 season, he might be a wizard himself. Everything the man touched turned to antlers. This trip was no different.

    Blanton intros the hunt for a big deer called, "Canine." The giant he'...

  • David Blanton's Velvet Wyoming Monster | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 12

    S28.E13. David Blanton is hoping to put his hands on a velvet whitetail. That's the goal for this particular Wyoming bowhunt. In true Blanton fashion, he lays out the hunt in the Cowboy State, and sets the stage for a pretty awesome adventure.

    A giant walks out, and Blanton's Mathews bow comes o...

  • Kip Campbell's Giant Iowa Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 13

    S28.E14. Kip Campbell has a pretty big personality. He likes telling jokes and bringing down big deer. In this episode of Monster Bucks, he does both, and continues his hot streak as a stone-cold tag filler.

    Campbell opens the episode by explaining the hunt for a big deer he's after. After doin...

  • Mark Heck's Monster Minnesota Deer | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 14

    S28.E15. The Given Rights' Mark Heck fills his deer tag in grand fashion on a buck of a lifetime. It's a truly giant Minnesota whitetail. Of course, it's a team effort, and the rest of the crew is there to enjoy the moment with him.

    Heck sees a huge buck, and almost gets a shot at it. It slides ...

  • Mike McFerrin's Huge Texas Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 15

    S28.E16. Mike McFerrin is no stranger to the Lone Star state. He's been bagging big ones there for quite some time. In this episode, he does it again and tags a really big white-tailed deer in Texas.

    McFerrin is in the ground blind, and he hopes to see one of his target bucks. A giant appears, a...

  • Josh McDaniel's Indiana Booner | Realtree's Monster Buck

    Episode 16

    S28.E17. Josh McDaniel has been hunting a true giant. Deer like this are extremely rare, and few hunters have the opportunity to chase a buck this big, let alone tag one. In this episode, he does just that and films the hunt for all of the viewers to see.

    McDaniel explains the backstory and purs...

  • Travis "T-Bone" Turner's Incredible Kansas Bow Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 17

    S28.E18. Travis "T-Bone" Turner is in a ground blind in Kansas. He's bowhunting, and he hopes to connect on a huge-bodied white-tailed deer that's frequenting the area. It's one of the heaviest deer in the history of Monster Bucks.

    Turner is in the blind, and he talks about the buck. It's name i...

  • Slade Priest's Massive Louisiana Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Buck

    Episode 18

    S28.E19. Realtree Land Pro Slade Priest is hunting from the ground in Louisiana. It's the heart of the southern rut in his area, and he's hoping an estrus doe drags a buck into range.

    That doesn't take long, and he gets the job done quickly. A huge-bodied buck chases a doe across the field, but ...

  • Nick Mundt's Nebraska Brute | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 19

    S28.E20. Nick Mundt is after a brute of a mule deer in Nebraska. He's spot-and-stalking in some pretty open country. The hunting isn't very easy, but he does have some firepower to work with, which should help level the playing field.

    Mundt intros the scenario and explains his hunting situation....

  • Nathan Lee's Really Tall Iowa Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 20

    S28.E21. Nathan Lee patterns and hunts a humongous Iowa whitetail. This particular buck has a giant main frame. It's a shockingly tall deer. It takes some time to drill down on its travel routes, but that's part of deer hunting.

    Lee talks about the huge deer he is after. Finally, the it slowly w...

  • Justin Martin's Huge Wyoming Deer | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 21

    S28.E22. Justin Martin is after a good one in the Cowboy State. He is hunting in an area full of studs, and it doesn't take long to have an encounter with a big western whitetail.

    The hunters aren't even set up and ready to roll and a giant is already in range. The buck stands there long enough ...

  • Stephen McNelly's Big Iowa Typical | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 22

    S28.E23. Stephen McNelly has long dreamt of hunting top-end whitetails in Iowa. Of course, while a big Hawkeye State buck is the goal, the experience is a huge part of it. This hunt produces both in grand fashion.

    McNelly is hunting in Iowa, and opens the episode with a description of their pla...

  • David Blanton's Big Texas Whitetail | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 23

    S28.E24. David Blanton mostly hunts from treestands and ground blinds. However, on this hunt, the guy shakes things up and decides to hunt from a natural ground blind, which is built with brush. Blanton and company finish crafting their hide, and get ready for the hunt. Will it work? Odds look pr...

  • Tyler Jordan's Giant Texas Buck | Realtree's Monster Bucks

    Episode 24

    S28.E25. Tyler Jordan gets it done on yet another Texas buck. But not before putting in his time. He settles in and waits for the right buck. It just so happens he has his sights set on a Lone Star giant.

    The deer he's after is a whopper 10-pointer. Eventually, it shows up. The big deer steps ou...