Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed

2 Seasons

Follow Mike Reed through the season as he finds, patterns and attempts to harvest bucks.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed
  • Mike's Blog: Pre Rut Deer Movement

    After checking multiple trail cameras on his new farm Mike heads to a secluded Frigid Forage plot where mature buck activity is at an all time high.

  • Mike's Blog: First Chase

    Mike and Jake slip in to a creek bottom pinch where they believe one of Mike's target bucks is spending most of his time. While they never do catch up with the buck they were looking for, they observe a really good three year old chasing a doe through the beans.

  • Mike's Blog: Cold Front Action Continues

    With a major cold front still lingering, Mike heads to the stand in an effort to catch a mature deer on his feet. The guys observe steady action throughout the night as multiple young bucks and does filter out of the bedding area into surrounding corn and bean fields.

  • Mike's Blog: First Mature Buck Encounter

    Despite a slow hunt out of the same stand a week prior Mike decides to give the set one last chance before moving to another location on the farm. As multiple bucks and does filter into the rye field, a heavy 8 makes his way towards the guys while working scrapes.

  • Mike's Blog: First Hunt for Sherman, Hectic Night

    Mike's first sit on a farm close to home for a buck he calls Sherman is eventful, but with kayakers, 4-wheelers and target shooters making racket, it's not the action he's hoping for.

  • Mike's Blog: First Sit for the Big 10

    With a major cold front passing through Iowa, Mike decides to make the long drive to his small farm in the southern part of the state. He hopes that the front will be enough to get one of his top bucks, a big 10-pointer he knows well, up on his feet during daylight.

  • Mike's Blog: First Deer On The New Farm

    For the first hunt of Bella’s youth season, Mike decides to head to the new farm and sit in a Redneck blind he recently moved. With multiple food sources in front of them, he expects the deer to make their way into range presenting Bella with a great shot opportunity. It doesn’t take long before ...

  • Mike's Blog: Urban Zone Success

    Following a few slow hunts in the urban zone due to warm weather and increased hunting pressure Mike is able to harvest three mature does in an effort to secure his urban zone buck tag for the 2020 deer season.

  • Mike's Blog: Urban Zone Hang & Hunt

    Remembering that he killed on September 17th of 2017, Mike heads back to the same tree in the urban zone in hopes of repeating history or at least filling a couple of doe tags.

  • Mike's Blog: Urban Zone Opener

    After some unavoidable circumstances keep him out of the tree on the opening afternoon, Mike kicks off his Iowa season in the urban zone the next day.

  • Mike's Blog: On the Board in Kentucky

    After multiple encounters and several grueling sits in 100 degree heat, Mike's quest for an early season Kentucky whitetail comes to a close.

  • Mike's Blog: Long Hours in Kentucky

    Follow along as Mike Reed continues to grind it out in the Kentucky heat as he seeks to fill his first tag of the season. After his recent encounter with the "Siri Buck" ended poorly,  Mike heads back to the same tree in high hopes of getting a second chance to close the chapter on this elusive b...

  • Mike's Blog: Siri Ruins Hunt

    Mike Reed has a very close call with a great buck in KY that might well have found his way into the freezer if not for Mike's cellphone!

  • Mike's Blog: Kentucky Opener

    Mike heads down to Kentucky for the first hunt of the 2019 season in hopes of harvesting a mature velvet buck. Along the way with the help of intern Grant, Mike gains access to a farm offering refuge to multiple patternable bucks.

  • Mike's Blog: Food Plot Reset, New Faces

    After multiple years of managing a property close to his home, Mike takes the time to reset all of the food plots. Starting with burning, disking, and lastly planting, Mike prepares multiple small green sources for the upcoming season. Then he deploys multiple Cuddeback cameras to gather an inven...

  • Mike's Blog: Brand New Farm, Summer Trips

    2019 started off fast with Mike purchasing a brand new property near his home, ending the great run at his southern Iowa farm. A blank slate, Mike has been hard at work getting the new property ready for this upcoming hunting season. Also, Mike shares an awesome trip learning to climb glaciated m...