Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed

2 Seasons

Follow Mike Reed through the season as he finds, patterns and attempts to harvest bucks.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed
  • Mike's Blog: One More Try for Marino

    After several encounters and a miss just a few days prior, Mike Reed has high hopes of having one last opportunity at the legendary buck. With one afternoon left to hunt, Reed makes his final move on Marino. Will it finally come together?

  • Mike's Blog: Moving In On The Bedding Area

    Mike decides to move in tight to the bedding area and get a little more aggressive since he only has two days left to hunt this season. After Mike and Grant get in clean, deer start moving right off the bat.

  • Mike's Blog: Bella's Last-Chance Deer Hunt

    There's only a week left in the season. So, Mike Reed and his daughter, Bella, go on their last hunt of the season together. Their hopes are high as they head back to the same Redneck blind that they've seen plenty of deer from the past several hunts. With multiple mature bucks in the area (inclu...

  • Mike's Blog: Marino Cheats Death Again

    With the end of the season closing in, Mike elects to make a move on Marino. He uses the most recent trail-camera intel on the River Farm. It's cold and the deer are up on their feet. The need to feed is high. Marino emerges from the timber with plenty of daylight, but the hunt doesn't end as Mik...

  • Mike's Blog: Hunting Marino with a Muzzleloader

    Jared and Mike have had multiple encounters with Marino this late season. With time winding down, Mike Reed and Grant Noble go to the River Farm. They hope to finally tag this target buck. It doesn't take long for deer to start filtering out of the peninsula.

  • Mike's Blog: Father-Daughter Duo Goes Deer Hunting

    Mike and his daughter, Bella, head to a farm they hunted earlier in the year during shotgun season. It's just a quick afternoon hunt, but they have fun. Even though conditions aren't ideal, deer still make it out to the field just before dark.

  • Mike's Blog: Rainy Day Blues, Rough Deer Hunting

    Mike heads to the River Farm where he's had back-to-back encounters with "Marino." With bad weather conditions and coyotes in the bedding area, luck is not on Mike's side. However, two bucks finally step out of the timber with just a few minutes of shooting light left. Is today the day?

  • Mike's Blog: Marino Encounter, Late Season Plans

    Mike gets out to the river bottom farm where he and Jared have had great success this fall. While it's a short hunt, Mike encounters the top target on the farm, a buck he and Jared know as "Marino." Mike also takes this time to update on what his late season will look like moving forward.

  • Mike's Blog: Bella's Buck, Early Movement

    Episode 9

    After passing a mature 10-pointer the evening prior, Mike and his daughter, Bella, are back in the blind hoping to get a second chance at the buck. Will they get it? Watch to see what happens.

  • Mike's Blog: Youth Hunt, Shooter Reads the Script

    Episode 10

    With a number of mature bucks showing up on camera during daylight hours, and few encounters in the urban zone, Mike and his daughter, Bella, find themselves in a Redneck blind overlooking a Frigid Forage turnip plot. They're hoping to fill her youth-season tag on a mature buck.

  • Mike's Blog: Late-Season Urban Grind

    Episode 11

    With plenty of activity on trail camera (both morning and afternoon), Mike and Jake continue to hunt the urban zone knowing that there are shooter bucks in the surrounding area. Will they tag one?

  • Mike's Blog: Big Nine Feeding Pattern

    Mike and Jake are back on Mike's home farm one day after encountering an up and comer four year old Mike has on the farm, about an hour into the sit deer begin to flood into the standing bean plot including a familiar face.

  • Mike's Blog: Close Call on Home Farm Encounter

    Looking for a change of scenery Mike decides to make a hunt on his new farm in an effort to harvest a few does and possibly put intern Max on one of his mature management bucks. As the evening progresses the guys have a close encounter with a shooter and also encounter one of Mike's up and comer ...

  • Mike’s Blog: Urban Zone Shooter Appears

    After numerous slow hunts in the urban zone without a mature buck encounter and now multiple trail camera pictures of shooter class bucks, the guys finally catch the break they had been hoping for.

  • Mike's Blog: Urban Zone Grind, Card Pull

    As Iowa’s statewide archery season begins to wind down Mike and Jake push on hunting the urban zone in an effort to fill Mikes last remaining archery tag.

  • Mike's Blog: Urban Zone Effort

    Mike continues to hunt hard in the urban zone hoping to fill his buck tag. While the deer movement has been generally slow, Mike does encounter a mature buck with a unique rack from a distance.

  • Mike's Blog: Urban Zone, Lockdown Phase

    Despite the unfavorable conditions, Mike pushes on in an attempt to fill his urban buck tag. The guys log time in the tree and encounter multiple deer including an up and comer buck.

  • Mike's Blog: 200" Giant Dies In River

    Just two weeks after Mike harvested his biggest buck to date he is back on the river bottom farm chasing "Marino". After a slow start to the day, Mike hears grunting in the distance followed by the sound of chasing. They are headed in his direction.

  • Mike’s Blog: Urban Zone Rut Hunt

    After another slow hunt Mike decides to give the river bottom farm a break, following the morning hunt the guys head to the urban zone in hopes of wrapping a tag around a mature buck.

  • Mike's Blog: Last Minute Action, After Marino

    Following a slow morning hunt on the river bottom farm the guys change locations anticipating deer movement as they make their way out to nearby cut crop fields.

  • Mike's Blog: Mystery Buck Moves In, Sherman Missing

    After hunting "Sherman" on multiple north winds with no success and few trail camera pictures Mike gets the southwest wind he had been waiting for. In addition the guys make an afternoon hunt back at the river bottom farm in search of "Marino".

  • Mike's Blog: Sherman's Bedroom

    As "Sherman's" pattern begins to deteriorate with the rut closing in, Mike makes an aggressive move on his target buck. Hunting the fringes and interior of the primary bedding area makes for a few action packed hunts as the guys hope to encounter "Sherman" on the hoof.

  • Mike's Blog: Future Targets, After Sherman

    Just two days after harvesting one of his biggest bucks to date, Mike heads to a different property in hopes of having an encounter with "Sherman". As the sun rises they have multiple encounters with up and comer bucks Mike has on camera.

  • Mike's Blog: Pre Rut Booner

    Mike heads to the river bottom farm hoping to catch one of his hit list bucks cruising during daylight hours. After a slow morning, he moves to a new location to intercept the movement to newly picked ag fields. Right before dark, a familiar face comes into range presenting Mike with a shot.