Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen Reigler

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen Reigler

2 Seasons

Follow Owen Reigler as he prepares for the season and then hunts his top bucks. Every day. Every hunt.

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen Reigler
  • Owen's Blog: Time to Get Started - Cold Front Action

    Episode 1

    With the recent cold front pushing through Iowa, Owen decides it's time to hunt. The northwest wind sets up perfect to target the buck he calls "Flyers." The action heats up fast when a beautiful buck steps into the clover just after the hunt begins.

  • Owen's Blog: Making an Aggressive Move

    Episode 2

    With a forecast west wind and recent cold front, Owen decides to make a move and target "Crabs." The plans change on the way to the stand when he realizes the wind has too much south in it. He chooses to sit a stand that still falls in the buck's range hoping to to have his first encounter of the...

  • Owen's Blog: Targeting Uno

    Episode 3

    After waiting for the right conditions, Owen decides to hunt the area he believes the buck known as "Uno" is living. With the continued cool weather, Owen expects great deer movement.

  • Owen's Blog: Hunting an Occasional Buck

    Episode 4

    Despite not seeing a deer the previous evening, Owen heads to the same blind hoping to finally see "Uno" in person. The buck has been showing up in daylight every 4 to 5 days on camdera, and it's been 5 days since the last picture. Owen also updates us on the "Flyer", and offers a possible reason...

  • Owen's Blog: Calling From a Blind

    Episode 5

    Owen heads to the same blind that his daughter Paige harvested a great buck out of only a month ago, hoping to see Blades or Flyers. On the way, he shows how mowing trails has helped play into his past success and then discusses his thoughts on calling from a blind.

  • Owen's Blog: Plan B for Crabs

    Episode 6

    With the wrong wind to hunt the buck Owen calls "Crabs," he decides to hunt a blind where he encountered the buck multiple times last season. As soon as the guys get to the blind, they're covered up in deer from start to finish.

  • Owen's Blog: Shoot or Pass, October Decision

    Episode 7

    With the right wind, Owen heads back in after Uno. Things get exciting when a mature 8 steps out and makes his way inside 20 yards.

  • Owen's Blog: Late October Rut Activity

    Episode 8

    Hunting a set for the first time, Owen is once again on the lookout for "Crabs," one of his top targets. The action starts immediately as multiple bucks come by pushing does around.

  • Owen's Blog: Windy Day Buck Hunt

    Episode 9

    Fighting the gusty winds, Owen decides to head out for an evening sit. He heads to the same blind as a couple nights ago where he is targeting "Uno".

  • Owen's Blog: Bucks Dogging Does, After Crabs

    Episode 10

    After a short break from hunting, Owen heads back in after Crabs. The rut activity is heating up and multiple bucks are seen dogging does.

  • Owen's Blog: Early Rut Cruising

    Episode 11

    Heading to a spot Owen hasn’t sat all season, the action starts early with lots of bucks on the move. Owen is starting to worry where one his main target bucks Trey has dissappeared to.

  • Owen's Blog: Eyes on the Prize - Spotting a Giant

    Episode 12

    On a seemingly perfect evening, Owen heads in after the buck he calls “Crabs.” His high hopes meet reality as the buck steps out over an hour before dark.

  • Owen's Blog: Strange Whitetail Vocalization

    Episode 13

    Fighting the wind and rain, Owen heads in trying to lay eyes on the buck he calls "Crabs" for a second night in a row. The action is fairly slow but Owen is shocked to hear a deer vocalization he has never heard before.

  • Owen's Blog: Morning Hunt for Uno

    Episode 14

    Determined to see "Uno", Owen heads in for a morning hunt to the corn plot where he has gotten him on trail camera the most. In the afternoon, Owen decides for a change of scenery and heads in for "Flyers."

  • Owen's Blog: Close Call on Crabs, Surprise Buck

    Episode 15

    Trying to lay eyes on “Trey,” Owen heads to the plot he put in this past summer specifically for him. For the afternoon’s hunt, Owen heads back in for “Crabs,” the buck he saw in this same food plot a couple nights ago.

  • Owen's Blog: Giant Buck Down!

    Episode 16

    Owen heads in for an evening hunt. After laying eyes on "Crabs" for the third night in the last week, Owen manages to end the four year quest for this giant buck.

  • Owen's Blog: Close Call with a Giant Typical

    Episode 17

    Owen heads in for an afternoon hunt, focusing on a buck named Uno. It doesn't take long before the buck makes his way in front of the blind.

  • Owen's Blog: Back to Hunt Uno

    Episode 18

    With much cooler conditions, Owen is confident Uno could step out into the corn plot for a second day in a row. Movement is early and consistent and many bucks make their way out to the field.

  • Owen's Blog: Looking for a New Buck

    Episode 19

    With unseasonably cool temperatures, Owen decides to head back to the same Redneck Blind he killed "Crabs" out of a few nights before. Owen is very curious to see if another mature buck has recently moved in to what used to be "Crabs" home turf.

  • Owen's Blog: New Set for Uno

    Episode 20

    With the necessary south wind, Owen heads to a new stand with hopes of seeing the buck he calls "Uno."

  • Owen's Blog: Bedding Area Hunt for Uno

    Episode 21

    Owen looks to sneak into one of Uno's bedding areas on a cold, frosty morning. It doesn't take long for the action to pick up.

  • Owen's Blog: Mid-Rut Lull

    Episode 22

    With above ideal temperatures, Owen takes a break from hunting Uno and looks to start on his doe management goals.

  • Owen's Blog: November Snowstorm

    Episode 23

    Owen heads out during a November snowstorm and it doesn't take long for the deer to get on their feet and head to the nearest food source.

  • Owen's Blog: Lock Down Period

    Episode 24

    Owen heads back to the stand in hopes of finding a buck that has broke off in search of another doe.  It doesn't take long to notice most bucks are still locked up with their does.