Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

3 Seasons

Follow Jared Mills throughout the off-season preparation and entire hunting season in this near-live format. Every day. Every hunt.

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills
  • Jared's Blog: Small Property, Frost Seeding

    Episode 1

    He planted two small 1/3 acre areas to Big N Beasty last fall, making them ideal frost seeding spots. He also scouts a ridgetop that looks to be a great bedding location for a buck.

  • Jared's Blog: New Farm, Scouting

    Episode 2

    Jared and Mike finally get a chance to dive deep into the property to shed hunt and scout.  Learning the lay of the land and seeing the bedding areas will hopefully increase the odds this fall.  It's a productive day and stumbling on a few sheds is a nice bonus.

  • Jared's Blog: Protecting Food Plots

    Episode 3

    Jared & Drake deploy a Hot Zone Fence around the soybeans to make sure they can grow. Although the hunting one this farm was good without food, it will be interesting to see how the overall dynamic will change with having a quality food source this year.

  • Jared's Blog: Pre-Season Food Plot Work

    Episode 4

    Jared heads to his farm to plant food plots and check one of his trail cameras. He broadcasts Frigid Forage Wild Game Buffet, Big n' Beasty and preps a third plot for early September planting.

  • Jared's Blog: Plots, Cameras, Velvet

    Episode 5

    After moving two hours away from the new farm, Jared makes a day of projects getting ready for the season. He starts a simple food plot in a great spot, checks cameras, and gets out for a quick evening of filming velvet.

  • Jared's Blog: Mock Scrape Tips, New Stand

    Episode 6

    Jared makes a trip to his farm to finish up summer projects. He explains what has worked well for him in creating mock scrapes and hangs a new stand in a great location.

  • Jared's Blog: New Property, Familiar Face

    Episode 7

    Jared heads to a property that he recently received permission to hunt this upcoming fall. After deploying multiple cameras and mock scrapes, he explains the surprise he received after checking cards for the first time.

  • Jared's Blog: First Hitlist Buck, Possible EHD Find

    Episode 8

    Jared continues to get photos of the old ten point that he knows on the new permission farm and names his first hitlist buck "Ryno". He also investigates a possible EHD deer and plants Autumn Quick Plot as the final food plot of the year.

  • Jared's Blog: Pre-Season Scouting, Opening Day Eve

    Episode 9

    With cool temperatures, Jared decides to do some long distance scouting near a freshly cut cornfield. Plenty of deer movement creates even more excitement for the first week of the season. Good luck to everyone beginning their 2018 season!

  • Jared's Blog: Observation Sit

    Episode 10

    In his quest to find a mature buck in brand new areas, Jared tries out another new property with great weather conditions. Despite not being able to hang where he wanted to, the deer movement is great and Jared is able to fill another tag.

  • Jared's Blog: Season's First Sit

    Episode 11

    Jared's first official sit of 2018 comes with the first major cold front of the year. High winds keep the deer movement to a minimum, but the cold air is sure to get the bucks on their feet soon.

  • Jared's Blog: When it Rains it Pours - Flooded Farms

    Episode 12

    Jared makes the drive to yet another new piece only to find that it is also flooded.  He takes the opportunity to look around and put up a couple cameras in hopes of eventually learning more about the potential of the property.

  • Jared's Blog: New Permission

    Episode 13

    With a tough start to the season due to moving and losing access to hunting properties, Jared is excited about gaining permission on a new piece.  This will be a "project farm" and Jared will share the story of learning how to hunt it, as well as the steps they take to turn it from a cattle farm ...

  • Jared's Blog: October Snow

    Episode 14

    Jared heads out in crazy October weather, with snow falling and temperatures plummeting. The deer move through, including a solid buck on his feet early.

  • Jared's Blog: Hunting From The Ground

    Episode 15

    Jared heads in to a big cornfield that has been producing a lot of deer. Not able to get into the tree he wants, he ends up setting up on the ground for the evening. The deer movement is really good, and a couple solid bucks show up before dark.

  • Jared's Blog: Finding a New Buck

    Episode 16

    Jared does a hang and hunt on a secluded field, hoping to not battle swirling winds. While checking cameras earlier in the day, Jared finds a few different mature bucks, including a good one that already broke his G3.

  • Jared's Blog: Shed Hunting in October! -Project Farm

    Episode 17

    Jared's second time on the Project Farm does not disappoint. Exploring the property, checking cameras, and finding big sheds fill up the afternoon.

  • Jared's Blog: Deer Return After the Flood

    Episode 18

    After a near two month absence from his farm, Jared finally gets a chance to go hunt it now that the flood waters have receded. With no trail cameras, the goal is to find out if the deer have moved back in, and what areas they are using.

  • Jared's Blog: Hunting with a Recurve

    Episode 19

    Jared and Brad set up on the ground on the morning of October 25th. It's Jared's second hunt with the recurve, hoping to take his first deer with one.

  • Jared's Blog: Still Searching For A Shooter Buck

    Episode 20

    Jared heads back to the property that had a flooded bean field to hunt it for the first time. It is a slow evening of movement but the guys get a couple solid bucks on trail camera after the hunt.

  • Jared's Blog: Hanging Stands, Checking Cameras- Project Farm

    Episode 21

    With high winds, Jared decided it would be a good opportunity to head back to the project farm and get some work done. He hangs the first stands on the property and also checks the Cuddebacks, revealing some good bucks using the property.

  • Jared's Blog: Which Buck is It?

    Episode 22

    Jared hunts his farm for the second time this year. He and Mike pull cameras and discover a good buck that looks familiar. However, the two can't decide which buck it is! Let us know what you think, JJ or Marino?

  • Jared's Blog: Finally November

    Episode 23

    It's hard to believe November is finally here. Jared hunts a new stand and has a couple of firsts, including a badger sighting.

  • Jared's Blog: Project Farm First Hunt- Buck Parade

    Episode 24

    Jared finally gets the needed conditions to make his first hunt on the Project Farm and it doesn't disappoint. The deer are moving with good rut action as soon as it gets light.