Midwest Whitetail Daily - Drake Lamb

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Drake Lamb

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Drake Lamb
  • Drake's Blog | 180-Inch Buck Returns | Food Plot Setup

    S2.E1. Drake starts the 2020 deer season by finding and filming his No. 1 target buck from 2019. He also shows us his food plot setups on the home farm and discusses how he hopes to catch up with the buck this fall.

    1:00 Lamb begins by talking about a couple of target bucks.

    2:30 Then, he work...

  • Drake's Blog | Biggest Buck Ever | Whitetail Taxidermy Pickup

    S2.E2. Here we take an inside look while Drake Lamb picks up his 2019 Iowa giant from the taxidermist. This is a deer that he chased the majority of 2019. He was able to end the story on December 29 during Iowa's late muzzleloader season.

    0:10 We enjoy a flashback from Lamb's big day in the Iowa...

  • Drake's Blog | Taking Buck Inventory, Farm Updates, and a Poor Man's Scrape Tree

    S1.E3. Drake Lamb gives us an update on the Town Farm and what bucks are showing up on trail cameras. He creates a poor man's scrape tree in the middle of a secluded field and food plot. He hopes to draw deer into bow range.

    He also updates us on the CRP farm. His Cuddeback's show that the bucks...

  • Drake's Blog: Tree Stand Placement, Creek Bottom Farm

    After a filled buck tag and a season of learning the property, Drake heads out to strategically hang some tree stands on the "Creek Bottom Farm". One stand primarily for cruising bucks during the rut and the other for an observation stand to gather more information about the deer movement. 

  • Drake's Blog: Opening Day of Deer Season in Iowa | Two Early Season Giants

    Opening day has finally arrived and Drake Lamb heads to the CRP farm for an observation hunt. He takes us on a recovery of an absolute Iowa giant that his buddy Justin and younger sister harvested during Iowa's youth season. We also take a quick look at Josh Spark's opening-day bruiser.

    0:45 Lam...

  • Drake's Blog: Hunting the Small Permission Farm | Observation Treestand Location

    Drake Lamb heads out for an early season sit. He's hoping to either cross paths with a target buck, or get within range of a doe. He has tags to fill.

    0:05 Lamb recaps some of his target bucks, and then heads in to a treestand for an afternoon sit.

    1:00 On his walk in, he finds a shed. It's a g...

  • Drake's Blog: Hunting Winke's Old Farm, Bladed Ten

    Drake goes in for a doe hunt at Bill's old farm and drops the news about an old farm legend that finally hit the ground.

  • Drake's Blog: First Hunt For A Giant, Cold Front

    With a big cold front that just pushed through Iowa, Drake heads to the Home Farm in hopes of catching up with his number one target deer that has recently been in the area.

  • Drake's Blog: Coyote Eating Turnips?

    Drake makes a sit in a Redneck blind on Bill's old farm that's one of his favorite spots to try and harvest a doe. The night ends with almost as many predators as deer.