Midwest Whitetail Daily - Drake Lamb

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Drake Lamb

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Drake Lamb
  • Drake's Blog | 180-Inch Buck Returns | Food Plot Setup

    S2.E1. Drake starts the 2020 deer season by finding and filming his No. 1 target buck from 2019. He also shows us his food plot setups on the home farm and discusses how he hopes to catch up with the buck this fall.

    1:00 Lamb begins by talking about a couple of target bucks.

    2:30 Then, he work...

  • Drake's Blog | Biggest Buck Ever | Whitetail Taxidermy Pickup

    S2.E2. Here we take an inside look while Drake Lamb picks up his 2019 Iowa giant from the taxidermist. This is a deer that he chased the majority of 2019. He was able to end the story on December 29 during Iowa's late muzzleloader season.

    0:10 We enjoy a flashback from Lamb's big day in the Iowa...

  • Drake's Blog: Taking Buck Inventory | Farm Updates and a Poor Man's Scrape Tree

    S1.E3. Drake Lamb gives us an update on the Town Farm and what bucks are showing up on trail cameras. He creates a poor man's scrape tree in the middle of a secluded field and food plot. He hopes to draw deer into bow range.

    He also updates us on the CRP farm. His Cuddeback's show that the bucks...

  • Drake's Blog: Treestand Placement Tips | Setting Up the Creek Bottom Farm

    After a filled buck tag and a season of learning the property, Drake Lamb heads out to strategically hang some treestands on the "Creek Bottom Farm." One stand is primarily for cruising bucks during the rut. The other is for an observation stand to gather more information about the deer movement....

  • Drake's Blog: Opening Day of Deer Season in Iowa | Two Early Season Giants

    Opening day has finally arrived and Drake Lamb heads to the CRP farm for an observation hunt. He takes us on a recovery of an absolute Iowa giant that his buddy Justin and younger sister harvested during Iowa's youth season. We also take a quick look at Josh Spark's opening-day bruiser.

    0:45 Lam...

  • Drake's Blog: Hunting the Small Permission Farm | Observation Treestand Location

    Drake Lamb heads out for an early season sit. He's hoping to either cross paths with a target buck, or get within range of a doe. He has tags to fill.

    0:05 Lamb recaps some of his target bucks, and then heads in to a treestand for an afternoon sit.

    1:00 On his walk in, he finds a shed. It's a g...

  • Drake's Blog: Hunting Winke's Old Farm | The Bladed Ten Falls

    Drake heads in for a doe hunt at Bill's old farm. He drops the news about an old farm legend that finally hit the ground.

    0:45 Set up on Winke's old farm, Lamb hopes to tag a doe.

    1:45 Then, he talks about how the new landowner tagged The Bladed 10 on his first hunt on the property.

    3:00 Deer ...

  • Drake's Blog: First Hunt for a Giant Buck | Cold Front Action in Iowa

    Drake Lamb has a giant buck on camera, and he hopes this cold front gets it on its feet. He heads to the Home Farm in hopes of catching up with his No. 1 target deer. Let's see what happens.

    0:45 It's October 15, and Lamb is out on the Home Farm. He's hoping this cold front boosts the deer movem...

  • Drake's Blog: Coyote Eats Turnips? | What Is This?

    Drake Lamb sits in a Redneck blind on Bill Winke's old farm, and a 'yote walks out and eats turnips. The night ends with almost as many predators as deer. Not good.

    0:45 Lamb heads out on doe patrol at the old Winke farm. Will he tag a slickhead?

    1:45 They begin the hunt, and wait to see if dee...

  • Drake's Blog: October Doe Days | Bowhunting in Iowa

    Drake Lamb heads to the River Farm to do some doe management. He's ready to to help even out the buck-to-doe ratio.

    1:00 Lamb is on the River Farm. He has a great buck on camera, but his goal is to tag a doe.

    2:00 He goes over the lay of the farm, and talks about how the deer are using it.


  • Drake's Blog: A Morning Hang and Hunt | Pre-Rut Whitetail Action

    Drake Lamb hunts the "Tall 9" on the Creek Bottom Farm, but plans to not return until November. After seeing some good bucks the night before in the ag fields, he hopes to catch these deer coming back to bed in the creek bottom. He also makes the decision to fill a doe tag rather than get blown a...

  • Drake's Blog: Rattling a Buck Right to the Tree | Calling to Pre-Rut Whitetails

    With no mature bucks on camera, the guys believe it's only a matter of time before one shows up. Drake Lamb makes an aggressive move on the CRP farm, and hunts the edge of a bedding area. He does a light rattling sequence and has a great young buck walk right by the treestand.

    0:30 Lamb eases in...

  • Drake's Blog: Bucks Hitting Scrapes | Late-October Observation Sit

    With some cooler weather pushing through southern Iowa, Drake Lamb decides to hunt the CRP Farm. He's in for an observation sit overlooking a good bedding area. Will he score?

    1:00 Lamb heads out to the CRP farm in hopes of spotting a shooter he hasn't located yet.

    2:00 We see a few bucks that'...

  • Drake's Blog: Morning Rut Funnel | Deploying the CuddeLink Camera System

    Drake Lamb hunts the Creek Bottom farm in hopes of catching the "Tall 9" cruising within bow range. Later that afternoon, he sets up a few CuddeLink cameras.

    0:45 As day breaks, deer are chasing, and they hope to see a big one.

    1:45 The morning hunt continues, and deer continue to file past the...

  • Drake's Blog: A River Farm Stud | Tagged Out in Iowa

    Drake decides to hunt the River Farm for the second time. With a high pressure system moving through Southern Iowa, it should be good. But the action is slow. Finally, a stud of a buck appears in the CRP.

    0:30 Lamb recaps the hunt for his 2020 Iowa archery buck.

    1:45 He looks back on some of hi...

  • Drake's Blog: Three Days to Get It Done | Late-Season Deer Hunting in Iowa

    Drake Lamb and Hunter head to the CRP Farm in hopes of catching up with one of four shooters. With three days left in the first half of archery season, the guys will be hunting hard to fill Hunter's first Iowa bow tag. Will they get it done before the shotgun season begins?

    0:30 Lamb reflects on...

  • Drake's Blog: Calling to a Shooter Buck | Last Chance Deer Hunting

    Drake Lamb and his friend, Hunter, head to the River Farm on the last day of the first archery split in Iowa. The guys have a heck of a morning hunt, seeing over 35 deer. However, they decide to move stands deeper in the timber for the evening sit and almost call a shooter into range.

    0:10 They ...

  • Drake's Blog: Shotgun Season Double | Late-Season Deer Hunting

    Drake Lamb heads back to central Iowa to film a few good friends trying to fill a couple tags during the 2nd shotgun season. They've hunted this spot for years and have an awesome day in the blind.

    0:15 The guys walk to a big open bottom where deer commonly frequent in winter.

    3:15 Deer filter ...

  • Drake's Blog: Public Land Push | Deer Drives with The Hunting Public

    After hunting public with friends, Drake Lamb heads to the CRP Farm with hopes of filling a doe tag.

    0:05 It's day No. 2 of the boom stick season. They didn't have luck on the public land. So, they're shifting gears.

    2:00 Lamb plans to fill a couple doe tags. He has high hopes of getting it don...

  • Drake's Blog: Two Does Down | Hunting on Bill Winke's Old Farm

    Drake Lamb makes a couple sits on Bill Winke's old farm to help manage the doe numbers. The first day, the guys encounter a really nice buck along with 25 other deer in the cut soybeans, but are unable to get a shot at a doe. The next day, he and Justin double from a Redneck blind in the Valley.

  • Drake's Blog: Public-Land Deer Drives | Hanging With The Hunting Public

    Drake Lamb and The Hunting Public guys do some deer drives on public land. They run into some big-buck action.

    0:15 Lamb meets up with some of the guys, and then they start doing deer drives.

    1:45 Buck down.

    3:30 They recover the buck. It's a good one.

    4:45 After that fun outing, they head to...