Midwest Whitetail

Midwest Whitetail

Midwest Whitetail is first and foremost an on-line hunting show that we produce as close to live as possible. You can only watch Midwest Whitetail and the daily video blogs on the internet and on connected televisions. You can watch the shows right after the hunts occur. This format permits us to talk about timely issues such as changing weather patterns, current deer behavior, strategies to employ in the near future, etc. We try to take advantage of this format to help you stay one step ahead of the deer you are hunting and to introduce new products.

Midwest Whitetail
  • E9: Tim Allen Strikes Big, 200-Plus-Inch Encounter | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E9. Tim Allen places a perfect arrow in his best buck to date. Lee Abraham lays eyes on GQ for the first time, nearly getting a shot.

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  • E10: Kane's Halloween Stud, Snort Wheeze Underneath | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E10. Kane Gillette caps off October by tagging an Illinois stud on Halloween. Jared Mills encounters the Big 10 for the 4th time. Mike Reed observes a show below his stand.

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  • E11: Lightning Strikes Twice, Calling Illinois Studs | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E11. Collins Marine gets a second chance at an awesome Iowa stud. Justin Lindemann uses the grunt tube to punch a tag on a great Illinois buck.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhunting #bowhunting #hunting #hunt #outdoors

  • E12: Rattling In A Buck With His Own Antlers | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    Justin Kamps calls in his top target by rattling with the bucks shed antlers. Josh Mersberger tags a giant Wisconsin buck. Mike Reed encounters the giant buck Dak. Mitch Mollerus finally encounters a Missouri legend.

  • E13: 3 Cruising Bucks, 3 Filled Tags | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E13. Brooks Kehoe intercepts a stud Iowa buck while it's out cruising. Elliot Schellpfeffer punches a tag on a great Wisconsin buck. Darin Holman shoots his first buck on his new Iowa farm.

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  • E14: Hunting Cruising Bucks, November Heat Wave | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E14. The team continues to fight the November heat, keying in on mornings near water. Matt Thede tags his season long target, catching him out cruising in between does. Matt Margrabe takes a great buck off his Illinois lease.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhunt...

  • E15: Shooting Buck From the Ground, Missouri Legend | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E15. The stretch of hot weather is finally over. Caleb Mason tags a familiar buck when he walks by locked down with a doe. Mitch Mollerus finally closes the story on a Missouri legend. Jared Mills finally encounters Marino.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhuntin...

  • E16: Massive Iowa Bruiser, Lockdown Success | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    Brad Huizenga experiences a classic rut hunt in Illinois, resulting in his best buck to date. Kaleb Greiner punches his tag on a super massive buck in Iowa.

  • E17: Sweet Redemption, Mature Bucks On the Move | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E17. Nolan Redeker gets sweet redemption in Kansas after a tough season. Jared Mills has one of his best hunts of the season, seeing Dak and the Black Eyed 10. Maddox Thede shoots his first buck with a bow.

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  • E18: Two Giant Encounters, Hunting Locked Down Bucks | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    Lee Abraham experiences incredible action, including two encounters with a 200"+ giant he's been chasing all season. Chad Holmes punches a tag in Illinois after his toughest season to date. Adam Reeder shoots his best buck ever in Michigan. Marty Honeycutt makes another memory with his son Josh i...

  • E19: 204-Inch Iowa Monarch Falls, First Buck At 77 | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E19. Lee Abraham finally gets the opportunity he's dreamed of his entire life, tagging his biggest buck ever. Jared Mills hunts a new permission farm and releases an arrow. Guy Cole shoots his first buck at 77 years old in Kentucky.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #d...

  • E20: Mike Returns Home to Louisiana, Illinois Beauty | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E20. The first split of the Iowa bow season closes. Mike Reed returns home to hunt Louisiana for the first time in years, building another round of great memories with friends. Jim Scherer fills his tag on a beautiful Illinois buck he's been hunting all season. Many of the team get out for the...

  • E21: Two Bucks in Two Days | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E21. Mike Reed and his family continue their incredible late season success. Bella Reed tags a great buck on Christmas Eve. Katherine Reed lays the hammer down on Christmas Day.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhunting #bowhunting #hunting #hunt #outdoors

  • E22: Jared's Self-Filmed Bow Buck | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E22. Jared Mills kicks off his late season by successfully self filming him filling a tag on the Black Eyed 10. Mike Reed and his daughter Anna have a hunt of a lifetime when Anna shoots her first buck and doe in the same hunt.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhu...

  • E23: Epic Ghillie Hunt, Mike's Snowstorm Giant | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E23. Jared Mills finally closes the chapter on the Big 10 after a legendary saga. Mike Reed tags his biggest buck of the season in the middle of a winter storm.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhunting #bowhunting #hunting #hunt #outdoors

  • E24: 3-Legged Giant, Buzzer-Beater Public-Land Buck | CHASING NOVEMBER 6

    S6.E24. Kaleb Greiner finally closes the chapter on a buck he calls Tripod. John Lindstrom tags a great buck on Iowa public land. Our 2020-2021 season comes to an end.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhunting #bowhunting #hunting #hunt #outdoors

  • Meet the Interns, Filming and Editing Competition | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode of the off-season show, we join Jared Mills as he checks overdue projects off the list on the River Farm. Then, we join Max and Grant as they introduce the 2021 intern class, tour their house, and have a fun little competition.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #cha...

  • Poor Man Food Plots On Permission | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode of the off season show, we join Jared Mills as he plants a poor man plot in a spot where he can’t get access to any equipment. Then, we join Max and Grant on one of their permission farms where they plan to focus the majority of their time this season. They talk about a fe...

  • Montana Archery Elk Hunt, Three-Year Journey | Part 1 | Midwest Whitetail

    In this week's episode of Midwest Whitetail, we join Jared Mills. After hunting Montana for three years in a row, he explains how he started hunting Montana, learning the ins and outs of hunting elk, and the overall experience he has had hunting out West. You will not want to miss this action-pac...

  • Jared Mill's First Bull Elk, Crazy-Close Encounters | Part 2 | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode of the off-season show, we take a look at part 2 of Jared Mill's Montana elk hunt. After the guys had multiple close encounters, Mill’s three-year quest finally comes to an end after he arrows his first ever bull elk.

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  • Kentucky Opening Day, Creating Mobile Hunting Blinds | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode, we join Jared Mills and Grant Noble for an update on their Kentucky quest for an early season buck. We then jump over to Mike Reed as he takes us through both the construction and placement of his ideal mobile blind setup, as well as the bucks currently sitting at the top ...

  • The Future of Hunting, Youth Archery Hunting Tips | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode, several team members are out for the opening weekend of the youth season in Iowa. Mike Reed explains the importance of introducing new people to hunting and what the sport has meant to his family. Matt Thede then talks us through the process that he used to introduce his c...

  • Fall Trail Cam Spots, Mock Scrapes, Killer Stand Locations | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode, we kick things off with Jared Mills hanging his favorite treestand in a spot where he plans on hunting with a recurve. Then, he explains how to set up a CuddeLink system and moves his trail cameras to mock scrapes.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember...

  • Owen's Best Season, Picket Fence Buck | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode, a familiar face comes back and joins the Midwest Whitetail team. Owen Reigler shares why the 2020 season was his best season yet, and some of the strategies behind how he was able to harvest his bucks last season.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember ...