Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper

Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper

3 Seasons

HUNT CLUB is a digital series that is focused primarily in the “Heart of the South”. This series is about telling real stories and showing personalities that exist within a hunting club. We will show behind the scenes footage of the work, strategies, struggles, frustrations and more importantly, the dedication and reward that comes with deer hunting in the South.

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Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper
  • Fishin' Jugs with Cheeseburger | A Break from the Hunting | Hunt Club

    Episode 52

    S1.E52. Cheeseburger heads to the "Hooch." The camping gear and jugs are ready for action. He gets the crew together for some backwater fun. They camp out and get the jugs ready for a couple of days of fishing.

    #realtree #realtree365 #huntclub #huntclubtv #jugging #jugs #jug #catfish #fishing #f...

  • One for Shannon | Late-Season Turkey Hunt | Hunt Club

    Episode 50

    S1.E50. After the passing of his longtime girlfriend, Phillip Culpepper gets back in the woods for the first time. He's hunting with his childhood best friend, Tom Montgomery. Then, Culpepper and Drake Lamb head eastward to Wisconsin to chase a hard-gobbling turkey in memory of Shannon.

    1:00 The...

  • Two Georgia Turkeys Down in One Day | It's a Great Family Tradition | Hunt Club

    Episode 49

    S1.E49. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's hard. Get a little bit of both on this episode of Hunt Club. Phillip Culpepper has family in town for a fun weekend of turkey hunting. They battle cold weather, hunt hard, and enjoy the fun. "Big Rog" heads up the "B Team" to show how it's done. Mea...

  • Giant Gobby Down | Drake Lamb's Tags His First Osceola | Hunt Club

    Episode 48

    S1.E48. Drake Lamb heads to Florida for the first time. He's in hot pursuit of an Osceola wild turkey. The guys start day No. 1 off with a busted beak, but they aren't finished yet. Realtree's Spring Thunder producer, Drake Lamb, makes his Hunt Club debut and goes after his first Osceola.

    0:30 T...

  • Pitts Is Comfortable in His Skin | Gets His First Osceola Turkey | Hunt Club

    Episode 47

    S1.E47. Michael Pitts has been chomping at the bit to get after an Osceola. He joins Phillip Culpepper and the Spring Thunder crew in Florida, and finally gets his chance to chase these witty birds.

    0:05 Pitts picks up his hunting buggy and dials in his boom stick.

    2:30 Pitts keeps trucking fur...

  • Taking a COVID-19 Test | Last-Minute Success | Hunt Club

    Episode 44

    S1.E44. Roger Culpepper tested positive for COVID, and has fully recovered now. But Phillip Culpepper has yet to be tested since they came into contact. He is hoping for a negative test result so he can finish out the deer season in Mississippi with good friends.

    0:05 Culpepper is getting tested...

  • COVID-19 Hits Home | 20-Year Dry Spell In Alabama | Hunt Club

    Episode 43

    S1.E43. COVID-19 has finally made its way into the Hunt Club. Phillip Culpepper talks about who has the virus. And he himself has been in quarantine for the last several days. But finally, he makes his way to spend some times in the woods. He has not got a deer in Alabama in over 20 years, and is...

  • The Queen Is Dead | 'Bama Birds and Hogs | Hunt Club

    Episode 42

    S1.E42. Not much deer season is left, but the guys are trying to make the most of it. Phillip Culpepper heads over to some Alabama property for the last scouting mission of the year.

    He relives some good memories from Spring Thunder on the property, but a lot has changed since then. So, he makes...

  • Last-Day Whack and Stack | Late-Season Georgia Doe Management | Hunt Club

    Episode 41

    S1.E41. It's down the wire in Georgia, and Phillip Culpepper heads to the deer woods with his nephew, Mason Webb. It's an epic way to end the Georgia deer season.

    0:05 Culpepper is back in Georgia, and helps his nephew get a deer (or two).

    1:30 They arrive at the hunt club, and gear up for the ...

  • Intense Southern Rut Hunt | Mississippi Buck Runs Into Bow Range | Hunt Club

    Episode 40

    S1.E40. The Mississippi rut is wide open and on full display. Phillip Culpepper stays hard at it, and tries to get it done before the trip ends. He scouts hard, moves stands, plays cat and mouse, and finally tags a good one. The strategizing pays off on the last morning of the hunt.

    0:05 After g...

  • Huge Wounded Deer Grunting and Chasing Does | Big Boom Stick Buck | Hunt Club

    Episode 39

    S1.E39. Phillip and Roger Culpepper hunt hard during the wide open Mississippi rut. It finally pays off. "Holy Moly" describes it best when they find success. Unexpected things oftentimes happen during the rut. Roger is in a hotspot when a stud buck -- that had already been shot -- shows up grunt...

  • Tyler Farr Films a Deer Hunt | Biggest Mississippi Buck Ever | Hunt Club

    Episode 38

    S1.E38. Tyler Farr already broke the ice on a big 6-pointer in Mississippi. Now, he's down to his last hunt of the trip, and has to get it done while self-filming (for the first time ever). It gets chaotic, and even a little hectic at times, but that's expected with anything Farr does.

    0:05 Culp...

  • Tyler Farr Let's It Roll | His First Mississippi Buck | Hunt Club

    Episode 37

    S1.E37. The Mississippi rut is still in full swing. After a quick Christmas break, Phillip Culpepper heads back to Mississippi with his dad, Roger Culpepper, and good buddies, Tyler Farr and Scott Delk. Farr has never shot a Mississippi deer, and Delk has never filmed a deer hunt. Things get quit...

  • Big Buck Mississippi Miss | Hard Hunting Pays Off Though | Hunt Club

    Episode 36

    S1.E36. The guys are running out of time in Mississippi. Michael Pitts walks us through his morning routine. Nate Thomas hunts hard all day for a lopsided buck nicknamed "Cull." Eventually, it gets down to the last day, and Culpepper hasn't come close to anything worth shooting ... until now. All...

  • Tracking Big Bucks | Nate Thomas and Michael Pitts Arrive in Camp | Hunt Club

    Episode 35

    S1.E35. Nate Thomas and Michael Pitts pack their bags, then head westward to team up with Phillip Culpepper in Mississippi.

    This is Thomas' first time hunting outside the state of Georgia. The whole trip starts out rough for Pitts, but he has an interesting encounter with a "monarch of a creatur...

  • Big Mississippi Bucks and Birds | A First White-Tailed Buck Deer | Hunt Club

    Episode 34

    S1.E34. It's almost Christmas, and is now officially the late season. Luckily, the rut is just getting started in certain parts of the South.

    Culpepper gets an invite from his turkey hunting buddy, Truvy Argraves, who lives in Mississippi. The ice gets broken the first day in camp.

    0:30 First, ...

  • Is This an Antlered Doe? | Late-Season Deer Hunting | Hunt Club

    Episode 5

    S1.E33. Roger Culpepper collects some backstrap for the grill. Phillip Culpepper and Cheeseburger stay after a couple bucks that are showing up on trail cameras. Finally, the verdict is still out on whether or not the guys have an antlered doe showing up regularly at the club. What do ya'll think...

  • The Big Buck Is Back | A Neighborly Surprise At Dusk | Hunt Club

    Episode 6

    S1.E32. The hunting and deer movement have been slow, but Phillip Culpepper and Nate Thomas exhaust all efforts to try and find a mature buck. Finally, Culpepper has a buck show up that hasn't been seen for more than 10 days.

    Also, Thomas hangs a new stand in a new spot. The anticipation is high...

  • Nate Does the Unthinkable | Roger Battles 'Bama Hogs | Hunt Club

    Episode 7

    S1.E31. It's 2020, and Nate Thomas has gotten famous while hunting the Big 9 at the club. Roger Culpepper has moved on to 'Bama because he's tagged out in Georgia. Phillip Culpepper is still committed to finding the new bucks that showed up a couple weeks ago.

    0:45 Thomas has a cameraman for the...

  • Giant Georgia Buck Rubs | Bucks Are Still Cruising for the Ladies | Hunt Club

    Episode 8

    S1.E32. The guys took a break for Thanksgiving, but are hard after it when a cold front hits Georgia. Phillip Culpepper, Nate Thomas, and Cheeseburger head to the woods, hoping to catch up with a new buck. They are determined to fill a tag on The Big 9, or a couple new bucks that have showed up. ...

  • The Rut Is On Fire | Bucks Chasing So Hard They Can't Be Stopped | Hunt Club

    Episode 9

    S1.E29. Phillip Culpepper and Cheeseburger spend a few days hunting the "Big 9" at the hunt club. The bucks are running hard in Georgia. So hard, in fact, that Cheeseburger can't get one stopped. Self-filming can be tough, especially when bowhunting. But when the rut is wide open, things can be c...

  • Buck Are Chasing Like Crazy | Hunting the Georgia Rut | Hunt Club

    Episode 10

    S1.E28. The rut is wide open in Georgia. All they guys with tags hit the woods in full force. They are determined to get one down while the bucks are still cruising.

    Cheeseburger shows why he will never get cold in a deer stand. Phillip Culpepper has high hopes for a new stand he just hung. Nate...

  • "Cheeseburger" Goes North | A Giant Illinois Buck Lands in the Truck | Hunt Club

    Episode 11

    S1.E27. Cheeseburger has always dreamt of hunting the Midwest during the rut, and that's exactly what he decides to do with his vacation time. He has 10 days to get it done on a family farm he's never been to. Follow along as Cheeseburger gets a shooter in bow range and almost loses his mind.


  • The Hunt Club 8 | Nate Is On the Board | Hunt Club

    Episode 12

    S1.E26. Nathan Thomas has been hunting hard for a Georgia buck, and it finally pays off for him. He proves dedication is key. Buck down.

    1:00 Up North, Phillip Culpepper wastes his time off the shores of Maryland.

    2:30 Culpepper and Michael Pitts head to the treestand.

    4:00 In Georgia, Thomas ...