Chasing November

Chasing November

8 Seasons

Chasing November follows a small group of hardcore deer hunters through the entire season. The series focuses on storytelling as the group pursues giant whitetails, but you will also learn the strategies that worked, and those that did not.

Chasing November
  • S4E1: Early Season Missouri Giant, Setting The Stage

    Episode 1

    Justin Luebrecht uses a daylight pattern to harvest an early season Missouri giant he calls “Misfit.” The entire team sets the stage for the upcoming season. Paige Reigler shoots a great Iowa buck.

  • S4E2: Clover Plot Monarch, Cold Front Buck Action

    Episode 2

    Justin Hillman uses recent daylight trail-cam photos to harvest a 180 inch giant in Illinois. Caleb and Taylor Byers encounter a shooter on their famous clover plot. Owen Reigler encounters multiple mature bucks. Josh Mersberger shoots a great Wisconsin buck.

  • S4E3: Taylor’s Redemption Buck, Tennessee Brute

    Episode 3

    After a disappointing 2017 season, Taylor Byers gets redemption on a giant 10 pointer in Iowa. Jeremiah Roberson tags a great buck in Tennessee

  • S4E4: Public Land Success, Late October Buck Movement

    Episode 4

    Season 4 Episode 4: After spending his season learning Iowa Public land, Max Wierda shoots his first Iowa buck. Jared Mills gets permission on two new farms. Owen Reigler has great October buck action.

  • S4E5: A Missouri Legend, Windy Day Trophy

    Episode 5

    Season 4 Episode 5: Rick Knochel harvests his top buck, one with a huge hole in his nose from fighting. Brad DeMoss grunts in a great buck on a windy day. Caleb Byers encounters his top buck. Mike Reed identifies his new number one target.

  • S4E6: Public Land Buck, November’s Eve

    Episode 6

    Season 4 Episode 6: Josh Sparks has the hunt of a lifetime, and ends up calling in a public land bruiser. Jared Mills continues to learn his new permission farms. Bill has an action packed hunt on Halloween, just the wrong kind! Kasey Vergin tags a buck in Wisconsin with his bow.

  • S4E7: Central Ohio Booner, Small Farm Bruiser

    Episode 7

    Season 4 Episode 7: Drew McClain closes the story on a giant buck he calls Star. Mike Reed hangs a new stand and calls in a great buck. Lee Abraham encounters a giant 9 point multiple times.

  • S4E8: Huge 9 Pointer, A Giant Encounter

    Episode 8

    Season 4 Episode 8: Lee Abraham wraps his tag around the giant he’s been hunting all season. Korey Wolfe gets a second chance at a buck he missed in October from the same stand! Jeff Deets catches up to a great buck in Illinois. Owen Reigler finally encounters the giant buck he calls Crabs.

  • S4E9: Food Plot Warrior, November Magic

    Episode 9

    Season 4 Episode 9: Rick Vergin finally lets an arrow fly on the buck he calls “Wounded 9.” After hunting the Big 7 all season, Bill has his first encounter. Jared has a magical day on the Project farm, seeing multiple good bucks.

  • S4E10: Giant Iowa Double, Season’s Best Day

    Episode 10

    Season 4 Episode 10: Phillip Culpepper tags a giant buck and a doe in the same hunt on his first trip to Iowa. Joe Knochel shoots a great buck in Missouri. Owen encounters the giant brute Crabs, for the second time.

  • S4E11: Rattling a Giant Bow Buck, Public Land Planning

    Episode 11

    Season 4 Episode 11: Taylor is finally back in a tree and shoots her biggest bow buck to date. Justin Fabian encounters a great buck on Public Land. Bill continues to nail down the Big 7’s location.

  • S4E12: 200” Legend, Snowstorm Buck Action

    Episode 12

    Season 4 Episode 12: Owen Reigler finally gets Crabs into bow range, ending a 4 year quest for the Iowa monarch. Mike Reed’s top target finally makes his first appearance.

  • S4E13: Public Land Brute From The Ground, Double Down Effort

    Episode 13

    Season 4 Episode 13: Justin Fabian hunts the same public piece as the day before and shoots his first buck in Iowa - from the ground. Caleb Mason tags a great buck with the help of a friend. Bill moves a trailer blind into a picked cornfield and encounters Big 7. Logan Bouwman shoots a good buck ...

  • S4E14: Rattling In A Bruiser Buck, 190” Heartbreak

    Episode 14

    Season 4 Episode 14: Jared Mills hunts one of his permission farms and rattles a giant buck into bow range. Owen Reigler finally encounters the huge typical buck he calls Uno. Caleb Byers lays eyes on his top target buck Dakota for the second time.

  • S4E15: Big 7 In Bow Range, Buck Down in Kansas

    Episode 15

    Season 4 Episode 15: Jim Scherer tags a good Illinois buck. Bill Winke gets the chance he’s waited for all season when the Big 7 finally steps into bow range. Owen goes back to the same blind he missed Uno the evening before. Darin Holman shoots a good buck in Kansas.

  • S4E16: Public Urban Zone Buck, Cruising Iowa Brute

    Episode 16

    Season 4 Episode 16: Mike Reed hunts the Urban Zone and shoots a great buck on his first time in. Matt Thede tags an Iowa buck out cruising for does. Bill Winke takes up the trail of the Big 7 after hitting him the evening before.

  • S4E17: Close Range Bowhunt, Pond Set Trophy

    Episode 17

    Season 4 Episode 17: Drake Lamb finally gets the chance to hunt and harvests a great buck that falls right at the base of his tree! Matt Dykstra hunts his favorite rut funnel and shoots a good buck. Bill Winke continues to search for the Big 7.

  • S4E18: Hunt for a Non-Typical, Father & Son Double

    Episode 18

    Season 4 Episode 18: Warren Dykstra kills a good buck in the same tree only one day after his son Matt killed. Jared Mills and Brad Bever encounter an old Iowa buck. Troy Sachsenmaier finally encounters his top target Driftwood.

  • S4E19: Non-typical Iowa Stud, Late November Close Calls

    Episode 19

    Season 4 Episode 19: Troy Sachsenmaier finally arrows his season long target the unique buck he calls Driftwood. Caleb Byers encounters the giant he calls Dakota for the 3rd time. Mike Reed gets aggressive and finds Curly locked down with a doe.

  • S4E20: Caleb’s Backyard Buck, Post Rut Encounters

    Episode 20

    Season 4 Episode 20: Caleb Byers hunts right behind his house and shoots an old Iowa buck. Bill Winke begins hunting again and finds a new target. Brad Bever finally gets an Iowa tag in his pocket.

  • S4E21: Brad’s Last Minute Stud, Bean Field Drama

    Episode 21

    Season 4 Episode 21: Brad Bever takes his season down to the final minutes and shoots his best buck to date. Bill Winke encounters another shooter buck on the big bottom bean field. Caleb Byers closes out November with an action packed hunt behind his house.

  • S4E22: Late Season Bow Buck, Cold Front Bruiser

    Episode 22

    Josh Sparks shoots an awesome buck with his bow during the late muzzleloader season. Drake Lamb hunts a timely cold front and shoots a big 10 with his Muzzleloader. Bill Winke has another encounter with the Big 8 pointer.

  • S4E23: Holiday Buck Success, Missouri Bow Buck

    Episode 23

    Mike Reed takes his grandfather on his first Iowa hunt, and Papa Tate shoots his biggest buck to date. Matt Lang hunts inside the timber and shoots a great buck in Missouri. Bill , Jared, and Mike all encounter shooter bucks.

  • S4E24: New Years Day Success, Season’s Finale

    Episode 24

    A season long quest comes to an end for Mike Reed. Kane Gillette shoots an awesome buck with a bow less than 10 yards away from his blind. John Byers shoots his best buck to date. Matt Thede shoots a last minute buck.