Chasing November

Chasing November

8 Seasons

Chasing November follows a small group of hardcore deer hunters through the entire season. The series focuses on storytelling as the group pursues giant whitetails, but you will also learn the strategies that worked, and those that did not.

Chasing November
  • Hunting A Giant 195" Buck Early In Missouri, A New Deer Season Begins

    Episode 1

    Hunting A Giant 195" Buck Early In Missouri, A New Deer Season Begins #hunting #bowhunting

    Chasing November is back with another action packed series of deer hunting episodes for Season 8. Kicking things off, the team sets the stage for the 2022 hunting season covering target bucks, strategies...

  • Indiana Stud On Public Hunting Land, Hunting A Giant Missouri Buck With A Bow

    Episode 2

    On this episode of Chasing November, Tyler Behlman continues bowhunting in Missouri during the early season. After multiple close encounters the hunt ends with his top target buck on the ground. Young deer hunter Jase Baker tags a giant buck in Indiana on public land. Opening day arrives in the s...

  • Bow Hunting A 182" Buck At Point Blank Range, Cold Front Big Buck Action

    Episode 3

    Episode 3 of Chasing November starts off with a bang as Mike Reed finally kicks off his Iowa deer season. With the bow in hand, Mike hunts an incoming cold front producing a bowhunting opportunity at 11 yards on a 182" giant buck. Justin Luebrecht has multiple close calls with a big buck while hu...

  • Deer Hunting A Giant Droptine Buck In Iowa, Monica's Perfect Bow Shot

    Episode 4

    Early October bowhunting can pose it's challenges but the continued great weather has the team making aggressive moves. Matt Thede sneaks into the known bedding area of a giant buck he calls "Tokyo," tagging the buck with this bow. Down in Missouri, Monica Wolfe tags a beautiful buck with her bow...

  • Hunting Big Bucks On Key Green Plots, Owen's Bow Season Begins

    Episode 5

    On this episode of Chasing November we kick the episode off with more bow hunting during the early season. Mike Reed continues to fill doe tags in Iowa. Kaleb Greiner makes his first hunt in a tree stand he hung back in the summer. Owen Reigler kicks off his hunting season and encounters a 26 inc...

  • Hunting Giant Bucks In The City, Female Bow Hunter Tags Velvet Buck For In Iowa

    Episode 6

    Chasing November continues on with another round of bow hunting action during the early season. Kicking things off is Jase Baker who's been deer hunting in the city limits of Indianapolis for the past few years. After a multi-season chase, Jase gets the opportunity he's worked so hard for getting...

  • Hunting Mornings In October For Giant Bucks, Focusing On Cold Fronts

    Episode 7

    We continue Chasing November with hunting mornings in mid October. Traditionally this can be a risky move but with the continued cool hunting conditions, the risk is worth the reward. Owen Reigler makes a hunt for "Wolverine" continuing the multi season duel between him and the buck. Kaleb Greine...

  • Hunting Heartbreak On 190" Public Land Buck At 20 Yards, Raccoon Attacks Bobcat

    Episode 8

    As we enter the back half of October, the team continues Chasing November in epic fashion with heart throbbing hunting. Kaleb Greiner witnesses one of the coolest animal encounters we've ever seen when a bobcat is attacked by a momma raccoon protecting her babies. Justin Luebrecht continues to ha...

  • Rye's Biggest Bow Buck Ever, Pre Rut Hunting Action

    Episode 9

    On this episode of Chasing November, the great October hunting action continues for the team despite the warm weather. Lee Abraham kicks off his vacation targeting a giant in southern Iowa. It doesn't take long and Lee lays eyes on the giant continuing the chase. Rye Ludwig shoots his biggest buc...

  • GIANT Missouri Buck At 10 Steps, Hunting Big Bucks In Late October

    Episode 10

    We're finally at the end of October in this episode of Chasing November and just as the past 30 days has gone, the hunting action is on fire. Justin Luebrecht finally gets a shot off, tagging a giant buck in northern Missouri when it walks by at 10 steps. Owen Reigler has his second encounter wit...

  • Hunting A Giant Non-Typical Buck In Iowa, Rut Hunting Chaos In November

    Episode 11

    This episode of Chasing November is start to finish packed with intense buck action as the hunting heats up for the team. Mike Reed nearly get's a bow shot off on "Kelce" in the same food plot that Rye tagged out a few days before. Kaleb Greiner finally get's Hog Jr. into bow range but self filmi...

  • Owen's Most Memorable Bow Hunting Story, Two Rut Crazed Bucks Breed A Doe

    Episode 12

    The best days of the season are finally here and episode 12 of Chasing November proves this claim. Owen Reigler finally seals the deal on the toughest buck he's ever hunted. Mike Reed experiences the single best hunting day he's ever had. Kaleb Greiner continues to hunt his best tree stand taking...

  • Owen's Giant 26" Wide Buck In Iowa, Hunting Strategies For The Rut

    Episode 13

    Sweet November's incredible hunting continues on this episode of Chasing November. Kicking things off Mike and Kaleb both experience intense rut action stamping the reason why bowhunters love this time of the season. Kaleb comes close yet again on the buck he calls "Hog Jr." Young bow hunter Nola...

  • Rattling In A Public Land Bruiser, Hunting The Lockdown Phase Of The Rut

    Episode 14

    Chasing November kicks off another episode with a thrilling hang and a hunt on Iowa public land. Brooks Kehoe has been grinding all season and makes his own luck rattling in a bruiser buck into bow range. Mike Reed continues hunting hard through the lockdown phase trying to catch up to Kelce befo...

  • Bowhunter Tags Second Buck On Third Hunt Ever, Hunting Bucks In The Snow

    Episode 15

    On this episode of Chasing November, we dive into hunting the lockdown phase of the rut and the ups and downs of this time of deer season. Despite being a traditionally tough time to hunt, the team continues to stay in the action hunting smartly on the edges of doe bedding areas. Kaleb Greiner co...