The Rival

The Rival

5 Episodes

This semi live series follows Bart and Blair Goins, Joe Shults and friends as they hunt whitetails across the country and have a blast doing it.

The Rival
  • The Big Fella Is Back | Early Season Whitetail Prep | The Rival

    Episode 1

    S1.E1. Late July means one thing: Bart Goins is getting trail cameras out and taking inventory. Goins discusses trail cameras and his plans for Illinois this fall. He also visits one of his best hunting grounds in Tennessee to scout and prepare for the early season velvet hunt. After putting came...

  • The Rival Season 4 Trailer

    Check out these all-new, semi-live episodes that follow Bart and Blair Goins, Joe Schults, and more, chase deer. It's action-packed whitetail hunts. Don't miss these stories.

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  • A Giant Buck Named Bama | The Rival

    Episode 2

    Introduction to Blair Goins and his farm in Illinois! On this episode, Blair takes you through his background on purchasing his farm. He always introduces you to a deer who is sure to be his biggest Rival for the upcoming fall - a giant named “Bama”. Shed season, and summer planting is the starti...

  • Non-Lethal Camp | The Rival

    Episode 3

    The Goins brothers along with Joe and Adam are headed to Tennessee deer camp for the early August velvet hunt. The temps are hot, but so is the deer movement ! Can the guys scratch the first Rival of the season out? Check out Part 1 of the 2 Part August velvet hunt !

  • Tennessee Velvet Hunt part 2 | The Rival

    Episode 4

    Part 2 of the Tennessee Velvet Hunt…. The guys have one day left to get it done. The weather is right, the moon is great for morning movement… which brother will get it done? A new story begins at the end of the episode with a deer we named “Wide Clyde”