Spring Thunder

Spring Thunder

7 Seasons

From the swamps of Florida, to the hills of Tennessee, join Team Realtree as they get after longbeards across the country.

Spring Thunder
  • Wisconsin Spring Turkey Hunting | Northern Turkey Hunts | Spring Thunder

    Episode 20

    Phillip Culpepper wraps up the 2024 turkey season in Wisconsin. He's trying to get a hard-headed northern gobbler to break. Finally, the bird commits, and he ends turkey season with a bang (literally).

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  • A Boss Hen | Turkey Hunting Tennessee with Phillip Culpepper | Spring Thunder

    Episode 19

    The boss hen, Jill Slocumb from Realtree, hunts with Phillip Culpepper for her first turkey in several years. They're chasing thunder in Tennessee, and they find some.

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  • New York Big-Woods Turkey Hunting | Adirondack Turkey Hunt | Spring Thunder

    Episode 17

    Low turkey population densities and the rocky, steep terrain of New York State's Adirondack Mountains create a unique spring turkey hunting challenge only found in this region of the country. It's not always easy to find wild turkeys here, but when you can, there is always the chance that the bir...

  • Late-Season Turkey Strategies | New Jersey Gobblers | Spring Thunder

    Episode 17

    The Spring Thunder crew heads to the Northeast where turkey hunting seasons are just kicking off. The first leg of their journey takes them to New Jersey to join good friends Anthony Virga and Caleb VanderGroef. Late-season turkey hunting can be difficult, but with the right strategies, you can m...

  • A Strutting Gobbler Right Off the Roost | Spring Thunder

    Episode 16

    David Blanton has a gobbler land in his lap right off the roost. This hunt takes place in Kansas with JB Outfitters. It's a short but action-filled spring turkey pursuit. Don't miss this classic turkey hunt.

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  • 7-Day Slam: Loud-Mouthed Longbeards in the Rocky Mountains | Spring Thunder

    Episode 13

    The crew moves westward to the Rocky Mountains to finish off their wild turkey grand slam in seven days. This adventure will be one to remember forever, and it finishes off with one of the guys' best turkey hunts ever. You won't want to miss this.

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  • 7-Day Slam: Windy Conditions and Screaming Oklahoma Gobblers | Spring Thunder

    Episode 14

    The crew makes it to Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the weather is not in their favor, but that doesn't slow them down. The morning breaks light, and the crew hears dozens of gobbles.

    Eventually, they make a move, only for 10 screaming jakes to flood the decoys. Midday, they move to a new property and...

  • 7-Day Slam: A Louisiana Home Farm Bird (First One in 60 Years) | Spring Thunder

    With one farm flooded, the crew heads to northern Luisiana to try and punch a tag on a Louisiana Eastern. The boys get eyes on a group of birds and put them to roost. The next morning, they set up in hopes of catching them at fly down.

    Follow along as we continued with more videos for our attemp...

  • 7-Day Slam: Eastern Turkeys in the Swamp | Spring Thunder

    Episode 7

    It's the next Grand Slam stop. The Spring Thunder crew hunts eastern wild turkeys in Georgia. They get there just in the nick of time. When they arrive at producer James Thompsons' farm, a screaming bird is waiting for them.

    Then, with time left in the day, the guys head toward Cole Barthel's ho...

  • 7-Day Slam: Team Realtree Goes for Grand Slam Glory | Spring Thunder

    Team Realtree embarks on a journey to complete the grand slam in seven days. Will they do it? Follow along as they travel cross-country and try to shoot a Grand Slam in one week. Florida Osceola turkeys are first on the list. Then, onward. Follow along as they tackle this grand challenge.


  • Sunshine State Redemption Gobblers | Florida Longbeard Down | Spring Thunder

    Episode 8

    Phillip Culpepper is back, and he and the crew chase wild turkeys in the Sunshine State. Obviously, Spring Thunder is rolling in full force, and this week, we join the crew down south in Florida. Conditions are rough, but the guys stay after it and close the distance.

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  • David Blanton's Turkey Gear Must-Haves | Turkey Gear Essentials | Spring Thunder

    Episode 9

    Realtree's David Blanton talks about some of his essential turkey hunting gear. These are the items that he has found to be the handiest throughout the years.

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  • Aggressive Gobblers Down South | Opening-Week Texas Success | Spring Thunder

    Episode 8

    David Blanton hunts South Texas with Georgia Kate McFerrin of Legends of the Fall TV. The two hunters get after some early season (and aggressive) turkeys. It's a great Lone Star State turkey hunt.

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  • Big Gobbler Covers 200 Yards | Culpepper in South Florida | Spring Thunder

    Episode 7

    Philip Culpepper joins Spring Thunder once again to hunt South Florida Osceola's. Sometimes, they're on fire, and you've got to "run-and-gun" to make it happen. Other times, you've got to slow-play it. Follow along as Culpepper makes magic happen.

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  • Gobblers Looking for a Fight | South-Florida Strutters | Spring Thunder

    Episode 6

    The 2024 season of Spring Thunder is officially underway. David Blanton kicks off the season in southern Florida by hunting the beautiful Williams Farms with Southern Outdoors Outfitters. The action is hot and it doesn’t take long to get on some angry longbeards.

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  • Hunting Turkeys in the Hills | Montana Merriam's | Spring Thunder

    Episode 5

    Realtree's Spring Thunder heads to the hills of Montana to hunt Merriam's turkeys. David Blanton and Cole Barthel hit the hills of Montana in hopes of striking up a beautiful Merriam's Turkey. Don't miss this May hunt.

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  • Hunting Gould's Gobblers in Mexico | Monster Gobblers | Spring Thunder

    Episode 4

    Realtree's David Blanton heads south of the border to hunt the Gould's turkey with Jay Scott Outdoors. This is a great hunt you can't miss.

    For more info on hunting with Jay Scott Outdoors, visit www.gouldsturkeyhunt.com.

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  • Public-Land, Boat-Access Longbeards | New York Mountain Toms | Spring Thunder

    Episode 3

    Spring Thunder continues to roll across New York State.After using onX to find a large tract of public land along the shores of an Adirondack Mountain lake, the guys load up the boat to try and strike up a gobbling turkey. Let's hunt some public-land gobblers.

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  • New York Turkey Hunting | Permission-Ground Gobblers | Spring Thunder

    Episode 2

    Spring Thunder heads northward to turkey hunt New York State. Realtree video producer Matt Garger grew up turkey hunting there, but with limited ground to hunt, the guys hit a mix of public and permission ground to find gobblers. Using their onX maps to secure turkey hunting ground, the guys are ...

  • 3 Mountain Gobblers Down | Best Merriam's footage ever?!? | Spring Thunder

    Episode 3

    In this episode, the Spring Thunder crew is hunting with longtime friends, Jeff and Deb Smith, at 7J Outfitters in Sundance, Wyoming. The Spring Thunder Crew splits up and takes down three fired-up longbeards. The footage is some of the best Merriam's action you'll ever see. Check it out.