Spring Thunder

Spring Thunder

4 Seasons

From the swamps of Florida, to the hills of Tennessee, join Team Realtree as they get after longbeards across the country.

Spring Thunder
  • Kingsnake vs. Rattlesnake | Which One Wins? | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 50

    S3.E48. Realtree's Bill Jordan and his son, Colton, take a break from turkey hunting after rolling up on a kingsnake and rattlesnake. Very cool.

    0:15 Bill and Colton talk about who gets to pull the trigger if a bird presents an opportunity.

    0:25 While driving down a dirt road, they spot a coupl...

  • Realtree Farm Manager on Land and Wildlife Management | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 51

    S3.E49. We join Roger and Phillip Culpepper in another episode of the Spring Thunder podcast. It gets fun.

    1:30 We learn a little about Roger's background as a person, and as a hunter. It's had a profound effect on Phillip's life, too.

    4:30 Roger tells the story of his first successful turkey h...

  • Wild Turkey Recipe | Cooking Gobbler Nuggets | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 52

    S3.E50. It's storming outside, so instead of tagging more turkeys, Phillip Culpepper decides to fry up some turkey breast they already have. He uses the Culpepper Wild Turkey Recipe, as he calls it. The guys also do something Phillip hates to do (using deer hunting tactics to pursue turkeys).


  • Stubborn Turkeys Won't Talk | Birthday Gobbler Hunt | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 53

    S3.E51. The Spring Thunder crew is still in Mississippi, and Drake Lamb is behind the boom stick for a highly anticipated birthday hunt. The turkeys haven't been cooperating of late, but the boys are still hard at it. Will things fire back up today?

    2:15 Birds are gobbling on the roost. Hopefull...

  • Hunting Unresponsive Turkeys | How to Self-Film | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 54

    S3.E52. Realtree Spring Thunder Producer Drake Lamb takes the day off, and Phillip Culpepper self-films. Will he get the job done?

    1:35 Culpepper goes back to a spot where they previously heard a gobbler. He yelps, and yelps, and yelps some more. But the turkeys refuse to talk.

    2:30 Phillip giv...

  • Producer's First Alabama Turkey | Tyler Jordan Films | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 55

    S3.E53. Tyler Jordan and Producer Bryan Brown continue the quest to get Brown on the board. After a hot-gobbling turkey goes silent, Jordan and Brown move to a popular area known as the crossroads. They immediately strike a gobbler. After moving in to set up, the longbeard goes into a mid-morning...

  • Best of Realtree Spring Thunder Week 6 | Alabama and Mississippi Turkey Action

    Episode 56

    S3.E56. The guys wrap things up in Mississippi. Then, they head to Alabama where the action is heating back up.

    4:00 Spring Thunder turns into Pay Dirt as the guys hunt turkeys and plant chestnut trees for wildlife. It's a great time filled with family, friends and the great outdoors.

    6:25 It's...

  • Culpepper Bags Flying Gobbler | Double-Bearded Turkey | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 57

    S3.E54. After a long dry spell in Mississippi, Phillip Culpepper gets even with the Alabama longbeards. Culpepper and Drake Lamb meet up with Tyler Jordan and Bryan Brown. They're hoping to drop a couple gobblers.

    3:25 After meeting Jordan and Brown, Culpepper and Lamb head to the timber in hope...

  • Chuck's First Turkey | Youth Turkey Hunting | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 58

    S3.E55. Charlie "Chuck" Thomas goes after his first longbeard with Phillip Culpepper, Drake Lamb, and his dad Daniel. After a tough day of hunting, persistence eventually pays off. But not before several interruptions, including a 3rd grade class Zoom meeting, fallen trees across roads, and non-g...

  • Two Giant Alabama Toms Cross the Property Line

    Episode 59

    S3.E57. Phillip Culpepper, Michael Pitts and Drake Lamb come close to tagging two giant Alabama toms during the morning hunt. After missing out on the morning pursuit, Roger Culpepper joins them for the afternoon hunt. They pull two giant longbeards across the property line and into range.

    1:15 ...

  • Craziest Turkey Hunt Ever? Longbeard Falls Out of the Tree

    Episode 60

    S3.E58. Phillip Culpepper heads to Alabama and has one of the craziest turkey hunt endings he's ever had. Don't miss this jaw-dropping encounter with a loud-mouthed gobbler.

    0:15 Culpepper and Drake Lamb chase a bird that Michael Pitts was after a few days prior. It's breaking daylight, and they...

  • First Youth Hunt Turns into a Classic Big-Timber Turkey Hunt

    Episode 61

    S3.E60. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head northward to their friend Shayne Goddard's place in hopes of getting his daughter, Sydney Goddard, her first longbeard. Also, a special thanks to Georgia Sheriffs' Youth Homes.

    0:15 They meet up with the Goddards and plan the morning hunt.

    1:45 Once...

  • Michael Waddell Calls In Henned-Up Longbeard

    Episode 62

    S3.E61. Bone Collector's Michael Waddell joins Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb in Alabama. Waddell has known Culpepper since he started at Realtree at the age of 16. The two together are a deadly combo in the turkey woods. It's going to be a bona fide riot.

    0:10 The boys meet up, crack a few jo...

  • Fanning in Big Turkeys at 5 Steps

    Episode 63

    S3.E62. Tyler Jordan and Bryan Brown get really close to a longbeard. After a slow morning hunt, Jordan decides to glass bigger fields in hopes that the rain pushed the turkeys out of the hardwoods. He finds three gobblers strutting in a spot called "the 15-acre field." It's the perfect opportuni...

  • Hunting "Yard Birds" in Michael Waddell's Pecan Groves | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 64

    S3.E64. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head to Michael Waddell's farm. They're taking on the challenge of helping Michael's wife Christie get one of the elusive "yard birds" that lives in their pecan grove.

    0:15 Michael tries to roost the turkeys in his grove, but Christie interrupts things. ...

  • Best of Realtree Spring Thunder Week 7 | Old Turkeys and a Kid's First Gobbler

    Episode 65

    S3.E63. We're looking back at the past week of Spring Thunder hunts. These outings were filled with adrenaline-rich moments.

    1:30 Charlie "Chuck" Thomas goes after his first longbeard with Phillip Culpepper, Drake Lamb, and his dad Daniel. After a tough day of hunting, persistence eventually pay...

  • Bill and Tyler Jordan Go Turkey Hunting in Georgia | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 66

    S3.E65. Bill and Tyler Jordan share an afternoon hunt on Realtree Farms in Georgia. It's in one of Bill's favorite spots, "The Lane Field." Four longbeards are already in the open when they get there. Using the dark hardwoods to their advantage, the two hunters slip into position.

    0:05 Bill intr...

  • Best of Realtree Spring Thunder Week 8 | Vocal Toms and Charging Gobblers

    Episode 67

    S3.E67. The Spring Thunder crew chases wild turkeys across Georgia. The turkeys are losing ... badly. Check out the latest action.

    0:15 Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head northward to their friend Shayne Goddard's place in hopes of getting his daughter, Sydney Goddard, her first longbeard. Al...

  • Country Music Star Tyler Farr Goes Turkey Hunting | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 68

    S3.E66. Phillip Culpepper and company heads north to Tennessee to hunt with Tyler "Redneck Crazy" Farr. The country music star and fellow Buck Commander is loaded and ready for turkeys. Or is he? Something goes array.

    0:05 Phillip Culpepper loads up the Chevy for the last big road trip of the ye...

  • Tyler Farr Remembers to Load a Shell | Big Ole Gobbler | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 69

    S3.E68. Country music singer Tyler Farr remembers to load a shell this time. Then, they set up under a roosted bird. They're looking to rebound after yesterday's "Redneck Crazy" moment, when Farr forgot to rack in a load of TSS.

    0:25 Once again, Farr has a hard time waking up. Then, the crew rip...

  • Chasing Henned-Up Gobblers? Hunt Them in the Afternoon | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 70

    S3.E69. After Tyler Farr tags out, the crew finds another gobbling bird close to where Farr got his. It's across the property line and henned-up, though. They back out and try it again later that day, which quickly pays off with a tagged turkey.

    0:05 With Farr tagged out, they locate another bir...

  • Best of Realtree Spring Thunder Week 9 | Jordan Success and Tennessee Madness

    Episode 71

    S3.E70. We're looking at the hottest action from week No. 9 of turkey season. Bill and Tyler Jordan fill tags in Georgia. Culpepper gets down to business in Tennessee.

    2:30 Bill and Tyler Jordan share an afternoon hunt on Realtree Farms in Georgia. It's in one of Bill's favorite spots, "The Lane...

  • Double-Bearded Gobbler Off the Roost | Tennessee Birds | Realtree Spring thunder

    Episode 72

    S1.E71. Phillip is back after them on a cold Tennessee morning. Will they get it done right off the roost? They set up on the edge of a cattle pasture before daybreak and a textbook hunt unfolds.

    2:30 They set up and Culpepper starts calling to them on the roost. Several birds are fired up.


  • Crawl When You Can't Call | Hunting Henned-Up Turkeys | Realtree Spring Thunder

    Episode 73

    S3.E72. Phillip Culpepper teams back up with Tyler Farr to chase some Tennessee turkeys. It's getting right. Will they capitalize?

    0:10 Culpepper wakes up Tyler Farr for the morning hunt, and the Country Music Star has something to say about that.

    2:00 The sun starts to rise, but the turkeys ar...