Spring Thunder

Spring Thunder

7 Seasons

From the swamps of Florida, to the hills of Tennessee, join Team Realtree as they get after longbeards across the country.

Spring Thunder
  • 2-19-18: Pre-Season Scouting Tips, Trail Cam Strategies | Spring Thunder

    Episode 1

    Phillip Culpepper is hoping to get a head start on the Alabama birds with a pre-season scouting trip. He visits familiar spots and relives memorable hunts. With the season less than a month away, he also deploys Spartan trail cameras to scout remotely for him.

  • 2-26-18: Situational Calling Tactics, Big Strutters in the Open | Spring Thunder

    Episode 2

    Phillip Culpepper shares a few calling strategies that he likes to use in the turkey woods from calling to a roosted tom to calling to a gobbler that isn't answering. Then, we join him and Tyler Jordan as they encounter some turkeys in a field they are scouting.

  • 3-5-18: Controlled Burning for Turkey Habitat, Rhett Akins Hunt | Spring Thunder

    Episode 3

    We bring on certified forester John Stivers who explains how to safely conduct controlled burns. He talks about the wide range of benefits that these can provide to a property. We then flashback to a hunt with country singer/song writer Rhett Akins and Phillip Culpepper for a Florida double on a ...

  • 3-12-18: Close Call in Florida, Remembering Daryle Singletary | Spring Thunder

    Episode 4

    Patterning your shotgun is one of the most important things you can do prior to the start of turkey hunting. Tyler Jordan and Phillip Culpepper share a few tips and tactics on how to get the most out of your shotgun this spring. Then, after getting whooped for two days in Florida, finally, on day...

  • 3-19-18: Alabama Opener, Public Scouting, Georgia Youth Hunt | Spring Thunder

    Episode 5

    Tyler Jordan and Phillip Culpepper are on Facebook Live for the first few days of the season. The action is steady, but the guys just can't seem to tag a tom. Next, we head to Iowa to scout public land for the season opener in mid-April. Then, we join Phillip Culpepper as he takes on the Georgia ...

  • 3-26-18: Southern Turkey Hunting Success, Scouting in Iowa | Spring Thunder

    Episode 6

    We head to Mississippi with Chad Holmes for his first gobbler harvest of the season. Next, we pick it back up with Phillip Culpepper and Realtree sweepstakes winner, Luke Rinehart, as they endure tough hunting conditions, but finally capitalize on an Alabama longbeard. Then, Nate Hosie heads out ...

  • 4-2-18: A Georgia Triple, Three Birds Down | Spring Thunder

    Episode 7

    Phillip's good buddy Jeff Simmons takes a long-spurred bird. Hours later, Tyler Jordan is able to decoy in his first bird of the season. As the holiday weekend approaches, Phillip and his father, Roger Culpepper, head out for a Good Friday hunt they won't soon forget. Roger takes a tom that puts ...

  • 4-9-18: Nebraska Turkey Archery Season, Bowhunting Gobblers | Spring Thunder

    Episode 8

    Jared Mills and Josh Sparks head to Nebraska with their bows. Sparks is fortunate enough to fill his tag. Next, we take you on a Tennessee hunt with Jeremiah Roberson and his wife, Megan, where she takes a nice gobbler with her Remington.

  • 4-16-18: Public-Land Youth Success, Giant Georgia Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    Episode 9

    Tyler Jordan has success in Georgia, and tags his second bird of the 2018 season. Next, we head to Iowa where Josh Sparks and Drake Lamb have a great two-day stretch on public land, and take two brothers hunting during the youth season.

  • 4-23-18: Monster Public-Land Tom, A Big Banded Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    Episode 10

    Josh Sparks and Drake Lamb are in Iowa as Josh takes a gobbler on public land with his bow. Then, the action is fast in Tennessee: Lee Hughes and Sam Klement harvest a gobbler that is banded and has a radio transmitter. The next day, Phillip takes out U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, ...

  • 4-30-18: Combat Warrior Hunt | Roasted Strutter Off the Roost | Spring Thunder

    Episode 11

    Phillip Culpepper is in Kansas. He joins others and helps with the Combat Warriors Turkey Hunt. The mission of the Combat Warriors hunt is to honor and support, emotionally and financially, the commitment and courage of our veterans. Culpepper gets paired up with Gary Perkins and they are fortuna...

  • 5-7-18: Strutter at 5 Steps, Huge Canada Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    Episode 12

    Phillip Culpepper gets within give steps of a strutting gobbler with his Banded decoy nicknamed "Chief." He lets his Remington do the rest.  Then, we briefly visit Iowa as Matt Dykstra is able to wrap his tag around a nice tom. Finally, we join Tyler Jordan up in Canada for an awesome spot-and-st...

  • 5-14-18: Triple-Bearded Toms, A Big First Turkey | Spring Thunder

    Episode 13

    Enjoy these turkey hunts from Illinois and Iowa. One of them is a triple-bearded monster gobbler. Chris Loeh harvests the turkey of a lifetime. Olivia McManus puts down her first turkey ever in Iowa, and doubles with her husband Jason.

  • 5-21-18: 2018 Season Finale | Spring Thunder

    Episode 14

    This was a season of many ups and downs for the guys, but for sure one to remember. This week, we take a glance back at some of the most memorable hunts from the 2018 season, as this will be our last show of the spring. We thank you for watching and we look forward to bringing you much more in 2019.