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Small Town Hunting is a show inspired by you, the viewer. The lifestyle throughout small towns everywhere has always been the roots of the hunting culture. Cody, Chris and Keith bring it back to the ground level by documenting the lifestyle of hunting in a raw, cinematic style that we call, Small Town Hunting. After all, where ever you call home, there is a little small town in all of us.

Small Town Life
  • Public-Land Elk Hunting | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 1

    S1.E1. The Small Town Hunting crew kicks off season No. 5. They're heading to Powder River Outfitters in central Montana to chase elk on public land. This should be good.

    0:05 Keith Burgess is in the driver seat, and he's headed to pick up Chris Ashley with Cody Kelley.

    1:45 They gather their g...

  • Hunting Bugling Bulls in the Snow | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 2

    S1.E2. The Small Town Hunting crew is met with a foot of snow in the back country of Montana. The good news? Hunting with Powder River Outfitters, they are on some fired-up public-land bulls.

    0:05 They're on the hunt, and the guys hear a bull elk bugling in the meadow.

    2:00 Cody Kelley makes a ...

  • Chris Ashley Tags Biggest Antelope | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 3

    S1.E3. The Powder River in Montana is an incredible place to hunt, and this trip proves it. Chris Ashley gets his chance at his biggest antelope to date with a bow. It was super dry, and Ashley finds this stud antelope on a waterhole. Powder River Outfitters is the place to be.

    0:30 It's morning...

  • Big Montana Bucks Everywhere | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 4

    S1.E4. It's a beautiful Montana morning at Powder River Outfitters. Keith Burgess finds the perfect morning spot to catch these big Montana bucks in transition. They're coming back off of the alfalfa, and it looks like he picks the money trail. Bucks are everywhere (including in bow range).


  • Giant Antelope Marches 1,500 yards | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 5

    S1.E5. Small Town Hunting Loves Montana. Cody Kelley gets his chance at his largest antelope to date. There is nothing better than hunting a waterhole and watching one run in from 1,500 yards out ... all the way into bow range. What a hunt at Powder River Outfitters.

    1:00 Kelley is in the blind,...

  • 55-Yard Heart Shot | Chris Ashley's Montana Monster | Small Town Life

    Episode 6

    S1.E6. Chris Ashley is up to bat in Montana and has the perfect wind for the money spot. He gets a rare second chance. The bottomlands are incredible along the Powder River. You don't want to miss this episode.

    1:00 Ashley gears up and gets ready for the afternoon sit.

    2:30 He burns some time b...

  • Montana Drop-Tine Deer | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 7

    S1.E7. Cody Kelley tags a Montana drop-tine deer. It's down at 64 yards thanks to the Elite Remedy. The buck that came to be known as "Kickstand" finally falls. You can't beat Powder River Outfitters in September.

    1:00 Kelley is up to bat, and hopes to arrow a great Montana deer.

    6:00 A really ...

  • Keeping the Kentucky Streak Alive | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 8

    S1.E8. Cody Kelley has a multi-year kill streak going at Peanut's in Kentucky. He has no plans of stopping now. He tags out on his first sit. Well done, sir.

    0:30 They grab their gear, and walk to the ground blind. It's afternoon No. 1 in the Bluegrass state.

    2:45 They settle in, and wait for d...

  • Loading Up the Meat Wagon | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 9

    S1.E9. Keith Burgess is back in the old Kentucky tobacco barn. He's loading up the meat wagon with venison. He's keeping his streak alive, too.

    0:30 Burgess sprays down and gets ready for the afternoon sit.

    1:45 He settles into the barn blind, and waits for the afternoon temperatures to cool do...

  • 12-Ringing a Big Ol' Kentucky Buck | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 10

    S1.E10. Chris Ashley has an absolutely unbelievable hunt in Kentucky, and makes one heckuva bow shot. Pure luck ... we mean skill.

    0:30 They're set up overlooking a Backwoods Attraction food plot.

    2:00 It's really early in the afternoon, and a good buck is already entering the open.

    3:30 A bac...

  • Bowhunting Rutting Bucks | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 11

    S1.E11. The crew swaps its CVAs for Elite bows. Bucks are cruising and broadheads are flying. Keith Burgess makes the most of the Missouri rut, and takes home a good buck to show for it. There is something incredible about a deer coming through those midwestern timber, leaves crunching with each ...

  • A Full-Rut Kansas 7-Point Stud | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 12

    S1.E12. The Kansas whitetail rut is in full swing at KA-MO Outfitters. At first light, Keith Burgess has two bucks walk right in front of him. With the Elite Archery Remedy in hand, he decides to arrow the old bruiser 7-pointer. Come along and enjoy the madness.

    1:00 A stud walks into the open, ...

  • The Perfect Kansas Rut Hunt | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 13

    S1.E13. This is the perfect rut hunt. A cold November morning can be tough to beat at KA-MO Outfitters. Cody Kelley sees a big, mature Kansas buck cruising, and pulls out the Duel Game Calls grunt tube. The deer walks right into top-pin range. You have to love the Midwest.

    0:30 The sun rises, an...

  • Heading South of the Border | Small Town Life | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 14

    S1.E14. Chris Ashley hunts south of the border in Mexico. It's hot, but he connects on a monster buck. It's a magnificent 8-pointer.

    0:45 Settled in the blind, Ashley hopes to bag a buck, despite the warm weather.

    2:30 A really nice deer walks into the open, but it's too young. Then, the 8-poin...

  • Southern Whitetail Success | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 15

    S1.E15. Larry McCoy scores on a fantastic 10-pointer in Mexico. He finds himself sitting beside a great buck. It's a very symmetrical deer.

    1:00 McCoy is in Mexico, and he sees a really big deer coming. But he's on a management hunt, and this deer is off limits.

    1:45 A 10-pointer that he has cl...

  • Big 8-Pointer Shows Out | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 16

    S1.E16. Check out this Mexico 8-pointer. It puts on quite the display, and then Burgess launches an arrow. Dinner and a show.

    1:00 Burgess is behind his Elite bow, and hopes to capitalize on a frustrated buck.

    2:30 A great buck walks into range, and Burgess draws back. Perfect shot.

    4:45 The g...

  • Big Times 'n' Tall Tines in Mexico | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 17

    S1.E17. Along with the rest of the crew, Cody Kelley has some luck on a Mexico buck of his own. Deer down.

    0:45 Cody Kelley has to run off the cows before the deer can come in.

    2:15 Whitetails begin moving, and a tall, heavy buck enters bow range. Kelley draws and fires.

    5:00 After giving the ...

  • Mexico Keeps on Giving | Small Town Life | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 18

    S1.E18. Chris Ashley goes after his second Mexico buck of the season. He's pretty successful. Tag numero dos filled.

    1:00 Ashley is in the blind, and is going after a wide 8-pointer.

    3:00 A stud of a whitetail walks into the open, but again, they're on a management hunt. It's off limits.

    4:00 ...

  • Monster 5-Pointer Falls in Mexico | Larry McCoy's Second Buck | Small Town Life

    Episode 19

    S1.E19. Larry McCoy tags his second Mexico buck. It's a monster 5-pointer. What a cool, unique whitetail.

    1:00 There are several good bucks in the area, and McCoy is ready to launch an arrow.

    3:15 He draws back on the giant 5-pointer, and the arrow strikes true.

    5:00 They take up the track and...

  • The Elite Train Keeps Chugging | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 20

    S1.E20. Keith Burgess tags his second Mexico buck of the trip. It's the end to a series of great hunts.

    0:45 Burgess is up to bat yet again, and he means to capitalize on any opportunity he gets.

    2:30 Deer are moving pretty well, and he's just waiting for the right buck.

    3:30 The deer he is lo...

  • A Monster Muzzleloader Buck | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 21

    S1.E21. Cody Kelley travels to Iowa and tags an Iowa mega giant. Follow along as monster meets muzzleloader.

    1:00 Kelley is in the box blind, and hopes to connect on a big deer he spotted the afternoon before. It's a good one.

    4:30 Deer are moving, and Kelley just needs the right buck to walk w...

  • A Big Clean Typical Hits the Dirt | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 22

    S1.E22. Keith Burgess tags a monster buck in Iowa. It is a really big typical. You rarely see deer like this one. Game on.

    1:30 Burgess in in Iowa, and good things happen there for deer hunters.

    3:45 Deer are piling into the food plot. Will Burgess get a shot at a deer he likes?

    6:45 The guys ...

  • Non-Typical Southern Slammer | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 23

    S1.E23. Cody Kelley takes down a stud in Mississippi. For the South (or anywhere), this is a once-in-a-lifetime buck. What a giant.

    1:15 Kelley is in the blind. He's after a deer nicknamed "Stickers," and he has been chasing this deer for awhile. Needless to say, he's lost some sleep over it.


  • Bowhunting Southern Style | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    Episode 24

    S1.E24. Larry McCoy hunts Mississippi with his bow. He connects on a great whitetail. Deer down. What a hunt.

    1:30 After spending some time on stand, McCoy is back at it again, and hopes today is the day he connects on a big southern buck.

    4:15 A nice buck steps into view. McCoy decides it's th...