Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH

Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH

2 Seasons

All Things Hunting-ATH is an action packed, as real as it gets hunting series featuring the highs and lows of true hunting experiences across the country. Follow Browning pros, Kyle Barefield and Cole Barthel, across the Deep South centered around Simmons Sporting Goods in Louisiana and across the West chasing whatever Big Game and waterfowl is in season. Realtree Pros, husband and wife team, Josh and Krysten McDaniel are after heart-pounding big Midwestern whitetails in the fall and turkeys in the spring. And turkey calling Champion, Anthony Virga, brings you gripping deer and turkey hunting from the far Northeast. Check in weekly as they show you reality based hunts from across the nation that will make you feel like you are on the hunt with team ATH.

Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH
  • Boone & Crockett Redemption | Monster Buck Down | All Things Hunting

    Episode 5

    On opening weekend of bow season, Cole Barthel shot right under a 170-inch 12-pointer. He spent the rest of the early season looking for redemption, but with no luck. During rifle season, he went back after the buck, and had another encounter where the deer slipped away. So, a few days later, the...

  • Giant 9-Pointers | Monster Oklahoma Bucks | All Things Hunting

    Episode 4

    Ryan Norwood and his son, Quay, are in camp. The guys are hunting late into the Oklahoma rifle season. Later on, Kyle Barefield joins them after killing the 165-inch L buck. Soon, they have two more heart-pounding hunts. These spot-and-stalk-style, on-the-ground pursuits cap off an unbelievably g...

  • The 165-inch L Buck | Huge Oklahoma Deer | All Things Hunting

    Episode 3

    Its rifle season in Oklahoma, and the year has been incredibly dry. Water sources are now just as important as bedding and food for killing a mature whitetail. Kyle Barefield finds a small pond that is not quite dried up yet, and it looks to have a lot of deer activity. He sets up a stand, and la...

  • A Big, Trashy 8-Pointer | Crazy Antler Character | All Things Hunting

    Episode 2

    In 2018, a buck walked in on Kyle Barefield that was very unique. He was a high-and-tight 8-point that had stickers on his G2s and G3s, scoring around 125 inches. He let the deer walk as a 3 1/2-year-old, hoping he would become something special in the years to come. And special he became. The “S...

  • 3 Big Bow Bucks | Early Archery Season Success l All Things Hunting

    Episode 1

    Kyle Barefield and Cole Barthel are hunting Oklahoma whitetails during the opening of bow season. Good friends Chris Griffin, and brothers Jordan and Maddie Wiggins, are in camp all chasing big bucks. They start off with some doe management. Then, they end up with three great hunts for big wester...