Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH

Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH

2 Episodes

All Things Hunting-ATH is an action packed, as real as it gets hunting series featuring the highs and lows of true hunting experiences across the country. Follow Browning pros, Kyle Barefield and Cole Barthel, across the Deep South centered around Simmons Sporting Goods in Louisiana and across the West chasing whatever Big Game and waterfowl is in season. Realtree Pros, husband and wife team, Josh and Krysten McDaniel are after heart-pounding big Midwestern whitetails in the fall and turkeys in the spring. And turkey calling Champion, Anthony Virga, brings you gripping deer and turkey hunting from the far Northeast. Check in weekly as they show you reality based hunts from across the nation that will make you feel like you are on the hunt with team ATH.

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Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH
  • Hunting Free-Range Texas Axis Deer | Using the 6.8 Western | All Things Hunting

    Episode 1

    Kyle Barefield and Cole Barthel head to Sonora, Texas to hunt free-range whitetails and axis deer. Hunting with the Simmons crew, they’re shooting a brand new cartridge from Browning -- the 6.8 Western. They have a chance at three big axis deer on their hunt, and have to use different strategy’s ...

  • Setting Up for Deer Season | Illinois and New York Deer | All Things Hunting

    Episode 2

    S1.E2. Josh McDaniel is in Illinois working on a property where he killed a big 8 with his bow last season during the rut. Anthony Virga is in New York spraying food plots, putting out trail cameras, and looking for new hunting spots.

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