Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH

Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH

17 Episodes

All Things Hunting-ATH is an action packed, as real as it gets hunting series featuring the highs and lows of true hunting experiences across the country. Follow Browning pros, Kyle Barefield and Cole Barthel, across the Deep South centered around Simmons Sporting Goods in Louisiana and across the West chasing whatever Big Game and waterfowl is in season. Realtree Pros, husband and wife team, Josh and Krysten McDaniel are after heart-pounding big Midwestern whitetails in the fall and turkeys in the spring. And turkey calling Champion, Anthony Virga, brings you gripping deer and turkey hunting from the far Northeast. Check in weekly as they show you reality based hunts from across the nation that will make you feel like you are on the hunt with team ATH.

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Simmons' All Things Hunting - ATH
  • Hunting Free-Range Texas Axis Deer | Using the 6.8 Western | All Things Hunting

    Episode 1

    S1.E1. Kyle Barefield and Cole Barthel head to Sonora, Texas, to hunt free-range whitetails and axis deer. Hunting with the Simmons crew, they’re shooting a brand new cartridge from Browning -- the 6.8 Western. They have a chance at three big axis deer on their hunt, and have to use different str...

  • Setting Up for Deer Season | Illinois and New York Deer | All Things Hunting

    Episode 2

    S1.E2. Josh McDaniel is in Illinois working on a property where he killed a big 8 with his bow last season during the rut. Anthony Virga is in New York spraying food plots, putting out trail cameras, and looking for new hunting spots.

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  • Hannah Barron Hog Hunting | Big Pig Down | All Things Hunting

    Episode 2

    S1.E2. Hannah Barron hog hunts with ATH in Texas. Kyle and Cole head to Texas during some unseasonably warm weather and get into the hogs with their bows. After a few days of hunting, special guest and friend, Hannah Barron, shows up in camp to see if she can top their work with a brand new Brown...

  • A Big Muzzleloader Buck | Prepping for Fall | All Things Hunting

    Episode 3

    S1.E3. Josh McDaniel is on his lease in Indiana. He's checking his treestands and cutting shooting lanes. Then, he reflects on a monster buck from the previous season. He walks you through the hunt as seen through the lens filmed by his wife Krysten.

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  • Krysten McDaniel's Kansas Droptine Buck | All Things Hunting

    Episode 4

    S1.E4. Josh McDaniel is on his lease showing you his strategy for cutting shooting lanes in preparation for the season. Then, we reflect on a huge droptine buck Krysten killed in Kansas with her bow last season.

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  • Dark Horn Ups and Downs | A Big Rifle Buck Down | All Things Hunting

    Episode 5

    S1.E5. Cole Barthel is hunting the muzzleloader season in Oklahoma on a snowy morning. Kyle Barefield is filming him hunt a giant dark-horned 8-point whitetail. An errant shot leaves them wondering if the deer will survive, but Kyle’s wife Stevie gets a chance a few weeks later during the rifle s...

  • A Big Oklahoma Rifle Buck on the River | All Things Hunting

    Episode 6

    S1.E6. Cole, Kyle, and friends spend some time in the summer hauling a Banks Shooting house across the river by hand and setting it up for the upcoming rifle season. The hard work pays off when Cole and Kyle find themselves back in the blind on a snowy morning when a heavy-antlered buck comes off...

  • Colorado Mule Deer (Part 1) | Kyle's Muley Buck | All Things Hunting

    Episode 7

    S1.E7. Kyle and Cole take a break from hunting whitetails and go to western Colorado to chase big mule deer with the 6.8 Western. In Part 1, Kyle is on the gun with Cole filming. They try to learn a new piece of property and get a chance at Kyle's biggest mule deer ever.

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  • Colorado Mule Deer (Part 2) | Cole's Buck | All Things Hunting

    Episode 8

    S1.E8. In Part 2, Cole and Kyle switch places with the gun and camera. With shooting light fading, Cole closes the distance on his first mule deer, and a monster at that.

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  • Texas Deer Camp | Hunting Big Whitetails | All Things Hunting

    Episode 9

    S1.E9. Kyle and Cole are headed to one of their favorite places in TX to deer hunt. They arrive at Holton Deer Hunts in Abilene, Texas. They are joined by good friends, Ryan and Jacob Norwood, Jeff Simmons, and the rest of the crew for a few days of great hunting and fellowship. Also, they knock ...

  • Fighting Bucks and Nasty Rattlesnakes | All Things Hunting

    Episode 10

    S1.E10. Kyle is in Texas at Holton Deer Hunts, and is joined in camp by Ryan Norwood from ATH and Chris Griffin from Realtree. They pick up the rattling horns, chase big bucks, and look back at a hunt from 2017 where Kyle and Paul Holton killed a 160-incher from the ground. Ryan Norwood and Chris...

  • Big Boar Hogs in Texas | Two Hogzillas Down | All Things Hunting

    Episode 12

    S1.E12. Kyle Barefield is in Texas checking feeders and discovers they are covered up with hogs. There is only one thing to do: Shoot them. He goes from feeder to feeder shooting hogs with ARs and the 6.8 Western and lucks up and kills a huge boar covered in mud. His wife Stevie also gets in on t...

  • 2022 Turkey Season Kick Off | Reflecting on Past Hunts | All Things Hunting

    Episode 13

    S1.E13. Turkey season is right around the corner. This week, we are looking back at three past hunts that good friend and ATH team member Anthony Virga was quarterbacking. Anthony and Kyle kill birds in Texas. Next, Kyle introduces the guns and ammo that they used on those hunts. Then, we look ba...

  • New Mexico Longbeards | Three Successful Hunts | All Things Hunting

    Episode 14

    S1.E14. For week No. 2 of the 2022 turkey season, Kyle and Cole head to New Mexico to hunt big longbeards. They're in the field with Jeff and Hunter Simmons from Simmons Sporting Goods. They set out to film Kyle and Cole’s first successful New Mexico turkey hunts. All of them have a blast chasing...

  • Louisiana Long-and-Short-Beards | Pressured Turkey Hunting | All Things Hunting

    Episode 15

    S1.E15. For week No. 3 of the 2022 turkey season, Kyle and Cole head back home for some Louisiana turkey hunting with good friend Tommy Huggins. They have success on three different hunts but have to work for it while hunting pressured turkeys. The turkeys just don't cooperate. Then, the team sto...

  • Indiana long beards | All Things Hunting

    Episode 16

    Josh and Krysten McDaniel are hunting Indiana at their annual turkey camp hunt for the year. The temp is near freezing with snow on the ground for opening day but the gobblers are still hot. Both have filled their tags along with friend Nick Fusco before the hunts are over.

  • Texas Turkeys | Getting Gobblers with Friends | All Things Hunting

    Episode 17

    S1.E17. Kyle Barefield and Cole Barthel are hunting with Friends Paul Holton and family from Holton Deer hunts and Holton Cattle Co. in Abilene, Texas. A swing and a miss on a big tom gets them started off rough, though. Fortunately, the action stays hot, and turkeys fall over the course of the n...