Realtree Road Trips

Realtree Road Trips

8 Seasons

Realtree Road Trips - This series will follow the near live format so get ready for a wild ride as the rowdy Realtree Road Trips crew travel down North America’s dirt roads, highways and byways taking whitetail, elk, turkey, and waterfowl Realtree style. This show will share all aspects of the hunting experience: land maintenance, managing whitetails, hunting strategies, patterning bucks, and season long stories as we share the knowledge and tradition of deer hunting.

Road Trips is a multi-level, community based platform designed to engage all who share this passion. Through a combination of social media, and various video platforms, we will give hunters of all experience levels a place to strengthen their whitetail knowledge, and heart-pumping hunting action with Tyler Jordan and his friends such as Bart and Blair Goins, Riley Green, Greg Camp, Austin Riley along with many others!

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Realtree Road Trips
  • A Crazy Turkey Hunt | Giant Nebraska Gobblers | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 11

    S4.E11. The Realtree team meets up with Ole Miss friends Keith Carter and Ken Crain, as well as Mr. Doug from Pivotal Partners, for a Merriam's and Rio turkey hunt in northern Nebraska. The action is fast and furious. Day No. 1 brought three gobblers for team Carter/Crain. On day No. 2, the actio...

  • Hunting Without a Turkey Decoy | Scouting Mission Pays Off | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 10

    S5.E10. Tyler Jordan goes on a scout mission to find where a group of turkeys that have been giving him the run around, were roosting. After sneaking in and seeing a couple longbeards on a spartan camera, he had a pretty good idea where to start the next morning. It brought very little gobbling, ...

  • Hunt Sweepstakes Winner | Turkeys For Tomorrow | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 9

    S5.E9. Tyler Jordan hosts Turkeys For Tomorrow (TFT) hunt sweepstakes winner Troy Martin from Kentucky on a hunt at Realtree Farms. The morning started off good with warmer temperatures and multiple turkeys gobbling on the roost. After setting up in the hardwoods on the edge of a field, a few lon...

  • UFC Fighter Thug Nasty Tackles Turkeys | Captain Hook Down | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 8

    S5.E8. UFC's Bryce "Thug Nasty" Mitchell heads down to Realtree Farms to hunt with Tyler Jordan and Michael Waddell. The hunt for Bryce's first turkey starts out in a gobbling frenzy, but no gobbler wants to commit to their setup. Later on, the guys hop on the carts and burn up the roads in hopes...

  • We Got a Double with One Gun! | Opening Weekend in Georgia | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 6

    S4.E6. After multiple close encounters on the first day of the season, Tyler Jordan decides to try a different farm and let his little brother tag along. A few early gobbles were heard in the distance, but the action didn't heat up until later in the morning when Tyler struck a couple birds close...

  • A 20-Yard Miss! | Opening Weekend in Alabama | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 5

    Tyler Jordan hunts with Drew Keith on Riley Green's farm. They get on gobblers right off the bat, but they quickly henned-up right off the roost. After a short game plan on the last morning, they decide to head up to a knob where they had seen multiple longbeards. They set up, yelped a few times,...

  • A Big Florida Osceola Falls | Cameraman Almost Missed It | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 1

    S4.E1. Tyler Jordan hunts Osceola turkeys right outside of Myakka, Florida. After a tough stretch hunting in Mississippi, the crew heads back down to Florida to try to get some momentum going again. After a tough start to the hunt, Jordan is joined by Austin Riley of the Atlanta Braves on a diffe...

  • Tyler's Turkey Hunting Essentials | What's in the Vest? | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 1

    S4.E1. The season is almost here! Tyler Jordan shares all the things he will not leave home without and all the essentials for his Alps turkey hunting vest. Let's see what he carries to the turkey woods.

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  • Riley Green Hunts All of Our Turkeys | 3 Hunts in 3 States | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 2

    S3.E2. First, in a flashback to March of 2020, Riley Green invades Realtree Farms. After a successful facebook live hunt earlier that morning, Tyler Jordan and Green set out after a couple mid-day gobblers.

    Next, in March of 2020, Austin Riley goes after his first turkey with Tyler Jordan and Br...

  • Hunting During MLB Spring Training | Austin Riley Hunts Turkeys | Road Trips

    Episode 1

    S3.E1. We enjoy a flashback to Florida in 2021 when Austin Riley and Tyler Jordan hunted Osceolas. After a successful opening day, Tyler Jordan meets up with good friend and hunting buddy Austin Riley of the Atlanta Braves for an Osceola turkey gobbling frenzy. Some gobblers are tough to work. Ot...

  • Realtree Road Trips Spring 2022 Teaser

    Turkey season is right around the corner. Are you excited about everything 2022 has in store? Let's kick off this season in grand fashion.

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