Realtree Road Trips

Realtree Road Trips

Realtree Road Trips - This series will follow the near live format so get ready for a wild ride as the rowdy Realtree Road Trips crew travel down North America’s dirt roads, highways and byways taking whitetail, elk, turkey, and waterfowl Realtree style. This show will share all aspects of the hunting experience: land maintenance, managing whitetails, hunting strategies, patterning bucks, and season long stories as we share the knowledge and tradition of deer hunting.

Raod Trips is a multi-level, community based platform designed to engage all who share this passion. Through a combination of social media, and various video platforms, we will give hunters of all experience levels a place to strengthen their whitetail knowledge, and heart-pumping hunting action with Tyler Jordan and his friends such as Bart and Blair Goins, Riley Green, Greg Camp, Austin Riley along with many others!

Realtree Road Trips
  • A Lone Star Double | Two Texas Giants Tagged | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E30. The Road Trips crew heads southward to Texas to hunt with Mike Stroff. As usual, Riley Green breaks the ice with the first buck of the trip. Then, Tyler Jordan is right behind him with a tall-tined 10 of his own. Austin Riley is in camp, too. The train keeps rolling.

    1:00 They arrive in ...

  • Dialing In on an Illinois Giant | Hunting Rutting Bucks | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E31. Blair Goins is in Illinois. His sights are set on some giant target bucks. Will he get one of them? Let's find out.

    1:00 Goins arrives in Illinois.

    3:00 Not seeing many deer, he decides to have a little fun.

    6:00 A couple of bucks step into the open, and then duke it out.

    7:00 Goins s...

  • Tyler Jordan's Biggest Buck Ever | Drake and Riley Tag Out | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E28. This week's episode takes place at the famed Honey Brake in Louisiana. Drake White kicks things off with a big 8-pointer, capping off an amazing comeback story for him. Riley Green continues his hot streak and takes a target buck. Finally, Tyler Jordan rounds out the incredible trip with ...

  • Tyler Jordan's Huge Kansas Deer | Bowhunting Rutting Bucks | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E27. After playing it smart on their morning hunt, Tyler Jordan and Bryan Brown move in for the afternoon sit, hoping to finally catch up to their target. The deer move early, and it isn't long before a Kansas monster heads their way. Jordan wraps his archery tag around a mature Kansas deer. T...

  • Hunting in the Land of Oz | Chasing a Kansas Giant | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E26. Tyler Jordan and Bryan Brown battle the winds in Kansas with their sights set on a giant whitetail. The guys use intel from their Spartan trail cams to make adjustments. Will they catch up to a cruising giant?

    0:05 We check out a few quick clips from the episode, including one mishap.


  • Bart's First Buck of the Year | Deer Hunting in Tennessee | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E29. After a tough grind, Bart Goins finally capitalizes, and bags a big Volunteer State buck. It's a wide, mature 8-pointer.

    1:00 Back in Tennessee, the Goins brothers are hoping to connect on a good one.

    3:15 The buck parade continues, but none of them quite meet standards.

    4:15 A doe ste...

  • Tyler Jordan's Big 8 From the Ground | Texas Deer Hunting | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E25. After Riley Green took a great buck in Texas, it's now Tyler's turn. Despite the warm weather, the guys brush in a ground blind in hopes of catching a mature buck looking for love. Shortly before dark, the buck that Tyler was set on makes an appearance. The crew stays hot in Texas, and J...

  • Riley Green's Lone Star 10 | Deer Hunting the Texas Rut | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E24. Riley Green and Tyler Jordan are in Texas a little early this year. They're hoping to find some big bucks out searching for does. After a tempting encounter with an 8-pointer, Green gets his shot on a beautiful 10-pointer.

    1:00 The guys arrive in Texas and line up their boom sticks.


  • Austin Riley Hits a Homer | Making Some Nebraska Magic | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E23. Austin Riley is in Nebraska, and he's looking for his first buck of the year. With a cold front moving through, the guys slip into a Redneck blind for the evening sit. It isn't long before they encounter the big 9-pointer they saw the day before.

    1:00 Riley arrives in camp, and he's read...

  • Breaking the Kentucky Curse | A Bluegrass Bow Buck Double | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E22. Tyler Jordan and Bryan Brown head north to their Kentucky Lease. The rut is heating up. Brown is up to bat first, and Tyler jumps behind the lens. The weather is perfect for this road trip. Let's go.

    1:00 Jordan previews the hunt, and Brown gets excited -- he's up to bat.

    2:15 They arri...

  • Targeting an Alabama Bruiser | Goins Fills a Deer Tag | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E26. Battling through a tough season, Bart Goins hunts his home turf of Alabama. He hopes to catch up with his first buck of the season.

    1:00 It's game time in Alabama. Goins is hoping to score.

    1:30 We learn a few baiting tips from Goins.

    3:00 Now in the treestand, he intros the hunt.


  • The Quest for Fishhook | Deer Hunting in Alabama | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E28. Bart Goins is back home in Alabama. He hopes to catch up to a familiar face. The buck he calls "Fishhook" has been very active on camera, and Goins has a feeling his days are numbered.

    0:45 Goins is making plans to move in on the buck he calls Fishhook.

    2:45 The sun is shining in Alabam...

  • Riley Green's Nebraska Buck | Deer Hunting in the Snow | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E21. After filling one tag in the Cornhusker State, Riley Green makes another trip up to Nebraska. This time, he is faced with much different weather conditions. There is a fresh layer of snow on the ground, and he couldn't be happier about it.

    0:05 Green is back after them, and hopes to conn...

  • We're Back for Revenge | Bowhunting Illinois Monarchs | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E19. Blair Goins heads back up to Illinois. He's trying to catch up with a deer he missed a few weeks ago. With November ahead of him, he has high hopes of getting it done on his favorite target buck.

    0:05 Bart Goins is in Illinois, and he's hoping to fill his tag on a deer he missed awhile b...

  • Tyler Tags a Grigsby Stud | Hunting the Rut in Illinois | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E20. Tyler Jordan's road trip continues in Illinois. The guys head to the legendary Grigsby Farm. After multiple encounters with a big deer, Jordan is finally able to put a great buck on the ground.

    0:05 Jordan arrives in Illinois deer camp at the Grigsby.

    2:45 Jordan meets up with Mike Stro...

  • Legendary Whitetail Falls | Spot and Stalking on the Milk | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E18. Tyler Jordan heads back to the Milk River in hopes of catching up with a buck they call “Hightower." After spotting the buck from 400 yards away, Jordan decides to plan a spot-and-stalk effort to get in range of it. Crawling through the snow in frigid temperatures proved the right decisio...

  • The Stage Is Set | Opening Day of the Alabama Deer Season | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E17. Bart Goins is excited to hunt after patiently awaiting opening day of deer season in Alabama. After planting some food plots a week prior, there is a timely cold front moving in, and Goins hopes to catch a buck they call “Fish Hook” on its feet.

    1:00 Goins heads to the Alabama farm to ge...

  • Target Bucks Everywhere | A Last-Day Hail Mary | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E16. Tyler Jordan has a few close encounters with target deer, then decides to hunt a new area. The cool temperatures have the bucks on their feet, which makes for a great end to the hunt.

    1:30 Dirty Shawn proves how clutch he is when he makes the 12-hour trip from Nebraska to Montana to deli...

  • Mission On the Milk | Boat Access, Buck Decoys, and More | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E15. Tyler Jordan tries to close the distance on a Montana target buck by using a boat for access. With only a couple days left to hunt, Jordan uses aggressive tactics to get these bucks within bow range.

    0:45 Still in Montana, he's trying to tag a big deer on the Milk River.

    1:00 In the gro...

  • Hunting Cramer | Seeking Midwestern Redemption | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E14. After missing a buck they call “Cramer," Blair Goins seeks redemption the last two days in Illinois. With November right around the corner, the Goins brothers are looking forward to coming back to Illinois to hunt some of their target bucks.

    1:00 Blair is working on putting out a scrape ...

  • Big Racks and Big Heartbreaks | Bowhunting Illinois Deer | Realtree Road Trips

    The Goins brothers head to Illinois for their annual hunting trip. With plenty of food on the farm, they have high expectations for opening day. It doesn't take long before Blair has an opportunity at a great buck. But big racks and upsets await them.

    1:00 Bart Goins picks up his friend, Cupcake...

  • Chasing a Milk River Giant | Bowhunting Montana Whitetails | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E12. Tyler Jordan heads to Montana, which is one of his favorite trips of the year. The Milk River is a very special place to the Realtree crew, and it doesn't take long before they spot a giant. Will they close the distance? Find out now.

    0:05 Jordan makes the long trip to Montana, and preps...

  • Tyler Jordan's Bachelor Party | A Funny, Priceless Prank | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E11. Tyler Jordan and his best buddies head down to Honey Break for a bachelor weekend in Louisiana. Not only do they kill the teal but some of the guys learn to never skip a hunt unless you want to be pranked.

    1:15 Things kick off with Jordan giving several of his buddies a hard time for sle...

  • The Redemption Buck | Riley Green Goes Back to Nebraska | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E10. Riley Green heads back to Nebraska to give it one last try on some of the target deer he was hunting a few weeks prior. It doesn’t take long before he has an opportunity at a big Nebraska shooter. Game on.

    1:00 Green is back in Nebraska, and they do a little scouting before jumping back ...