Realtree Road Trips

Realtree Road Trips

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Realtree Road Trips - This series will follow the near live format so get ready for a wild ride as the rowdy Realtree Road Trips crew travel down North America’s dirt roads, highways and byways taking whitetail, elk, turkey, and waterfowl Realtree style. This show will share all aspects of the hunting experience: land maintenance, managing whitetails, hunting strategies, patterning bucks, and season long stories as we share the knowledge and tradition of deer hunting.

Road Trips is a multi-level, community based platform designed to engage all who share this passion. Through a combination of social media, and various video platforms, we will give hunters of all experience levels a place to strengthen their whitetail knowledge, and heart-pumping hunting action with Tyler Jordan and his friends such as Bart and Blair Goins, Riley Green, Greg Camp, Austin Riley along with many others!

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Realtree Road Trips
  • Early Season VELVET MONSTER | Chipper Jones FIRST Georgia Buck | Triple Threat

    Chipper Jones heads down to Harris County, Georgia to hunt with the rest of the Road Trips crew. On day 2 of his hunt, he moves into a ground blind on Realtree Farms. The move proved to be the right one as a buck nicknamed “Triple Threat” stayed consistent on his summer pattern and offered Chippe...

  • Unexpected GIANT During A Doe Hunt | Was This A Mistake?

    After a successful opening weekend, the crew heads out to work on controlling the doe population only to have an encounter with a huge 8 point. Should Bryan have shot??

  • GEORGIA GIANT Hits The Dirt | Archery Season MONSTER | Realtree Road Trips

    After a slow opening day with hot, humid temperatures, the focus shifts back to "Big Heavy" on day 2 of bow season. Chipper Jones joins Tyler in camp at Realtree Farms on September 10th to try his luck on a Georgia giant as well. A quick tweak to Tyler's tree stand location proves to be the right...

  • Georgia OPENING DAY 2023 | Hunting a GIANT BUCK | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 7

    The Georgia Bow Season Opener is finally here and the Road Trip crew is hitting the woods. After months of prep work the guys use the two days before the season to make final adjustments before hitting the woods.

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  • Buck Killed in 35 MPH WIND! | LAST CHANCE Target Buck In Nebraska

    Episode 7

    The crew needed a weather change to get the bucks on their feet before shooting light ended in Nebraska. They got their wish. Highs in the 100's changed to highs in the 60's and sustained 30 MPH winds! Check out Pitts' 5th day hunt for the target buck he's been after all week!


  • 20 Yards AGAIN?!? | Shooter Buck in RANGE | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 4

    The Big 8 Shows up once again in front of Pitts, will he be able to get a shot this time or will the deer give him the slip for the 4th day in a row.

    #realtree #realtreeroadtrips #monsterbucks

  • BUCKS and BACKSTRAPS | Day 3 in NEBRASKA | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 3

    Day 3 in Nebraska and despite the extreme heat the bucks are on their feet. Michael Pitts, Ben McDonald and Bryan Brown hit the woods hoping to fill their opening week tags.

    #realtree #realtreeroadtrips #nebraksa #timber2table

  • VELVET OPENING Week Buck | Doves and Bucks | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 3

    The ice is finally broken in Nebraska!! Brent Purvis, pastor of Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, GA goes after his first ever velvet buck. The crew also dove hunts in the morning and cooks up some Timber to Table Dove poppers.

    #realtree #realtreeroadtrips #nebraskahunting

  • OPENING DAY Nebraska 23 | Big Bucks and Rutting Bulls | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 2

    Opening Day of Deer Season 2023 is finally here and the Realtree Road Trips crew are ready to hit the whitetail woods bow hunting in Nebraska. It's unseasonably hot but the bucks are still hitting the fields before dark. Follow along daily as the guys chase these Nebraska monster bucks!!


  • We're BACK in NEBRASKA | 2023 DEER Kickoff | Realtree Road Trips

    Episode 1

    The Road Trips crew is back in Nebraska and ready to kick off the 2023 deer season. Bryan Brown, Michael Pitts, Ben McDonald and Pastor Brent Purvis are ready to put boots on the ground with Shawn Heyden to locate some shooter bucks for opening day. Be sure to like and subscribe to our channel ...