Our Favorite Turkey Hunts

Our Favorite Turkey Hunts

Turkey season is right around the corner and we are getting fired up. Check out some of the top turkey hunts from Spring Thunder, Road Trips, Hunt Club, and more!

Our Favorite Turkey Hunts
  • 2021 Turkey Hunt of the Year | Big 12 O'Clock Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    S4.E16. The guys head back to Georgia and Brady Dearth is back with the Spring Thunder crew. He's looking for his 2nd gobbler. After four longbeards come in and don't offer a shot, the guys stick it out until noon and find a longbeard by himself.

    1:15 Culpepper guides Dearth afield, and the boy ...

  • An Opening-Day Osceola | Southern Turkey Hunting At Its Finest | Spring Thunder

    S4.E1. Finally, the 2021 turkey season is here. The earliest turkey that is legal to hunt is in South Florida, and that's where Phillip Culpepper and the guys are headed. Things get up close and personal on the first morning of the season.

    1:30 Culpepper is getting ready for turkey season. He's ...

  • The Undertaker's First Turkey | WWE Superstar vs. Big Bird | Realtree Road Trips

    S2.E6. Tyler Jordan takes Mark Calaway, better known as "The Undertaker," turkey hunting in Alabama. The hunt starts out slow, but the action picks up late during the first hunt.

    On day No. 2, it takes off again, and they find a willing gobbler late in the morning. Calaway fills his second tag. ...

  • Michael Waddell Calls In Henned-Up Longbeard

    S3.E61. Bone Collector's Michael Waddell joins Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb in Alabama. Waddell has known Culpepper since he started at Realtree at the age of 16. The two together are a deadly combo in the turkey woods. It's going to be a bona fide riot.

    0:10 The boys meet up, crack a few jo...

  • Little Sister Is on the Board | Giant Georgia Gobbler Down | Realtree Road Trips

    S2.E3. Tyler Jordan's little sister Graycen is up to bat for the opening weekend of the Georgia season. After getting on a few birds at daylight, they finally catch up to a gobbler with hens, and it's fired up.

    0:45 It's breaking daylight, and the group is set up and ready to make it happen.


  • Coyote Attacks Decoy At 8 Yards | Predator Control | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E38. Bryan Brown and Tyler Jordan head back to Alabama for another bout with birds. It's a warm overcast morning in search of three longbeards that are known to roost on a pine ridge that runs along Mill creek. During the hunt, they're surprised by a coyote as it attacks their H.S. decoy short...

  • Tyler's Birthday Bird | Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting | Realtree Road Trips

    S2.E1. Tyler Jordan and crew point the Road Trips battle wagon southward for a little opening day Florida turkey action. Taylor at B and B Outfitters has a perfect location scouted out, and it proves to be loaded with turkeys. Things happen fast and after a small malfunction, Jordan is able to ge...

  • Things Going Wrong in the Turkey Woods | Cameraman Mishap | Hunt United

    S3.E2. Sometimes things go wrong while hunting, and when they do, it's always the cameraman's fault, right?

    0:05 Slade Priest scouts on turkey season eve.

    3:00 They start the morning hunt, and birds are gobbling.

    4:00 We take a look at a featured property for sale, courtesy of Realtree United ...

  • Country Music Singer Riley Green | Big Gobbler Down | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E27. Tyler Jordan and Riley Green try to tag two birds on Facebook Live at Realtree Farms in Georgia. Jordan roosts a group of longbeards the night before the hunt. At daylight, the team slips into the area, but it's slow at first. Finally, the group of gobblers gets fired up. Seven longbeards...

  • Texas Rio At 6 Steps | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    S2.E3. Cody Kelly bags a Texas turkey a mere six steps away. It's an in-your-face hunt you shouldn't miss.

    1:00 Kelley and Burgess head to the turkey woods.

    3:00 After a bit, two strutters walk right in to their setup.

    4:00 One bird falls, and it's buddy comes back to beat up on it.

    6:15 The ...

  • Incredible Maine Gobbler Action | Northeastern Turkey Hunting | Hunt Club

    S1.E51. Hunt Club heads northward. Phillip Culpepper wraps up turkey season with good buddy, Drake Lamb, among others. It's a day for the books in Maine.

    0:05 They meet up with the Cobbett family.

    1:30 The crew tries to locate a turkey, and they do.

    6:30 They spot the gobbler they've been chas...

  • Giant Gobby Down | Drake Lamb's Tags His First Osceola | Hunt Club

    S1.E48. Drake Lamb heads to Florida for the first time. He's in hot pursuit of an Osceola wild turkey. The guys start day No. 1 off with a busted beak, but they aren't finished yet. Realtree's Spring Thunder producer, Drake Lamb, makes his Hunt Club debut and goes after his first Osceola.

    0:30 T...

  • Triple-Bearded Texas Rio Grande | Small Town Life (2021) | Small Town Hunting

    S2.E5. Cody Kelley gets it done on a big gobbler, and it has a whopping total of three beards. A stud turkey, no doubt.

    1:00 They arrive at a new hunting location, and get set up on the edge of a field (right behind a house).

    2:45 A big gobbler works into view, and heads toward the hunters.


  • Long-Spurred Georgia Birds | Riley Green, Tyler Jordan | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E29. After striking out during the early morning pursuit, they finally find a couple lonely toms. The birds are hot, and Tyler Jordan and Riley Green double up in the burnt Georgia pines on Realtree Farms.

    1:15: Turkeys are gobbling, and everyone scrambles to find a tree to plop down against....

  • A First Merriam's Wild Turkey | 7J Outfitters in Wyoming | Spring Thunder

    S5.E23. Drake Lamb heads to Wyoming in search of his first Merriam's turkey. He meets up with Phillip Culpepper and our good friends at Seven J Outfitters. The guys are in tons of birds but have to work hard to get Lamb's first Merriam's in range. This is a hunt he won't forget.

    2:00 Lamb is up ...

  • Huge Gobbler With No Beard | Epic Self-Filmed Turkey Hunt | Spring Thunder

    S5.E13. Patience pays off as David Blanton films himself tag a monster gobbler in southern Georgia. This is a great hunt for a big bird.

    1:00 The sun is beginning to rise, and Blanton gets set. He's hunting a property for the first time.

    2:00 He gets set up, and the camera ready.

    3:00 The gobb...

  • Two Gobblers with One Shot | Big Texas Strutters | Spring Thunder

    S5.E12. David Blanton and good friend, Nick Mundt have an afternoon plan for the Rio Grande turkeys they've been chasing. Blanton and Mundt finish out their trip to Texas with a bang, and walk out way heavier than they walked in. What a trip these two had.

    1:00 The guys are in the field and gett...

  • Hunting "Yard Birds" in Michael Waddell's Pecan Groves | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E64. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head to Michael Waddell's farm. They're taking on the challenge of helping Michael's wife Christie get one of the elusive "yard birds" that lives in their pecan grove.

    0:15 Michael tries to roost the turkeys in his grove, but Christie interrupts things. ...

  • Pitts Is Comfortable in His Skin | Gets His First Osceola Turkey | Hunt Club

    S1.E47. Michael Pitts has been chomping at the bit to get after an Osceola. He joins Phillip Culpepper and the Spring Thunder crew in Florida, and finally gets his chance to chase these witty birds.

    0:05 Pitts picks up his hunting buggy and dials in his boom stick.

    2:30 Pitts keeps trucking fur...

  • Culpepper Bags a Florida Gobbler | Osceola Longbeard Down | Spring Thunder

    S4.E4. Phillip Culpepper catches up to a big Florida gobbler of his own. The season is off to a great start. The crew is on fire.

    1:00 Culpepper is up to bat, but the turkeys aren't cooperating.

    3:30 They regroup and try something different.

    5:30 A big group of turkeys walk into the field.


  • Dialing in the Franchi Affinity 3 | Prepping for Season 2 | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E38. Tyler Jordan dials in his shotgun before the crew heads to Florida for the turkey season opener.

    Shotgun: Franchi Affinity 3
    Scope: Bushnell Red Dot RXS 100
    Turkey Load: Federal TSS #9 shot
    Choke: Carlson's Turkey Choke

    #realtree #realtreeoutdoors #realtree365 #realtreecamo #edge #timbe...

  • Turkey Hunting in the Hardwoods | Chasing Birds on New Lands | DayBreak Outdoors

    S1.E21. There's nothing more classic about turkey hunting than chasing them in the hardwoods. This is that. Get in on the action while it's hot.

    0:40 Still in Missouri, they're hoping to connect on another bird. It's a place they've never stepped foot on, and they hope to locate one.

    1:00 They ...

  • Spring Thunder Season Highlights | Turkey Season in Review

    S3.E88. The Realtree Spring Thunder crew had a turkey season to remember. It won't be soon forgotten. Check out all of the highs and lows from a spring full of wild turkey adventures. From Florida, to Wisconsin, and many places in between, there was no lack of excitement. Tyler Jordan, Phillip Cu...

  • Bushnell Binoculars Review | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    Both Phillip Culpepper and Michael Waddell review a couple pairs of Bushnell binoculars. They crack a few jokes, too. But they're serious about the binos.