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  • Kirk Cameron | Faith and Giving Back | Camp Firefly

    Actor and Evangelical Christian Kirk Cameron sits down with Michael to talk about his journey in faith, hunting stories, the recent Roe v. Wade court decision, and how he and his wife Chelsea are giving back through Camp Firefly. Kirk is best known for his role in the television show Growing Pai...

  • New Farm Makeover | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week’s episode, we join Jared Mills and Heartland Show member Zach Rozmus on a farm in Southern Iowa that Zach recently purchased. Being both an avid hunter and land manager, Zach walks us through the steps he has taken over the past year to make the farm better for hunting and a more pro...

  • Talking with Colonel James Nichols | Folds of Honor | A Bone to Pick

    S1.E17. Michael Waddell sits down with Colonel James Nichols. They talk about elk hunting, Folds of Honor, and more. Follow along as they pick apart some really cool topics, including what it's like to fly a fighter plane. And as always, Waddell brings a little humor and controversy to the table....

  • Why You Should Start Mock Scrapes Now, Tips and Tactics | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week’s episode, we head out with Jared Mills and Kaleb Greiner as the guys set up a new mock scrape with the hope of monitoring summer antler growth. They walk us through each step of setting up new scrapes and discuss their experience using them as a tool to take inventory of an entire d...

  • Maine Gobblers on the Ground | Last Leg of the Year | Spring Thunder

    S4.E27. Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head to Maine to hunt with their good friend, Chris Cobbett, of Element Outdoors. The 2022 turkey season is winding down, and they hope to finish with a bang ... literally. After a swing and a miss, Lamb is looking for redemption and Culpepper is hoping he...

  • Last Day Buck

    Its down to the last hours of deer season before Roger Culpepper finds success!


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  • Texas Turkeys | Getting Gobblers with Friends | All Things Hunting

    S1.E17. Kyle Barefield and Cole Barthel are hunting with Friends Paul Holton and family from Holton Deer hunts and Holton Cattle Co. in Abilene, Texas. A swing and a miss on a big tom gets them started off rough, though. Fortunately, the action stays hot, and turkeys fall over the course of the n...

  • Indiana long beards | All Things Hunting

    Josh and Krysten McDaniel are hunting Indiana at their annual turkey camp hunt for the year. The temp is near freezing with snow on the ground for opening day but the gobblers are still hot. Both have filled their tags along with friend Nick Fusco before the hunts are over.

  • Permission Farm Legend Returns, Plot Screen Tactics | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode, we start by joining Grant Noble and Max Mongrello as the guys head out to one of their permission farms. After receiving a series of pictures of a massive velvet buck on their Cuddelink system, they pull the high resolution images and confirm that the buck is a familiar fa...

  • Colorado Bison (Part 2) | Behind the Season | The Given Right

    S2.E45. The hunt in Colorado continues as Kenneth goes after a bison. Follow along as the crew fills tags. It's a seriously fun time.

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  • FIRST IOWA GOBBLER | Mark's Birthday Surprise | Realtree's Spring Thunder

    Phillip Culpepper goes after his first ever Iowa Long Beard while hunting with Expedition's Mark Heck on his birthday. Also, in camp Bone Collector Michael Waddell and Chris Cobbett. Even though it is unseasonably cold for this time of the year the turkeys are still gobbling and putting on a show.

  • Colorado Bison (Part 1) | Behind the Season | The Given Right

    S2.E44. The Given Right Crew heads to Colorado to hunt bison. Follow along for this incredible adventure. It's full of old-time fun. This is a unique experience you shouldn't miss.

    #realtree #realtree365 #thegivenright #behindtheseason #bison #bisonhunting #buffalo #buffalohunting #westernhuntin...

  • Scouting for Turkeys Pays Off | Monster Midwestern Gobblers | Spring Thunder

    S4.E25. Drake Lamb returns North to hunt with his long-time friends, Alex and Mark Farver, and Justin Karns, in their home state of Iowa. They have been scouting a group of birds for the past month. Now, the 3rd season is here, and they are ready to get after them.

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  • Small Town Life

    3 seasons

    Where hunting is fun!

    Here you will find a variety of videos related to hunting and the outdoor lifestyle showcasing semi-live hunts, television shows, and products we believe in. Turkey hunting, deer hunting, elk hunting, fishing, anything and everything its all here on Smalltown Hunting

    So if...

  • Spring Strutters Everywhere | A Texas Turkey Pile-Up | Spring Thunder

    S4.E24. We continue the Lone Star fun with part 2 of the Turkeys for Tomorrow sweepstakes Texas hunt. The guys battle high winds and hard-headed gobblers. But they succeed and fill plenty of tags.

    #realtree #realtree365 #turkeyhunting #huntingturkeys #wildturkeys #springthunder #gobblers #gobble...

  • Iowa Turkey Hunting with Waddell (Part 2) | Behind the Season | The Given Right

    S2.E43. Michael Waddell and Phillip Culpepper strike up a mid-day gobbler old school style in the Iowa timber. Tyler Weaver and Chris Cobbett head out in a rainstorm in hopes of doubling up.

    #realtree #realtree365 #behindtheseason #thegivenright #bonecollector #michaelwaddell #turkeyhunting #tur...

  • Gobbler at the Fence?!? | Turkeys for Tomorrow Sweepstakes Hunt | Spring Thunder

    S4.E23. The Spring Thunder crew is in Texas for the Turkeys for Tomorrow Sweepstakes Hunt. We also take a look at what TFT has been working on this spring to improve the turkey population. To become a member of Turkeys for Tomorrow, visit

    #realtree #realtree365 #sprin...

  • Spring Farm Planting Updates from the Grigsby | Big Challenges Ahead | Grigsby

    Grigsby Farm Manager Randy Leka gives a spring planting update. He covers some of the highlights, as well as some of the challenges that they are facing this planting season.

    #realtree #realtree365 #grigsby #planting #foodplots #foodplot #farming #farm #soybeans #corn #hunting #hunt #wildlife #o...

  • Discussing Target Panic: Can You Beat It? | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode, we join Jared Mills, Grant Noble, and Max Mongrello as they head to the backyard with their new Hoyt bows. The guys continue to dial in their new setups. In doing so, they take some time to discuss their experiences with target panic, what they have done to deal with it, a...

  • David Blanton Completes His Royal Slam | Spring Thunder

    S5.E21. David Blanton heads to Nebraska where he chases some thunder with good friends. They see Merriam's, Rio Grande turkeys, and hybrids, too. Check out the action.

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  • Monster Missouri Spring Turkey | Get That Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    S5.E22. James? James?? James??? Realtree's 1st-year video producer James Thompson gives Drake Lamb a few days off and goes with Phillip Culpepper to Missouri. They're hunting with Mike Bray and Jay Phelps from Habit Clothing, and they're just waiting on the the word, "shoot."

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  • Overcoming the Challenge of Buck Fever | Midwest Whitetail

    On this week's episode, we hear from Jared Mills, Max Mongrello, Kaleb Greiner, and Grant Noble, who discuss strategies for overcoming buck fever during the moment of truth. The guys offer tips ranging from equipment preparation before the hunt to pinpointing a specific aiming spot on a deer in o...

  • Epic Iowa Turkey Camp | Behind the Season | The Given Right

    S2.E42. The Given Right guys are in Iowa with the Bone Collector and Spring Thunder crew for an epic few days of hunting. Check out some of this Behind the Season action.

    #realtree #realtree365 #thegivenright #behindtheseason #turkeyhunting #turkeys #turkey #gobblers #gobbler #longbeards #longbe...

  • A Crazy Turkey Hunt | Giant Nebraska Gobblers | Realtree Road Trips

    S4.E11. The Realtree team meets up with Ole Miss friends Keith Carter and Ken Crain, as well as Mr. Doug from Pivotal Partners, for a Merriam's and Rio turkey hunt in northern Nebraska. The action is fast and furious. Day No. 1 brought three gobblers for team Carter/Crain. On day No. 2, the actio...