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  • March Rios Are Falling | A South Texas Double | Spring Thunder

    Realtree's David Blanton and Turkeys for Tomorrow (TFT) sweepstakes winner Jaryd Hurst hunt South Texas Rios. The two are hunting with Legends of the Fall's Mike McFerrin, and his daughter, Georgia Kate, on their ranch in Texas.

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  • Two Gobblers Down! | Phillip Culpepper Hunts Mississippi Opener | Spring Thunder

    Turkey season is officially in full swing. Phillip Culpepper heads to Mississippi to meet up with old friends and hunt the season opener. After scouting up a flock of turkeys the day before, Culpepper sets up the next morning and works a longbeard right into the decoys. Shortly after, producer Ma...

  • Turkey Hunt Gets Western?!? | Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting | Spring Thunder

    Things get western in Florida for Phillip Culpepper while hunting Osceola turkeys. Plus, sometimes, the smell of bacon can make you forget about the turkeys.

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  • Georgia Turkey Hunting | Chasing Thunder with Skeeter | Hunt Club

    Phillip Culpepper hits the woods with longtime friend Skeeter Cotton. Skeeter Cotton talks about his love for the outdoors and what got him started in turkey hunting. Follow along as they have a great Georgia turkey hunt.


  • Hunting Tough Osceola Longbeards | Austin Riley in Camp | Realtree Road Trips

    Michael Pitts and MLB player Austin Riley hunt tough conditions and henned-up Florida gobblers. The opening week of the Florida turkey season makes them work for it.

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  • Turkey Season Kickoff | South Florida Osceola Fog Gobbler | Spring Thunder

    David Blanton heads to South Florida to kickoff another season of Realtree's Spring Thunder! Osceola turkeys are known to be some of the most aggressive of the wild turkey subspecies, but unusually hot weather conditions have the birds tight-lipped and timid.

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  • How to Pull Soil Samples | Sampling Soil for Food Plots | Pay Dirt

    Join us as Realtree Farms manager Wes Dougherty shows us how he likes to pull soil samples. He also tells us the benefits of pulling such samples. This is an important step in planting food plots and managing land for wildlife.

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  • 2023 Turkey Hunting Shotgun Setup | Osceola Turkey prep | Realtree Road Trips

    Michael Pitts shares his 2023 turkey gun setup. It's a Franchi Affinity 3 paired with a Bushnell red dot and Federal TSS. This combo is havoc on the longbeards. To get everyone fired up about Florida this weekend, we're gonna also throw it back to a couple awesome Osceola hunts we've had in the p...

  • A Royal Wild Turkey Slam in One Season | Spring Thunder

    David Blanton goes after the five wild turkey subspecies that make up the Royal Slam. He gets it done in one year. Blanton hunts the Osceola in Florida, eastern in Mississippi, Goulds in Mexico, Rio Grande in Kansas, and the Merriam's.

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  • Burning Land At Realtree Farms | Prescribed Fire Tips and Tactics | Pay Dirt

    Join the Realtree crew as they burn some ground at Realtree Farms. They're using prescribed fire. It's all to better the habitat for all wildlife.

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  • BEST off the ROOST Turkey HUNTS | Spring Thunder

    While getting ready for the 2023 turkey season we couldn't help but look back at some of the best "off the roost" turkey hunts!

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  • Running Trap Lines in Kentucky | Mad Dog in the Trap | Pay Dirt

    The Brantley family spends one more day running trap lines. They arrive to find two big song dogs. Will Brantley and his son do well during the final day of the Kentucky trapping series.

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  • Tips and Tricks for Running a Subsoiler | Deploying Protein sites | Pay Dirt

    Join us at Realtree Farms as John Doughman gives us some tips and tricks for running a subsoiler in food plots. This process amplifies soil health and plant growth. Then, follow along as the crew freshens up protein sites.

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  • Henned-Up Gobbler Finally Breaks | Huge Subscriber Giveaway | Hunt Club

    Phillip Culpepper and Drake Lamb head to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to hunt with good friend, Michael Nickerson. The slow start quickly turns around. An East Coast turkeys falls.

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  • Massive February Monster | Bill Jordan's Louisiana Buck | Realtree Road Trips

    Realtree's Bill Jordan finally gets the invite to hunt with his son, Tyler Jordan, at the world famous Honey Brake Lodge in Louisiana. Honey Brake is a part of the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP), which allows them to harvest whitetails into February. This helps them manage the massive ...

  • Trapping Predators in Kentucky | Angry Bobcat in the Trap | PayDirt

    Join Will Brantley and his family as they check trap lines in western Kentucky. From bobcats to coyotes to general trapping, Brantley offers sage advice on how to increase trapping efficiency. Follow along, as things might get a little hairy.

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  • Turkey Hunting in Maryland | Blanton's Turkey Vest Dump | Spring Thunder

    In a never-before-seen turkey hunt from 2022, Phillip Culpepper hunts with good friends in Maryland. Also, David Blanton gives us a look at what is in his turkey vest for the 2023 turkey season.

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  • Opening-Week Success | Turkey Hunting with Perry Ross | Hunt Club

    The guys are in Mississippi hunting with good friend, Perry Ross. He and Phillip Culpepper discuss how Ross got started in the outdoors, and his love for spending time in the field.



  • Trouble in Tennessee?! | Rock-Pile Gobblers Up Close | Hunt Club

    Drake Lamb and Phillip Culpepper start with "complications" before they step foot on the turkey woods. Then, Drake has two longbeards at eight steps.



  • Hunt Giveaway! | Turkey at 7 Steps | Where It All Started | Hunt Club

    The hunting crew heads to Florida as they reflect on where it all started. Check out the inside look at life in the Hunt Club. Turkeys are fired up, running in, and the stories are deep and true.



  • Screaming On the Roost | Public-Land Iowa Turkey Hunt | Hunt Club

    We kick off the 2023 turkey season with a hunt from last year. The crew is in Iowa, and hunting around a lake on some public ground. They find one gobbling on the limb. This hunt is wild turkey action at its best.


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  • An Airborne Longbeard Double | Wisconsin Turkey Hunting | Spring Thunder

    Spring Thunder's Phillip Culpepper turkey hunts Wisconsin for late-season gobblers with United Country's Travis Hamele. They have an incredible hunt, and turkeys fall from the skies.

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  • How to Spray Clover Fields | Pay Dirt

    Realtree Farm's JJ Doughman talks about the importance of and how to spray clover fields. Check out his tips and tactics for successful food plots.

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  • Friends, Crawfish and Duck Huntin' | Sending Duck Season Off Right | Black Cloud

    Duck hunting is all about the memories made while spending time in the field with good friends and family. The Black Cloud crew gets together for one final weekend of hunting and sends duck season off the only way they know how ... with good food, good friends, and family. Plus, Michael Pitts end...