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  • A Return to the Duck Cave | Fishing for Mallards | Black Cloud

    S2.E6. Dr. Duck and Billy return to the duck cave, and hope to strike gold twice. Will they? Let's find out.

    0:05 The crew gets decoys set up and ready for the day's hunt.

    0:45 Ducks start flying, and shells start emptying.

    1:30 They wait for their duck hole to thaw out, and enjoy tasty treats...

  • Austin Riley Hits a Homer | Making Some Nebraska Magic | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E23. Austin Riley is in Nebraska, and he's looking for his first buck of the year. With a cold front moving through, the guys slip into a Redneck blind for the evening sit. It isn't long before they encounter the big 9-pointer they saw the day before.

    1:00 Riley arrives in camp, and he's read...

  • Riley Green Bags a Big Bluegrass Buck | Full-Velvet Giant | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E8. Riley Green is up to bat, and decides to leave Nebraska for Kentucky. He's hunting with a good friend. Will he find greener pastures? We think so. He fills a tag in the Bluegrass State.

  • How to Set Up a Ground Blind | Deer Hunting From the Ground | Pay Dirt

    S2.E22. Realtree's Stephen McNelly discusses the best way to set up a ground blind for deer hunting. Watch these informative whitetail tips and tactics. Follow along has he puts up a Lincoln Outfitters ground blind and chair.

    1:00 McNelly is in the timber, and he's looking for a great spot to se...

  • Breaking the Kentucky Curse | A Bluegrass Bow Buck Double | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E22. Tyler Jordan and Bryan Brown head north to their Kentucky Lease. The rut is heating up. Brown is up to bat first, and Tyler jumps behind the lens. The weather is perfect for this road trip. Let's go.

    1:00 Jordan previews the hunt, and Brown gets excited -- he's up to bat.

    2:15 They arri...

  • Bucks Are Falling at the Grigsby | Mature Buck at 5 yards | Grigsby

    S2.E11. Big bucks are hitting the ground at the Grigsby. Jamie Satterfield heads to the Honey Hole Stand. Other clients are finding success, too, as Mike Stroff prepares for boom stick season.

    0:05 Stroff prepares for shotgun season by sighting in his Savage.

    1:00 He meets up with a friend to s...

  • Riley Green's Nebraska Buck | Deer Hunting in the Snow | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E21. After filling one tag in the Cornhusker State, Riley Green makes another trip up to Nebraska. This time, he is faced with much different weather conditions. There is a fresh layer of snow on the ground, and he couldn't be happier about it.

    0:05 Green is back after them, and hopes to conn...

  • "Cheeseburger" Goes North | A Giant Illinois Buck Lands in the Truck | Hunt Club

    S1.E27. Cheeseburger has always dreamt of hunting the Midwest during the rut, and that's exactly what he decides to do with his vacation time. He has 10 days to get it done on a family farm he's never been to. Follow along as Cheeseburger gets a shooter in bow range and almost loses his mind.


  • Racing the Sunset | A Mixed Bag of Ducks at Dusk | Black Cloud

    S1.E5. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the ducks, but will they make it happen before the end of shooting light? Follow along to find out.

    0:05 Dr. Duck and Campbell prep for the morning duck hunt.

    1:15 They put out the decoy spread, and get everything ready for the day.

    2:00 Dr. Duck strateg...

  • A Major Misfire in the Sooner State | Deer Hunting in Oklahoma | Hunt United

    S2.E20. Slade Priest travels to the Sooner State to hunt with Fellow Realtree Land Pro Blake Merritt. Will it go great? Or will someone need a little redemption? Let's find out.

    0:05 Priest arrives in Oklahoma, and meets up with Merritt. They make a game plan, and then head in for the first morn...

  • The Hunt Club 8 | Nate Is On the Board | Hunt Club

    S1.E26. Nathan Thomas has been hunting hard for a Georgia buck, and it finally pays off for him. He proves dedication is key. Buck down.

    1:00 Up North, Phillip Culpepper wastes his time off the shores of Maryland.

    2:30 Culpepper and Michael Pitts head to the treestand.

    4:00 In Georgia, Thomas ...

  • Bowhunting Velvet Mule Deer in Utah | Behind the Season (2020) | The Given Right

    S1.E2. Mark Heck is in Utah in search of big velvet mule deer. After several days of hard hunting in high heat, he connects on a great buck. Follow along as he chases his God-given right.

    0:15 Mark Heck is glassing mule deer, and lays eyes on one of his target bucks.

    1:45 For the afternoon hunt...

  • 11-16-20: Bowhunting From the Ground | Hunting the Lockdown | Midwest Whitetail

    S4.E26. On this week's episode, we kick things off in Iowa during the lockdown phase of the rut. First, Mike Reed gives an update and offers his two favorite tips to hunt during lockdown.

    Then, we join team members Caleb Mason and Matt Thede on a rut hunt that they won't soon forget. It's an epi...

  • A Major Missed Opportunity | The Whitetail Rut Is in Full Swing | The Grigsby

    S2.E10. It's an exciting time of year at the Grigsby. The rut has arrived an the big boys are on their feet. But can the guys in camp take advantage of it?

    0:45 We recap some successful hunts by Jamie Satterfield and Von Ramsey.

    2:40 Then, Ramsey and Satterfield are back in the field for the fi...

  • Getting the Green in a Duck Cave | Dr. Duck Blasts Dakota Mallards | Black Cloud

    S1.E4. Winter is rolling into South Dakota, and Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the duck cave. Let's go. They break up the mallard party in grand fashion.

    0:10 Campbell and a few others use onX to digitally scout for ducks. They're trying to find them.

    2:00 Dr. Duck eats donuts, Campbell drive...

  • The Piebald Curse Is Real | Bowhunting the Whitetail Rut in Maryland | Hunt Club

    S1.E24. Is shooting a piebald cause for a curse? After several odd things occur, the guys begin to think so.

    With high winds and the rut wide open, Roger Culpepper stays after it and has a shooter come in underneath the stand. What happens?

    0:10 The crew is having all sorts of trouble, and all ...

  • Planting New Food Plots | Establishing Deer Feeding Stations | Pay Dirt

    S2.E21. Learn how to establish new food plots in raw soil, and introduce large feeding stations for deer. Realtree Farm Manager Roger Culpepper talks about his plan for achieving these goals.

    1:00 We take a quick look at the 1st Products no-till drill. This is a pristine planter.

    2:00 Then, Cul...

  • 11-9-20: Calling Bucks Into Bow Range | Pre-Rut Deer Hunting | Midwest Whitetail

    S4.E25. On this week's episode, we bring to you two hunts that illustrate great pre-rut deer hunting tactics. We start off with Drake Lamb and a textbook calling situation. After spotting a big deer off in the distance, Lamb uses calling to grab the buck's attention.

    Then, we join Tim Allen on t...

  • Tyler Tags a Grigsby Stud | Hunting the Rut in Illinois | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E20. Tyler Jordan's road trip continues in Illinois. The guys head to the legendary Grigsby Farm. After multiple encounters with a big deer, Jordan is finally able to put a great buck on the ground.

    0:05 Jordan arrives in Illinois deer camp at the Grigsby.

    2:45 Jordan meets up with Mike Stro...

  • Hunting Utah Black Bears | Behind the Season (2020) | The Given Right

    S1.E1. Mark Heck heads to Utah for a spring black bear hunt with Mossback Outfitters. It was a long 12 days, but they finally managed to get a good bear on the ground. Heck and his cameraman, Tyler Weaver, also have mountain lion tags. Will it happen?

    0:30 We kick off the episode with Heck as he...

  • Tyler Jordan's Monster Buck at the Grigsby | A Giant Illinois Deer | Grigsby

    S2.E9. Tyler Jordan arrives at the Grigsby. He's looking to kill his first Illinois buck. He gets it done.

    0:30 Tyler Jordan arrives at the Grigsby hunt camp.

    1:00 He immediately gets in a treestand, and starts the hunt.

    2:30 Stroff works hard to keep Jordan on deer, and accomplishes just that...

  • A Self-Filmed Louisiana Rack Buck | Early Season Deer Hunting | Hunt United

    S2.E20. Realtree Land Pro Ryan Wascom self-films a great hunt in his home state of Louisiana. It's a great deer, and a heckuva Pelican State adventure.

    0:05 Wascom explains his plans for the day.

    2:10 He gets done disking his food plot, and fills the seeder with fertilizer.

    3:10 We take a loo...

  • A Different Kind of Green | South Dakota Upland Bird Hunting | Black Cloud

    S3.E3. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell are in South Dakota. It's really warm outside, and so they take a break from the ducks. For now, it's a different kind of green they're after -- pheasants.

    0:05 Campbell fuels up, and gets every last drop out of that hose.

    0:25 They arrive in South Dakota, and...

  • A Giant Grigsby Buck | Stroff Strikes on a Stud Typical 10-Pointer | Grigsby

    S2.E8. The off-season hard work pays off. Mike Stroff puts his tag on a giant 10-pointer at the Grigsby. Watch the hunt now.

    0:05 Grigsby is getting ready for battle. It's cold, and deer should be moving. He's going back in after the big 10-pointer.

    1:30 They're in the field, and walk to the tr...