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  • Opening Day Osceola | Season 4 Begins | Spring Thunder

    Finally turkey season 2021 is here! The earliest turkey that is legal to hunt is in South Florida, and that's where Phillip and the guys are headed. Things get up close and personal on the first morning of the season!

  • The Duck Guides of Honey Brake | Team Honey Bunch | Honey Brake

    Meet the duck guides of Honeybrake Lodge. These guys pour their heart and soul into duck hunting and it shows. The Honeybrake crew works like a well oiled machine when it comes to killing ducks and giving the clients the best possible experience when they come to Honeybrake.

  • Cody Kelley's Iowa Stud | Small Town Life E21

    Cody Kelley travels to Iowa and tags an Iowa Mega Giant.

  • The Barn Buck | Hunt United

  • Annoyed George | Around the Office

    There are definitely two types of work and some would argue theirs is more important. Does anyone agree that George needs to move work spaces?

  • Meet Kanye the Duck Dog | Man's Best Friend Isn't Man | Fueled by Victor

    S1.E3. Every duck hunter wants the best for their dog. That’s why Blake Hodge trusts Victor Pet Food for his hunting buddy, Kanye.

    0:15 We get a little background on why Hodge named his dog after a rapper.

    1:00 They do some field work, and then hit the water for the real deal.

    1:45 After the h...

  • Realtree Road Trips Season 1 Recap | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E36. With all the projects going on at Realtree Farms, farm manager Wes Dougherty decides to spend his time fishing while Roger Culpepper is doing a prescribed fire. Tyler Jordan recaps an unbelievable 2020 hunting season and talks about upcoming turkey hunts for the spring.

    #realtree #realtr...

  • Making Some Midwestern Magic | Behind the Season (2020) | The Given Right

    S1.E18. Chris Cobbett joins Mark at his home farm in Iowa and has a giant 8-point in his sights.

    1:20 Cobbett and his cameraman are settled in the enclosed hunting blind.

    4:00 They keep it light in the ground blind. Will they miss seeing deer for all of the talking?

    4:30 Nope. A big one walks ...

  • 2020 Duck Season Highlights | Looking Back on the Best and Worst | Black Cloud

    S2.E20. A look back on the Black Cloud 2020 Duck Season. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell had a solid season across the country. It was a great year with ups, downs and plenty of average moments.

    #realtree #realtree365 #blackcloud #drduck #duckhunting #duckseason #waterfowl #ducks #mallards #greenhea...

  • First Focal Plane v. Second Focal Plane Scope | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    David Blanton joins Tom Fuller to discuss first and second focal plane scopes. Which one is better for hunting?

  • Grigsby Season 2 Finale | Youth Deer Hunt and Season Recap | Grigsby

    S2.E17. Mike Stroff's son Michael and his friend hunt the Grigsby, and Stroff looks back at a great season.

    0:45 Stroff previews the hunts to come.

    1:00 Deer begin moving, and someone has some success.

    4:00 Another young hunter gets his turn at an Illinois whitetail.

    6:00 They keep after it, ...

  • New Mexico Elk Hunting | Behind the Season (2020) | The Given Right

    S1.E13. Kenneth Lancaster is elk hunting in New Mexico. Will he score on a big bull? Let's find out.

    0:05 Lancaster tries to be original with his opening interview.

    1:45 It's day No. 1, and Lancaster is ready for duty.

    2:15 We meet his elk guide for the week.

    3:30 The sun starts to rise, and ...

  • Iowa Boom Stick Bucks | Behind the Season (2020) | The Given Right

    S1.E17. Mark is in Iowa for the 2nd season and is after a new buck that appeared on their trail cameras. Will they score?

    1:30 Heck and company are settled in the blind. It's time to get it done in one of the greatest states for whitetail hunting.

    5:30 They hang out back at camp, and then strat...


    Roger tested positive for Covid and has fully recovered, but Phillip has yet to be tested since they came into contact. He is hoping for a negative test result so he can finish out the deer season in Mississippi with good friends!

  • Crossbow Hunting in Illinois | Youth Hunter Success in the Midwest | The Grigsby

    S1.E17. Dave Parker from Excalibur Crossbows is in camp looking for a mature buck to make a mistake. Mike Stroff also takes his son Michael Stroff out looking for a giant Grigsby doe.

    0:15 The guys gear up for the afternoon sit. It's time to head to the treestand.

    3:15 Parker is in a great loca...

  • Dr. Duck Podcast | Reliving the 2020-21 Duck Season Journey | Black Cloud

    S1.E19. Dennis Loosier and Billy Campbell sit down to relive the season on the Dr. Duck Podcast. They reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly. But altogether, it was a great year.

    #realtree #realtree365 #realtreecamo #realtreeoutdoors #blackcloud #drduck #waterfowl #ducks #hunting #duckhuntin...

  • Meet Kip the Duck Dog | The Best Waterfowl Hunting Buddy | Fueled by VICTOR

    S1.E2. Every duck hunter wants the best for their dog. That’s why Britt Jill trusts Victor Pet Food.

    0:05 The day starts with coffee, cereal, and a bowl of kibble.

    0:30 Jill talks about Kip, and talks about his background.

    1:00 Duck hunting with a dog is the epitome of the waterfowl experience...

  • COVID-19 Hits Home | 20-Year Dry Spell In Alabama | Hunt Club

    S1.E43. COVID-19 has finally made its way into the Hunt Club. Phillip Culpepper talks about who has the virus. And he himself has been in quarantine for the last several days. But finally, he makes his way to spend some times in the woods. He has not got a deer in Alabama in over 20 years, and is...

  • Walk-In Public-Land Duck Hunting | Remote Backwoods Duck Hunting | Black Cloud

    S2.E18. Dr. Duck hikes in with friends to some backwoods public water in hopes of finding mallards.

    0:15 Dr. Duck feeds his duck dog, and gears up for the hunt.

    0:30 The guys grab their guns, decoys and everything else. Then, they hike well into a hole deep on some public land.

    2:00 Birds star...

  • Meet the Dogs of Honey Brake | Training Great Duck Dogs | Honey Break

    S2.E5. Meet the dogs of Honey Brake. These athletes are a big part of what makes the Honey Brake Experience. These animals are stars.

    0:45 The guys intro the episode, and talk about how important the dogs are to the business.

    5:00 We see some of the dogs work in action on the water.

    8:00 The H...

  • Respect the Duck Hunt | Hunting with Delta Waterfowl | Black Cloud

    S2.E17. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell enjoy camp with the team from Delta Waterfowl. They have a great duck hunt.

    0:15 The entire crew is at duck camp, and they enjoy some time together before the hunt.

    5:30 After plenty of camaraderie at camp, they head to the water.

    8:15 It gets daylight, and ...

  • South Texas Rut Double | Rattling in Rutting Bucks | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E35. The rut is just starting to get good in South Texas. In this episode, Tyler Jordan and Austin Riley are in camp with Mike Stroff. With slower than anticipated movement, the guys decide to get mobile and do some rattling. The move pays off quickly, and the guys are able to capitalize at th...

  • Hip Hop History Lesson | Oklahoma Timber Ducks | Black Cloud

    S2.E16. Dr. Duck gives a history lesson on hip hop and duck hunting in the Oklahoma Timber.

    0:15 The crew gears up for the morning hunt. They get the decoy spread ready for action.

    2:00 They have a discussion on hip hop music, of which Dr. Duck is an expert.

    2:30 Greenheads are flapping their ...

  • 1-25-20: Three-Legged Giant | Our Best Deer Season Ever | Midwest Whitetail

    S5.E36. On this week's episode, we first kick things off with Kaleb Greiner in Iowa. After multiple seasons, Kaleb finally gets the chance he's worked for and tags one of his best bucks to date.

    Then, we go straight into our season highlight filled with the year's best action. We hope you enjoy ...