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  • Loud Public-Land Turkeys | Tagged Out in Iowa | Realtree Spring Thunder

    S3.E82. Drake Lamb and his buddy, Alex Farver, head out on the last day of the Iowa season. They're hunting on some public land, and they find some birds.

    0:10 Lamb gives an update on the situation. They've spotted some turkeys, and they're going after them.

    1:15 He looks at onX and makes a gam...

  • Ladies First | Mrs. Goins Gets It Done | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E33. Blair Goins and his wife Julee hunt the Iowa deer season. They see a lot of action, and hope to get it done. With cold weather and snow, she plans to take her second buck ever. Blair also has a bow tag in his pocket.

    1:00 They arrive in Iowa, and make plans for the upcoming hunt.

    3:00 O...

  • Chipper Jones Scores During Nebraska's Deer Season Opener | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E4. After a shift in the wind direction, everyone settles into new locations. The highly anticipated opening day does not disappoint, though. Chipper Jones makes the right move and gets rewarded when a beautiful 10-pointer (that's fresh out of velvet) gets up and walks his way.

    1:00 the team ...

  • Meet Kip the Duck Dog | The Best Waterfowl Hunting Buddy | Fueled by VICTOR

    S1.E2. Every duck hunter wants the best for their dog. That’s why Britt Jill trusts Victor Pet Food.

    0:05 The day starts with coffee, cereal, and a bowl of kibble.

    0:30 Jill talks about Kip, and talks about his background.

    1:00 Duck hunting with a dog is the epitome of the waterfowl experience...

  • Tyler Jordan's Louisiana Giant | A Buck of a Lifetime | Honey Brake

    S2.E3. Stomper makes the hit list after having a split hoof, and Tyler Jordan kills his biggest buck ever. Don't miss this incredible deer hunt.

    0:05 In true Honey Brake fashion, we kick things off with a duck hunt.

    1:00 Then, for a game of ping pong.

    2:00 Riley Green is in the treestand, and ...

  • Big Mississippi Bucks and Birds | A First White-Tailed Buck Deer | Hunt Club

    S1.E34. It's almost Christmas, and is now officially the late season. Luckily, the rut is just getting started in certain parts of the South.

    Culpepper gets an invite from his turkey hunting buddy, Truvy Argraves, who lives in Mississippi. The ice gets broken the first day in camp.

    0:30 First, ...

  • 2020 Duck Season Highlights | Looking Back on the Best and Worst | Black Cloud

    S2.E20. A look back on the Black Cloud 2020 Duck Season. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell had a solid season across the country. It was a great year with ups, downs and plenty of average moments.

    #realtree #realtree365 #blackcloud #drduck #duckhunting #duckseason #waterfowl #ducks #mallards #greenhea...

  • A Solo Hunt on Public Waters | Finishing Off Pressured Mallards | Black Cloud

    S2.E15. There is no better place to be than in the timber finishing off some pressured mallards. Dr. Duck puts them on the water and does some scouting for the weekend hunt.

    0:15 They're back on the public waters, and hoping to have a solid outing.

    0:30 The crew throws out the decoys and gets r...

  • Legendary Whitetail Falls | Spot and Stalking on the Milk | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E18. Tyler Jordan heads back to the Milk River in hopes of catching up with a buck they call “Hightower." After spotting the buck from 400 yards away, Jordan decides to plan a spot-and-stalk effort to get in range of it. Crawling through the snow in frigid temperatures proved the right decisio...

  • Hunting Big Oklahoma Whitetails | Behind the Season (2020) | The Given Right

    S1.E14. Mark Heck, Kenneth Lancaster, and the rest of the crew are in Oklahoma for deer season. It's go time.

    1:00 Heck and Lancaster are up to bat, and are ready to get after them with the boom sticks.

    3:15 It's day No. 2, and the guys are back in the game.

    4:00 It's cold. Heck is in a blind,...

  • Austin Riley Hits a Homer | Making Some Nebraska Magic | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E23. Austin Riley is in Nebraska, and he's looking for his first buck of the year. With a cold front moving through, the guys slip into a Redneck blind for the evening sit. It isn't long before they encounter the big 9-pointer they saw the day before.

    1:00 Riley arrives in camp, and he's read...

  • Tyler Jordan's Biggest Buck Ever | Drake and Riley Tag Out | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E28. This week's episode takes place at the famed Honey Brake in Louisiana. Drake White kicks things off with a big 8-pointer, capping off an amazing comeback story for him. Riley Green continues his hot streak and takes a target buck. Finally, Tyler Jordan rounds out the incredible trip with ...

  • Chasing Green in the Duck Cave | Dr. Duck Blasts Dakota Mallards | Black Cloud

    S1.E4. Winter is rolling into South Dakota, and Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the duck cave. Let's go. They break up the mallard party in grand fashion.

    0:10 Campbell and a few others use onX to digitally scout for ducks. They're trying to find them.

    2:00 Dr. Duck eats donuts, Campbell drive...