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  • Legendary Whitetail Falls | Spot and Stalking on the Milk | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E18. Tyler Jordan heads back to the Milk River in hopes of catching up with a buck they call “Hightower." After spotting the buck from 400 yards away, Jordan decides to plan a spot-and-stalk effort to get in range of it. Crawling through the snow in frigid temperatures proved the right decisio...

  • Getting the Green in a Duck Cave | Dr. Duck Blasts Dakota Mallards | Black Cloud

    S1.E4. Winter is rolling into South Dakota, and Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the duck cave. Let's go. They break up the mallard party in grand fashion.

    0:10 Campbell and a few others use onX to digitally scout for ducks. They're trying to find them.

    2:00 Dr. Duck eats donuts, Campbell drive...

  • Grunting in an Eastern Shore Piebald Buck | Big Maryland Buck in Rut | Hunt Club

    S1.E23. Hunt Club is headed to unchartered territory, and we find a surprise when we get there. Phillip Culpepper is meeting Michael Pitts and Roger Culpepper in one of his favorite places of all time. They're hunting with the Nickerson family -- class-act folks who have a lot of deer. (One of wh...

  • Duck Hunting on Cattle Ponds | Kansas Prairie Duck Hunting | DayBreak Outdoors

    S1.E14. The guys are back after it in Kansas, and hope to have another great hunt out on the prairie. Will they? Perhaps.

    0:30 They run an ice eater on a cattle pond, and work to get ready before the geese start piling in.

    1:30 The birds start really flying, and they let them have it.

    3:00 Aft...

  • Tyler Jordan's Monster Buck at the Grigsby | A Giant Illinois Deer | Grigsby

    S2.E9. Tyler Jordan arrives at the Grigsby. He's looking to kill his first Illinois buck. He gets it done.

    0:30 Tyler Jordan arrives at the Grigsby hunt camp.

    1:00 He immediately gets in a treestand, and starts the hunt.

    2:30 Stroff works hard to keep Jordan on deer, and accomplishes just that...

  • A Self-Filmed Louisiana Rack Buck | Early Season Deer Hunting | Hunt United

    S2.E20. Realtree Land Pro Ryan Wascom self-films a great hunt in his home state of Louisiana. It's a great deer, and a heckuva Pelican State adventure.

    0:05 Wascom explains his plans for the day.

    2:10 He gets done disking his food plot, and fills the seeder with fertilizer.

    3:10 We take a loo...

  • The Redemption Buck | Riley Green Goes Back to Nebraska | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E10. Riley Green heads back to Nebraska to give it one last try on some of the target deer he was hunting a few weeks prior. It doesn’t take long before he has an opportunity at a big Nebraska shooter. Game on.

    1:00 Green is back in Nebraska, and they do a little scouting before jumping back ...

  • Mike's Blog: A Giant Buck Returns | Showing the Derecho Storm Aftermath

    S2.E2. After a brutal wind storm hits southeastern Iowa, Mike Reid heads out to the home farm to survey the damage. With the lack of rain, Mike also becomes concerned about the survival of his food plots. Luckily, the day ends on a high note when Mike Reid pulls a card on the farm, revealing a ve...

  • Bushnell Banner 2.0 Scope and Ballistics App Review | Realtree Tips and Reviews

    S1.E23. Tyler Jordan is in Nebraska on a deer hunt, but he takes a break to learn the new setup that he plans to take on a coyote hunt. He's using a Franchi that's topped off with the new Bushnell Banner 2.0 scope. Learn all about it here.

    0:05 Tyler Jordan and his friend, Shawn, mounts the new ...

  • To Kill a Camp Bull | New Mexico Elk Hunting Success | Hunt United

    S2.E16. Realtree Land Pro Slade Priest tags out on the second day of his New Mexico elk hunt. And he's pretty excited about it. Wapiti down.

    0:05 Priest is in The Land of Enchantment. He's shooting his bow in the pre-dawn, and hears a bull bugle right outside the camp.

    1:00 They spot the elk on...

  • Chipper Jones Scores During Nebraska's Deer Season Opener | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E4. After a shift in the wind direction, everyone settles into new locations. The highly anticipated opening day does not disappoint, though. Chipper Jones makes the right move and gets rewarded when a beautiful 10-pointer (that's fresh out of velvet) gets up and walks his way.

    1:00 the team ...

  • Riley Green Bags a Big Bluegrass Buck | Full-Velvet Giant | Realtree Road Trips

    S1.E8. Riley Green is up to bat, and decides to leave Nebraska for Kentucky. He's hunting with a good friend. Will he find greener pastures? We think so. He fills a tag in the Bluegrass State.