Monster Bucks XXVII

Monster Bucks XXVII

2 Seasons

Monster Bucks XXVII is here, and it's free, only on Realtree 365. Join Team Realtree for two exciting Volumes of Monster Bucks 27. There are more than 50 exciting new hunts from all across North America. From the wide-open plains of Montana to the hardwoods of the Southeast, you’ll experience incredible hunts from the top names in the hunting industry. Watch Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton, Tyler Jordan, Nick Mundt and Randy Birdsong, just to name a few.

Monster Bucks XXVII
  • Monster Bucks XXVII - 2019 Trailer

    Episode 1

    Monster Bucks XXVII brings you 25 of the greatest Team Realtree hunts in North America. 25 Hunts featuring outdoor legends like Bill Jordan, Ben McDonald, Nick Mundt and Michael Waddell!

  • Nick Mundt Arizona Monster Buck

    Episode 2

    Bone Collector’s, Nick Mundt, draws a coveted Arizona Strip Unit 13B Mule Deer tag through WTA tags. Watch as he goes after a giant 226” muley buck with Mossback Outfitters on PUBLIC LAND!

  • Colton Jordan Georgia Monster Buck

    Episode 3

    Realtree’s, Colton Jordan, gets a “bonus hunt” in after football practice gets cancelled last minute. Watch him chase a giant velvet buck with a crossbow during the first week of Georgia’s season!

  • Drake Lamb Iowa Monster Buck

    Episode 4

    Midwest Whitetail crew member, Drake Lamb, finally gets a chance to hunt his home state of Iowa during the rut!

  • Bill Jordan Texas Monster

    Episode 5

    Watch as Realtree president and founder, Bill Jordan, hunts Texas with Holton Hunts for a great Texas Buck!

  • Krysten McDaniel Indiana Monster Buck

    Episode 6

    The hunt for this giant Indiana whitetail began last year, watch as Krysten McDaniel 12 rings a rutted-up Indiana brute!

  • Michael Waddell Wyoming Monster Buck

    Episode 7

    Seven J Outfitters has long been the “kickoff of deer season” hunt for the Realtree crew. It has been a few years since Michael Waddell has been able to take part, but he makes up for lost time in typical Waddell fashion!

  • Mike Stroff Illinois Monster Buck

    Episode 8

    Watch Savage Outdoors, Mike Stroff, hunt hallowed ground in Illinois, The Grigsby with a crossbow.

  • Tyler Jordan Hunts A Montana Monster

    Episode 9

    It has been said the Milk River is Montana is a bow hunters paradise. Through the help of WTA tags, Tyler Jordan draws a Montana tag and is after a stud 8 pointer in the cottonwoods along the Milk River!

  • Michael Pitts Georgia Monster Buck

    Episode 10

    West Point, GA native, Michael Pitts, takes his skill set north of the Point to try his luck on a great early season Georgia buck!

  • Nate Hosie Ohio Monster Buck

    Episode 11

    Headhunters TV, Nate Hosie, is in hot pursuit of his first buck in the Buckeye State! Watch as Hosie come to full draw in Ohio.

  • Phillip Vanderpool Nebraska Monster Buck

    Episode 12

    The Virtues' Philip Vanderpool, AKA: PViddy is set on trying to arrow a giant buck on Labor Day! Watch as he hunts with Hidden Valley Outfitters in Nebraska and “smokes ol’ Sad Daddy!”

  • Tyler Rees Monster Buck

    Episode 13

    Whitetail Freaks team member, Tyler Rees, self-films in his home state of Iowa during the late muzzleloader season.

  • Tyler Jordan Hunts A Monster Buck in Colorado

    Episode 14

    Wide open country isn’t the ideal terrain for bow hunting big whitetails, but Realtree’s, Tyler Jordan, is up for the task while hunting with Dickey Outfitters in Colorado!

  • Luke Kuechly Georgia Monster Buck

    Episode 15

    American football Linebacker, Luke Kuechly, heads south to hunt Realtree Farms to try his luck on a late season Georgia buck!

  • Randy Birdsong North Dakota Monster Buck

    Episode 16

    Headhunters head West! Randy Birdsong hunts North Dakota during the early bow season and finally gets a shooter into bow range.

  • Keith Burgess Mexico Monster Buck

    Episode 17

    Small Town Hunting heads to Ol’ Mexico! Join Keith Burgess south of the border bow hunting for whitetails.

  • David Holder Iowa Monster Buck

    Episode 18

    David Holder of Raised Hunting, hunts over a rub line during the rut and comes eye level with a stud Iowa buck!

  • Ben McDonald Kansas Monster Buck

    Episode 19

    Retired baseball pitcher and avid outdoorsman, Ben McDonald, makes his yearly trip to Kansas to hunt with good friend Perry Ross at Ross Trophy Outfitters in Ford, KS. See what happens when Ben has an absolute giant whitetail buck at 25 yards the first afternoon of the hunt!

  • David Blanton Montana Monster Buck

    Episode 20

    Blanton is ready to burn some powder! Watch as Realtree’s, David Blanton, head to Iowa during the late muzzleloader season with his CVA in hand!

  • David Blanton Iowa Monster Buck

    Episode 21

    Blanton is ready to burn some powder! Watch as Realtree’s, David Blanton, head to Iowa during the late muzzleloader season with his CVA in hand!

  • Cole Barthel Oklahoma Monster Buck

    Episode 22

    Cole Barthel bow hunts his bow hunts his lease in Oklahoma.

  • Brandon Adams Oklahoma Monster Buck

    Episode 23

    Frigid temps didn’t stop Major League Bowhunter, Brandon Adams, from going after a buck he had nicknamed the “Wavy 10” with a bow.

  • Brad Bever Iowa Monster Buck

    Episode 24

    Hunting in Iowa can be good no matter what time of year, watch as Brad arrows a buck in frigid temps!