Monster Bucks XXVII

Monster Bucks XXVII

2 Seasons

Monster Bucks XXVII is here, and it's free, only on Realtree 365. Join Team Realtree for two exciting Volumes of Monster Bucks 27. There are more than 50 exciting new hunts from all across North America. From the wide-open plains of Montana to the hardwoods of the Southeast, you’ll experience incredible hunts from the top names in the hunting industry. Watch Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton, Tyler Jordan, Nick Mundt and Randy Birdsong, just to name a few.

Monster Bucks XXVII
  • Bill Jordan's Monster Wide 8

    Episode 1

    Bill Jordan, comes eye to eye with the “wide 8” in his home state of Georgia!

  • Phillip Culpepper's Magical Iowa Monster

    Episode 2

    Iowa during the rut can be magical! After waiting 5 years to draw a non-resident tag, Phillip Culpepper finally gets a mature deer in bow range on the seventh day of his hunt.

  • Tyler Jordan Texas Whitetail

    Episode 3

    Tyler Jordan shares camp with his dad on a Texas whitetail hunt. Watch as Tyler helps control the heard on the ranch, arrowing a nice management buck.

  • David Blanton's Kansas Giant

    Episode 4

    Kansas has been called “the land of giants”, and David Blanton proves exactly why! Watch as he come to full draw on a giant Monster Buck on the first afternoon of his hunt.

  • Nate Hosie's Early Season Montana Bow Buck

    Episode 5

    It’s not your local mechanic, Batman, or Geronimo…
    It’s Nate Hosie and he’s in Montana bow hunting early season whitetails!

  • Bill Jordan's Lone Star Monster

    Episode 6

    Realtree’s founder and president, Bill Jordan, heads west with his bow in hand, to try his luck with a Lone Star State buck!

  • Michael Waddell Chases a Georgia Monster

    Episode 7

    Home sweet home! Waddell is proud to be from Georgia and even prouder when he gets a crack at his biggest Georgia buck to date!

  • Matt Duff's Swampland Monster Buck

    Episode 8

    Major League Bowhunter and Mississippi native Matt Duff’s hard work finally pays off on his family farm in the flooded swampland!

  • Kandi Kiski's Thanksgiving Afternoon Monster Buck

    Episode 9

    Whitetail Freaks is open during the holidays! Kandi Kisky draws back on a beautiful buck Thanksgiving afternoon.

  • Makenna McFerrin's Muzzleloader Monster

    Episode 10

    Legends of the Fall team member, Makenna McFerrin, makes the most of her time while hunting Kansas with a muzzleloader.

  • Jason Aldean's Missouri Monster

    Episode 11

    Missouri has long been a favorite stop for the Buck Commander crew. In between his busy tour schedule, Jason Aldean comes to full draw on a rutted up Monster Buck!

  • Kyle Barefield's Muzzleloader Madness in Kansas

    Episode 12

    Kyle Barefield takes a smoke pole and tries his luck during the early muzzleloader whitetail season in Kansas.

  • Kyle Wieter Grunts in a Giant Illinois Monster Buck

    Episode 13

    Adrenaline Junkies, Kyle Wieter, is no stranger to Monster Bucks, and no stranger to running a camera. Kyle has every angle covered himself when he grunts in a giant Illinois buck!

  • Krysten McDaniel Takes a Kansas Monster Buck

    Episode 14

    When it’s on, it’s on! Just a day after filming her husband tag out on a Kansas brute, Krysten McDaniel gets her chance on a rutted-up buck.

  • Josh McDaniel Crushes a Monster in Kansas

    Episode 15

    Committed to sitting all day in Kansas during the rut is what it takes sometimes. Watch as Josh McDaniel catches a buck cruising by his stand and comes to full draw!

  • Josh Honeycutt's Kentucky Velvet Monster

    Episode 16

    In hot pursuit of a velvet giant, Josh Honeycutt, tries the “hang and hunt” strategy in Kentucky, and gets his chance at the buck of his dreams.

  • Tyler Jordan's Big Nebraska Monster

    Episode 17

    On his quest to fill his first ever Nebraska tag, Tyler Jordan has a cornhusker whitetail buck come to 12 steps!

  • Reggie Goins Tennesse Monster Buck

    Episode 18

    Reggin Goins, of The Rival, hunts his own farm in Tennessee and finally catches up to a buck he has nicknamed, Twilight!

  • Slade Priest Iowa Rut Buck

    Episode 19

    Trained Assassins own Slade Priest heads to the deer hunting mecca, Iowa! Watch as he finds success bow hunting the rut.

  • Gregg Ritz Nails a Winter Monster Buck

    Episode 20

    Hunt Masters, Gregg Ritz, braves the cold weather and snow on his quest for a late season Illinois buck with his crossbow

  • Jared Mills Targets a Bean Field Monster Buck

    Episode 21

    Midwest Whitetail team member Jared Mills, is no stranger to giant Iowa bucks. Watch as Jared rattles in a stud of a buck across a bean field into bow range.

  • Don Kisky's Self-Filmed Iowa Giant

    Episode 22

    Don Kisky, of Whitetail Freaks, can do it all! Watch as Don self-films a giant buck come into bow range in his home state of Iowa!

  • Eli Hampton Early Season Kansas Buck

    Episode 23

    Kansas can be good anytime of the season, but especially early season. Join Eli Hampton has he tries his luck during the early season!

  • David Blanton's Central Texas Monster Buck

    Episode 24

    They say everything is bigger in Texas! Check out this hunt as David Blanton takes down a Monster Buck in the hill country of Central Texas.