Monster Bucks XXIX (2021)

Monster Bucks XXIX (2021)

Realtree's Monster Bucks XXIX delivers the best in hunting giant bucks all across North America. This years 2 Volume DVD features some of the biggest bucks we have ever featured. 100% Wild 100% fair chase! From the wide-open plains of Montana to the hardwoods of the Southeast, you'll experience incredible hunts from the top names in the hunting industry. Watch Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton, Tyler Jordan just to name a few. Some of the hunts you will want to watch over and over again.

Monster Bucks XXIX (2021)
  • David Blanton's Early Season Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    Seven J Outfitters in Sundance, Wyoming has hosted the Realtree crews for over 25 years with some incredible whitetail bowhunting action. And this hunt with David Blanton is no different. Early September is a great time to pattern bucks coming to food sources.

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  • Nate Hosie's Kansas Monarch | Monster Bucks 2021

    HeadHunter’s Nate Hosie travels to the heart of the country to hunt big Kansas whitetails with his Mathews bow. You just never know what buck may step out of the brush at any given moment.

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  • Charlie Thomas' Giant Georgia Rut Buck | Monster Bucks 2021

    A 9-year-old Charlie Thomas is accompanied by his dad and Realtree producer Daniel Thomas for an awesome “father-son” hunt in west central Georgia. Several shooter bucks have shown up on the Spartan cameras, so anticipation is high.

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  • Monster Bucks XXX 30th Year Anniversary

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    Realtree’s iconic Monster Buck series has been a staple in hunting households for 30 years. Follow Tyler Jordan, David Blanton, Michael Waddell, and over a dozen other hunters for amazing whitetail and mule deer action with gun, bow and muzzleloader. With 57 hunts and over 4 hours of video, Mon...