Midwest Whitetail Weekly

Midwest Whitetail Weekly

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Midwest Whitetail is a weekly series that we produce all year long, as close to live as possible. Follow these incredible stories as we find the bucks we will hunt, attempt to pattern them and then ultimately pursue them. Learn lots of updates on strategy and buck behavior.

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Midwest Whitetail Weekly
  • Locating Velvet Bucks in Summer, Creating Food Plot Screens | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 15

    On this week's episode of the off-season show, we join Kaleb Greiner on a farm that many people would overlook. Greiner tells us what he keys in on this time of year to try to find a mature buck, and his strategy behind hunting the early season.

    Then, we head to the River Bottom Farm where Jared...

  • Off Season Trail Camera Strategy, Tree Stands with a Purpose | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 14

    On this week's episode of the Off Season show, we join Mike Reed on the “River Farm”. As spring projects are in full swing, Mike takes advantage of the break in the rain to talk a little bit about his trail camera strategy this time of year, as well as hang a stand in a perfect funnel. With measu...

  • Failed Attempts At a 200-Inch Deer, Looking Back at the Hunt | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 13

    On this week's episode of the off-season show, we join Jared Mills and Grant Noble as they discuss the story of a giant whitetail they called “TNT." This is the biggest buck Mills has ever had the opportunity to hunt, so tensions were high going into the 2019 season. In this conversation, they di...

  • A DIY Deer Cover Experiment, The Game Plan for "Dak" | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 12

    On this week's episode of the off-season show, we kick things off with Jared Mills on the River Farm. He decides to make an area of the farm where there is not much cover useful to the deer by propagating willow trees.

    Then, we join Mike Reed as he discusses his game plan on how he is going to g...

  • Double-Bearded Gobbler with a Bow, Creating New Micro Plots | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 11

    On this week's episode of the off-season show, we join Jared Mills as he punches his first Iowa turkey tag of the season. Then, as his season comes to an end, he starts to focus on the upcoming deer season and the projects he needs to finish before the October 1st opener. So, Mills heads down to ...

  • Lost Permission Farm Turns Into a New Beginning | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 9

    On this week's episode, we kick things off by joining Mike Reed on his home farm that he enjoyed so much success on during the 2020 campaign. Mike dives into one of the best stands on the farm, one he calls the "Cherry Tree." He covers why he chose it, what makes it so good, and ultimately how it...

  • Trapping Wild Turkeys, Why Is The Population Declining? | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 10

    In this weeks episode of the off-season show, we join Jared Mills as he tries to fill a turkey tag on the River Farm. Then, we take a look back at a project that Mills was able to participate in with the Iowa DNR, studying possible reasons for the turkey population decline across the country.


  • Catching Up With Bill Winke, Bowhunting Lessons Learned | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 8

    In this week's episode of the off-season show, Jared Mills and Bill Winke sit down and have a conversation about the bucks they harvested last fall. They also talk about some of the lessons they learned while chasing these bucks along the way.

    1:00 We take a look at what Bill Winke has been up ...

  • River Farm Flames, Favorite Stand Location | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 7

    S5.E7. In this week’s episode of the off-season show, we join Jared Mills and Mike Reed as they get some projects done on the River Farm. With these in full swing, they plan to make a part of the property that is not used, into a more beneficial area for deer.

    Then, we take a look at a hunt Mike...

  • The New Hoyt RX5, Walk-Back Tuning a Bow Setup | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 6

    In this week’s episode of the off-season show, we join Jared Mills as he sets up his brand new Hoyt RX5. Mills talks about what accessories he has on his bow and demonstrates one of his favorite ways to make sure his bow is tuned up just right.

    1:00 Mills takes his bow to the local bow shop to g...

  • Inside Field Corner Treestand, Making Good Spots Even Better | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 5

    In this week’s episode, we join Jared Mills and Mike Reed as they do some TSI to improve the deer habitat. Then, we take a trip down memory lane and watch some hunts that have taken place in that spot over the last couple of years.

    1:00 They intro the episode, and provide another update on their...

  • Best River Farm Bucks, Bulletproof Stand Setups | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 4

    In this week's episode, we join Mike Reed and Jared Mills as they talk about a few different stand setups where they have had success in tagging mature deer. With very little food on the river bottom farm, the guys do not anticipate finding many sheds, but it doesn't take long before they find a ...

  • Piling Up Big Shed Antlers, Frost Seeding Clover in Iowa | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 3

    In this week’s episode, we kick things off on one of Jared's permission farms. It doesn’t take long for the guys to find a match set to a buck that Mills is very familiar with.

    Then, we head to Mike Reed’s home farm where he and his family find 40 sheds. He talks a little bit about frost seeding...

  • Locked Up Bucks, Scouting Overlooked Hunting Properties | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 2

    On this week’s episode, we kick things off with Drake Lamb and Josh Sparks as they shed hunt some new ground and stumble upon two locked-up bucks. Then, Max Mongrello talks about small tracts of land that might be overlooked as really good hunting Pproperties.

    2:00 Lamb and Sparks locate an incr...

  • Should You Feed Deer? Harsh Winter Effects on Whitetails | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 1

    On this week's episode, we kick things off with Jared Mills and his friend Jeremy Flinn, who is a whitetail biologist. The guys discuss multiple topics surrounding the effects of a harsh winter and what we can do to help as land managers. Then, we go to the taxidermy shop where we get a sneak pee...