Midwest Whitetail Weekly

Midwest Whitetail Weekly

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Midwest Whitetail is a weekly series that we produce all year long, as close to live as possible. Follow these incredible stories as we find the bucks we will hunt, attempt to pattern them and then ultimately pursue them. Learn lots of updates on strategy and buck behavior.

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Midwest Whitetail Weekly
  • A Season to Remember | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 48

    In this week's show, we take a look back at some of the most memorable hunts we had this past year. With the 2021 season closed, we are already starting to think about the preparations for next season. You can watch all of our off-season content right here on the Midwest Whitetail channel. Thank ...

  • The Story of Marino, a Five-Year Quest | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 48

    In this week’s episode, we tell the story of a true River Farm legend named “Marino." After five years of history dating back to 2017, and 16 encounters, Mike Reed was finally able to put an end to a story the Midwest Whitetail team will never forget.

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  • Giant-Bodied 8-Pointer, Buzzer-Beater Bucks | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 47

    On this bonus episode, we first join Rye Ludwig on his first ever hunt in Iowa. The guys head to Mike's River Farm in hopes of catching up with the notorious buck known as the "Big 8." We then join Max Mongrello who, after a long season, is able to connect on a great buck with just minutes left i...

  • Bella's Quest for Patient X | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 46

    On this week's episode, we bring you the story of a deer that Mike knows as "Patient X." It's a 5 1/2-year-old buck with a lasting sinus tumor. After naming the buck in 2019, Bella Reed made it her goal to harvest him this season. After nine sits and several encounters, she was finally able to se...

  • Kaleb's Late Season, Chasing 8 1/2-Year-Old Marino | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 45

    On this week's episode, with time running out on the 2021 season, the team is out in full force trying to finish strong. Jared Mills gives us an update on his chase for Marino, which now includes three encounters. We also join Kaleb and Casey on a classic late-season hunt, which ends in Kaleb put...

  • Owen's Buzzer Beater Buck| Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 44

    In this week's episode, Owen Reigler has one more day in the second shotgun season to catch up with "Tweezers". A buck he has had some history with over the past couple of years.

  • Hunt of a Lifetime, Operation Impact 22 | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 43

    This week’s episode is a special one to the Midwest Whitetail team. We team up with Operation Impact 22, an organization that focuses on veterans mental health and suicide awareness. After serving as a Marine for many years, Chad Almy was the main focus of this hunt. Little did we know, it was go...

  • 194-Inch “Droppy," Jared’s Target Buck at 8 Yards | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 42

    In this week’s episode, we join Chris Dussold in Illinois, as he ends a three-year quest for a giant buck he called “Droppy." Then, Jared Mills gives us an update on the bucks he has been chasing throughout the season.

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  • The Story of 170-Inch "Dak" | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 41

    On this week’s episode, we take a look at the story of a River Farm buck nicknamed "Dak." After three years of history, Mike Reed was able to catch up with him in one of his favorite spots on the farm.

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  • 176” Wisconsin Legend & Owen’s Widest Buck | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 40

    In this week’s episode we join pro staffer Elliot Smith in Wisconsin, as he closes the chapter on a buck he has had a ton of history with over the years. Then, we join Owen Reigler as he punches his last archery tag on the “Wide 8”!

  • The Story of “Chubbs” | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 39

    On this week’s episode, we join Mike Reed, as he tells the story of a buck he has hunted all season long nicknamed “Chubbs." Reed discusses the strategies behind how he hunted him, and why his core area changed over time.

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  • Giant 170" 8 Point, Epic Hunt Over A Decoy | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 38

    This week’s episode has some action packed hunts as the rut is in full swing across the midwest. We start with Justin Kamps in Illinois as he harvests a deer he knows very well. Then, we join Aidan Epperson, where he gets his fair share of rut action on his home farm hunting over a decoy!

  • November Magic in Iowa | Owen Strikes and Tags "Stickers" | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 37

    S5.E37. This week’s episode is action-packed. We kick things off with Mike Reed, giving us an update on the encounters he has had with his No. 1 buck. Then, we join Owen Reigler in southern Iowa, where he gets a crack at one of his target bucks. With perfect conditions, Max makes a move on one of...

  • A Pre-Rut Bruiser | Gaining Permission to Deer Hunt | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 36

    S5.E36. On this week's episode, we first join Jared Mills for an update on the poor man plot that he established back in the summer. We then get a brief update from Kaleb Greiner on the recent highlights of his season thus far. Then, Grant Noble goes on an incredible late-October morning hunt. No...

  • Advanced Calling Strategies for the Rut | Huge 8-Point Buck | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 35

    S5.E35. We kick things off in this week’s episode with Tyler Behlmann taking a first-time bowhunter out. With multiple targets on the farm, Behlmann and his friend, Jimmy, are confident that he will get a crack at his first deer with a bow. As the end of month approaches, the Midwest Whitetail te...

  • Surprise Buck, 10-Yard Encounter With a Shooter | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 34

    In this week’s episode, we kick things off with Josh Honeycutt as he shoots a surprise buck on a familiar farm in Kentucky. After acquiring a small permission piece just minutes before the hunt, Max Mongrello and Grant Noble decide to go in blind and end up having a great encounter with what woul...

  • The Best Time To Hunt In October | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 33

    On this week's episode of Midwest Whitetail we join the team as they experience some of the toughest hunting they have ever had in the whitetail woods. With warm temperatures and little deer movement, the team is looking forward to the cold front that is swinging through the midwest this week. Th...

  • Bella's Big 8, Overcoming Struggles | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 32

    On this week's episode, we join Mike Reed and his daughter, Bella, on the home farm. With several mature bucks on Bella's hit list, she spent the summer preparing for the moment she gets her chance at one of these bucks. After a lot of preparation, Bella was able to make a great shot.

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  • Top 10 Most Wanted, The Ultimate Hit List | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 31

    S5.E31. On this week's episode we take a look at the team's hit list for the 2021 season. The guys talk about the history of the bucks, and how they plan on getting them in bow range this fall.

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  • The Future of Hunting, Youth Archery Hunting Tips | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 30

    On this week's episode, several team members are out for the opening weekend of the youth season in Iowa. Mike Reed explains the importance of introducing new people to hunting and what the sport has meant to his family. Matt Thede then talks us through the process that he used to introduce his c...

  • Owen's Best Season, Picket Fence Buck | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 29

    On this week's episode, a familiar face comes back and joins the Midwest Whitetail team. Owen Reigler shares why the 2020 season was his best season yet, and some of the strategies behind how he was able to harvest his bucks last season.

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  • Kentucky Opening Day, Creating Mobile Hunting Blinds | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 28

    On this week's episode, we join Jared Mills and Grant Noble for an update on their Kentucky quest for an early season buck. We then jump over to Mike Reed as he takes us through both the construction and placement of his ideal mobile blind setup, as well as the bucks currently sitting at the top ...

  • Fall Trail Cam Spots, Mock Scrapes, Killer Stand Locations | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 27

    On this week's episode, we kick things off with Jared Mills hanging his favorite treestand in a spot where he plans on hunting with a recurve. Then, he explains how to set up a CuddeLink system and moves his trail cameras to mock scrapes.

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  • Poor Man Food Plots On Permission | Midwest Whitetail

    Episode 26

    On this week's episode of the off season show, we join Jared Mills as he plants a poor man plot in a spot where he can’t get access to any equipment. Then, we join Max and Grant on one of their permission farms where they plan to focus the majority of their time this season. They talk about a fe...