Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

4 Seasons

Follow Bill Winke's hunting season. Every day. Every hunt. This series includes all the strategy adjustments required to keep up with changing conditions throughout an entire season.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke
  • Winke's Blog: How Wind Swirls

    Episode 1

    Bill takes a walk on the farm and explains swirling wind and how it occurs.

  • Winke's Blog: Concentration and Aiming

    Episode 2

    Bill and John Dudley discuss concentration and other factors that impact accuracy in archery.

  • Winke's Blog: Entry And Exit Routes

    Episode 3

    Bill scouts to improve the entry and exit route to a Redneck Blind and ends up using a ditch.

  • Winke's Blog: How To Aim A Bow

    Episode 4

    Bill and John Dudley give tips on aiming and how to float your pin instead of “locking in” on the target.

  • Winke's Blog: Rescuing Food Plots

    Episode 5

    Bill is on the farm spraying his soybean food plots. He also creates a backup plan for rescuing food plots that have been affected by the drought.

  • Winke's Blog: Start Of Patterning

    Episode 6

    Bill discusses camera location and strategy to start the process of finding bucks in their fall ranges.

  • Winke's Blog: Aging Bucks-Trail Camera Patterning

    Episode 7

    Bill is on his farm checking his cameras and discovers bucks that show a lot of potential. The question now is, “Are they old enough?”

  • Winke's Blog: Fertilizing Plots

    Episode 8

    Bill is on his farm spreading fertilizer on a Big N Beasty food plot just before a rain. We then head back to the office and Bill shows us some new trail camera pictures of two new target bucks, “The Old 8” and “The Wide 10.”

  • Winke Day 2: October Micro Plot Hunting

    Episode 9

    A front has pushed though and Bill is headed to sit over a small, secluded Frigid Forage clover plot. It doesn’t take long for the action to heat up as some does and a small buck work their way into the food plot. One doe ends up getting a little too close!

  • Winke Day 3: Hunting The Plow Down Plot

    Episode 10

    Day 3 takes us to a Redneck Blind overlooking a secluded Big N Beasty food plot that Bill calls “The Plow Down Plot.” Rain is in the forecast for the afternoon, so hunting out of the blind is the obvious choice! This home-made micro-plot is located very close to thick cover and bedding and the de...

  • Winke Day 4: Hunting In The Rain

    Episode 11

    Bill is tucked into a Redneck Blind as a major cold front sweeps through Southern Iowa bringing rain and cold temperatures. Conditions like these make the Redneck a perfect choice for staying out of the elements with a video camera. The action picks up right away as the deer make their way into t...

  • Winke Day 5: Bedding Ridge

    Episode 12

    Bill decides to hang and hunt and go in after the “Old 8.” With the wind out of the Northeast, it allows him to slip into the edge of a ridge top Big N Beasty food plot located just South of where he believes the “Old 8” is bedding.

  • Winke Day 6: Big 3 Year Old

    Episode 13

    Bill decides to head to a tree stand where he can target the “Wide 10.” Strong winds out of the Northeast make it a perfect setup to hunt this deer on the edge of a small clover food plot. The action heats right up as deer make their way into the plot right as he gets into the stand. Bill ends up...

  • Winke Day 7: Recon Mission

    Episode 14

    Bill hunts an observation stand overlooking two types of bean fields, one that is completely dried out and another that still holds green leaves. Beans that are still green can be a great early season hot spot if you can find them!

  • Winke Day 8: Micro Plot

    Episode 15

    Bill gives us an update on his plans for moving a Redneck Blind into the core area of the “Old 8.” He also heads into the secluded clover food plot with high hopes of harvesting a doe and possibly laying eyes on the chocolate rack buck!

  • Winke Day 9: The Valley

    Episode 16

    Bill decides to go to a Redneck Blind placed in a valley between where he has gotten trail camera pictures of the “Old 8” and the “Wide 10.” This spot sets up great as there is a ditch crossing 10 yards in front of the blind that the deer consistently use.

  • Winke Day 10: Beaver Creek

    Episode 17

    Bill decides to head to a stand he hasn’t hunted yet this season. He uses a creek to access this location and discovers the creek is too deep to walk in because of a few beaver dams. He decides to back out and head to the small secluded clover plot instead of potentially educating deer at the ori...

  • Winke Day 11: Wide 10 Encounter

    Episode 18

    With a cold front that just moved through bringing strong, consistent winds from the northwest, Bill makes a move on the buck he calls the “Wide 10.”

  • Winke Day 12: New Access Route

    Episode 19

    Bill heads back to the same stand where he encountered the Wide 10 three days earlier. The conditions are perfect, cold and windy! Before the night is over, he has a mature buck within bow range – just not the right one.

  • Winke Day 13: Lone Oak

    Episode 20

    Bill pulled the cards from his trail cam and he is picking up the “Loan Oak Buck” regularly in daylight. He plans to hunt the food plot where the deer is showing up – with high hopes of laying eyes on him for the first time this season.

  • Winke Day 14: First Morning Sit

    Episode 21

    As the pre-rut starts to heat up, Bill heads to a small food plot for his first morning sit of the season. With the “Lone Oak Buck” being daylight active in this food plot, hopes are high that he will make an appearance!

  • Winke Day 15: All Day Hunt

    Episode 22

    The day all bowhunters wait for, November 1st has finally arrived! Bill decides to head to a Redneck Blind that overlooks a secluded Big N Beasty food plot. This plot being located on the western edge of the Lone Oak Buck’s home range, Bill hopes to lay eyes on him for the first time this season!

  • Winke Day 16: The Wide 10

    Episode 23

    With less than ideal conditions to hunt for the “Wide 10”, Bill decides to play it safe and not push into the bucks core area for the morning hunt and hunts a very accessible stand instead. Later that afternoon the conditions are perfect and Bill slips into the “Open Gate” to try to get a crack a...

  • Winke Day 17: Hunting By The Road

    Episode 24

    After a morning spent hunting from a Redneck Blind down in a valley, Bill tries a fresh approach to finding the Old 8 - Non-traditional, but sometimes out of the box thinking works.