Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke

4 Seasons

Follow Bill Winke's hunting season. Every day. Every hunt. This series includes all the strategy adjustments required to keep up with changing conditions throughout an entire season.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Bill Winke
  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 1

    Episode 1

    Bill heads out on his farm to do some velvet scouting. He sets up overlooking a standing bean field in hopes to film a mature buck. Bill encounters many bucks and discusses how he believes his farm is rebounding from the EHD outbreak from years past.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 2

    Episode 2

    Bill scouts another field in the same area where they filmed the Lone Oak Buck during August of 2017.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 3

    Episode 3

    Bill goes up the valley to the south in his continuing search for the Lone Oak Buck. Things didn't work out as planned and he ends up sneaking to a different spot - climbing into a blind with three deer less than 25 yards away.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 4

    Episode 4

    While waiting for another chance to resume his search for the Lone Oak Buck, Bill heads to a new area this evening - a spot that sees very little human activity.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 5

    Episode 5

    With the necessary north wind, Bill heads to another new spot he has yet to scout this summer. A surprise buck shows up right at sunset.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 6

    Episode 6

    After starting out with the goal of trying to film a big framed buck Bill had seen three days earlier, but wasn't able to film (possibly the Lone Oak Buck), he has to change plans when the wind switches.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 7

    Episode 7

    Bill heads to a new spot but finds himself filming some of the same bucks he filmed a half mile away 8 days earlier. It is commonly known that bucks move, but it is strange to see them move this far during the summer.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 8

    Episode 8

    Heading back to the same Redneck Blind where they filmed the big ten pointer five days earlier, Bill has high hopes that other bucks will also show up. Some good bucks came out early, but overall, it was a pretty slow evening.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 9

    Episode 9

    Set up right on the edge of what I believe to be the historical fringe of the Lone Oak Buck's core, I am excited when a big eight pointer steps out just before sunset.  After studying him for a few minutes, I decide it is not big enough to be the buck I am after, but he is a very solid deer.  Pro...

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 10

    Episode 10

    Bill films the largest plot on his farm when a rain shower begins. The deer feed right through it. Camera gear stayed dry - thanks to the Redneck Blind.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 11

    Episode 11

    The action on the open fields is starting to slow down in some parts of the farm. Every year at this time, the deer start to migrate toward the oak groves to suck up the acorns as soon as they hit the ground. Acorns are starting to fall now!

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 12

    Episode 12

    Bill heads back to the same place where they filmed a big 10 pointer on August 6, hoping to find some additional mature bucks.  He is surprised when the same giant ten pointer steps out nearly an hour and a half before last light.  Along the way, Bill discusses the acorn crop and stops to look at...

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 13

    Episode 13

    Bill heads back up the valley south of his house one last time hoping to film the Lone Oak Buck. Along the way, he stops to talk about how to use creeks and ditches to access stands and blinds.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 14

    Episode 14

    As Bill nears the end of his summer scouting, he returns to the big plot where he saw two really good bucks a week earlier, hoping to film them this time.

  • Winke's Blog: Velvet Scouting Day 15

    Episode 15

    For his last summer scouting trip, Bill heads to another of his favorite spots on the farm, a ridge he calls "Old Reliable". Along the way, he talks about the difference between a buck's summer and fall range, and how he finds their fall ranges.

  • Winke's Blog: How To Identify Oaks

    Episode 16

    In his first pre-season blog, Bill takes a walk to check on this year's acorn crop. He discusses how to identify different types of oaks, which ones are most preferred by deer, and when you should focus on hunting over them.

  • Winke's Blog: Bullet Proof Access

    Episode 17

    While completing the last of his summer projects, Bill explains the importance of bullet proof entry and exit routes. He goes into detail about matching human activity when setting up creative entry and exit routes to tough stands.

  • Winke Day 1: Possible Shooter

    Episode 18

    We join Bill on his first hunt of the 2018 season. Deer movement was good with cool temps leading to a doe kill with a unique twist. Bill also encountered a mature 8 pointer that he thought was the "Lone Oak Buck" originally. After further examination, he concluded that it wasn't him, but because...

  • Winke Day 2: Hunt For Big 7

    Episode 19

    Bill is in search of a mature buck that he refers to as "Big 7". Hoping to intercept the buck, Bill hunts over a Big N Beasty plot that is on the fringe of the buck's range.

  • Winke Day 3: Plan B

    Episode 20

    Unseasonably cool temps have given Bill confidence that "Big 7" will be up on his feet. Although conditions are ideal, wind direction kept Bill from making an aggressive move on the buck.

  • Winke Day 4: "Big 7" Eludes

    Episode 21

    With a northwest wind, Bill gets aggressive in his pursuit of "Big 7". November-like temperatures lead to the most enjoyable hunt of the season thus far.

  • Winke Day 5: Lone Oak Buck Alive?

    Episode 22

    While in pursuit of "Big 7", Bill uncovers evidence that could potentially change the course of his season. "Duke", Bill's trusty companion (though he may have his flaws) has restored hope that the "Lone Oak Buck" may still be alive.

  • Winke Day 6: Deer On A Hill

    Episode 23

    Bill enjoys a cool, October evening in a stand where he believes Big 7 will make an appearance. Unusually cold temps have the deer on their feet which always makes for an exciting hunt.

  • Winke Day 7: Field Full of Deer

    Episode 24

    Bill heads to the southern end of his farm to a stand he hasn't hunted in ages. Though he knew there were high deer numbers, he didn't quite expect a hunt like this.